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New kit reviews: HG Cherudim Gundam GNHW/R 1/144
July 30, 2009, 10:16 pm
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Now what do we learn with all these Bandai late better add-ons? It’s that Patience is Gold. Just like how the MG Excia that made thousands of faggots cry rivers with their 10 excessive Excias not comparable to the highly MG release.

Now the serious question: Where do Gundam go now after 00 and Unicorn? Gundam Senki can be a good base for HGUC line with units like 7th Gundam, GM Sniper2(seriously it’s time), Efreet Nacht, Gundam Madrock, RX-81ST/LA and such. Even MG can benefit from both Gundam Senki and Unicorn with MSs that are more useful than some standing props for pretty GAY boys in 00. Same as SRW, 00 fangirls and faggots are never into mechas in the first place, so why all that fag services?

Comment by codename:v

Stands don’t come for the rifle bits?

Comment by F97 X-1

I’ll agree with codename:v on this one — it’s seriously time for a GM Sniper 2.

Comment by Kat

True, but the GM Sniper 2 lack at least a few features the Cherudim has (no I’m not talking about the GN drive ok)

Comment by ReinaMK1

to everyone,

it’s not an update, but another wallpaper of SD Gundam G Generation Wars. Official website:

Comment by judo0054

there alot of MSV gundams/mobile suits from previous series they deserve releasing

Comment by Ereos

I bought the 4 previous gundams well knowing not bothering with the exia,virtue,dynames and kyrios cause I know that they will be upgraded in season 2…

now its like 3rd to the last episode and I said ok series done… ok ill buy all four of em… little did I know of bandai moneymaking scheme has gotten worse… THREE EPISODES LEFT THEY ALL GOT UPGRADED GNHW/R… DAMN YOU BANDAI!!!!

Comment by vashblueeyes

Sorry for interrupt as usual, but an update of “Gundam Senki: Battlefield Record UC 0081:”

– Characters’ images

– blog

– Team Control System on “Game” section

Official website:

Comment by judo0054

Judo, why do you keep posting offtopic stuff? I am pretty sure we all know how to read other articles on this site too… please stop. It gets annoying.

And on a side note, yes I do agree, this doesn’t look that great at all.

Comment by gvgn

Please ban judo0054, he keeps spamming shit in the comments section.

Comment by Anonymous

Judo is actually being useful

Comment by HeatPhoenix

I have a better idea. judo keeps us within the updates too, so why not have him also a member with a permission to post news in srw blog – that way everyone could relax and not be upset by his comments

Comment by Aldotsk

to gvgn and Anonymous,

Sorry for my manner words, but I will try to post in another way until another user will not upset. Thanks and once again, I’m very sorry if I’m here just “spamming” or “annoying” the forum. ^–^

to HeatPhoenix,

I’m just trying to help mr superrobotwar for giving the info. However, as gvgn and Anonymous said, I’m here just “spamming” or “annoying” the forum.

to Aldotsk,

I will try to ask mr superrobotwar for your suggestion. Thanks by the way, you are really helpful. ^—^

to mr superrobotwar,

Can you send an e-mail to me? I do not know about this, but I know tnat you have my e-mail (it is said “Mail(will not be published)”). Forgive me for asking these stupid and annoying question, but according to “few users,” I’m here just “spamming” or “annoying” the forum. and Aldotsk made a good sugesstion regarding sending the new info. Besides, I’m just trying to help you giving the info.

I think that’s all from me. Forgive me if I’m here just “annoying” or “spamming” the forum and thanks for for everything. ^–^

best regards,


Comment by judo0054

anonymous probably gvgn himself, because only the one been here quite a time knew judo and for those who’ve been here quite a time won’t put anonymous as their name

Comment by Rekkou

Prefered a MG version.. But I doubt it..

I agree with HeatPhoenix, judo gives us a lot of minor updates but it’s useful too, but maybe what gvgn trying to say is the place is incorrect (ex:SD Gundam game info in a HG 1/144 review). Maybe we should give something like minor updates pages or something like that?
I supported you judo, keep it up :3

Comment by MaftyNavue

No I am not anonymous, I am gvgn, all I was saying is please stop in a polite manner.

Comment by gvgn

am still wondering up to now why they didn’t include a stand for the rifle bits. that’s really disappointing. and with that, i’ll just stick with my cherudim gundam kit.

judo should just put everything in one post to make them clear.

Comment by flamerounin

Just couldn’t agree more that Gundam 00 characters are GAY. Or i should say, shemales…

Comment by EXkurogane

to everyone,

Im very faggot ^-^

Comment by judo0054


Comment by judo0054

to “fake” judo0054 (August 1) (8:23 pm),

Who are you? Do not use my user name. I do not about this, but user name maybe same. However, the IP address is different. In addition, I just help mr superrobotwars for giving the info, not trolling. Now please use different user name, “fake “judo0054.”

Comment by judo0054

“to “fake” judo0054 (August 1) (8:21 pm) and (8:23 pm),” not “to “fake” judo0054 (August 1) (8:23 pm).” That’s all.

Comment by judo0054

why can’t the admin only allow members to post comments or something? Is he lazy to do this?

Comment by Aldotsk

To Aldotsk , I do this blog alone and I don’t have time to take care everthing.

To judo0054, here is my email.

Comment by superrobotwar


Comment by judo0054

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