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Gundam Senki PV 3
August 19, 2009, 8:26 pm
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The PV is not so new at all and even squatting Acguys (or should I call them “Act-GAY”s) which are parodies of 0081 blog are nothing more but a waste of time. At least show the RX-81AS model for once, why all the uselessness? 00’s useless characters horde has even reduce Bandai mentality to retarded level

Comment by codename:v

Ci hanno abituato troppo bene…poche cose nuove. Bello il video complessivamente. Grazie SRW hotnews

We have accustomed too well … few new things. Nice video overall. Tanks Srw hotnews

Comment by Debris

Will this game have split screen multiplayer, or is the video just showing 4 separate PS3s’ screens at once?

Also.. this game looks so good I’m gonna cry if it doesn’t get localized

Comment by jerry

[…] terzo PV del gioco Gundam Battlefield Record U.C 0081. è stato segnalato on […]

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Bandai shows some effort and progress in their game, with the most recent GGen and now Gundam Senki which looks awesome. Banpresto on the other hand are ready to once again release a crap title instead of using the franchise for something meaningful. At least there’s some hope after that with the release of NEO.

Comment by Anonymous

Oh man, even with posts that have nothing to do with 00, CV has to bring it up. What’s wrong? got an obsession? Don’t worry, everyone but you knows it. Haha.

This PV looks awesome, hope the game gets localized. If not, a must import!

Comment by DarkCode

People who try and use “witty” insult names for things are pretty much the worst people.

Comment by Vent

Hey C:V, dude, theres nothing wrong with an opinion but you’re pushing it.

Did you even see Gundam 00? It’s not a piece of art, but it ain’t retarded either.

And just so you know this isn’t a troll, I’m trying to start a serious discussion:

Why do you hate 00 so much, in all your banter you haven’t cited ONE good reason to dislike it and seriously, you can’t deny, a lot of effort was put into both this and G Gen Wars. Even it it’s “more of the same”, it’s the good old same, that never seems to bore.

Comment by HeatPhoenix

You’re part of the problem. You’re part of the fanbase that will settle for the “same old” mediocrity. Your money helps reaffirm Bandai’s belief that they *don’t* have to try and make a good game; the Gundam name will be enough to sell.

Comment by anonymous

You know, if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it.

Seriously, why do people still complain? Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple. It’s not as if Gundam dictates your life or something.

On topic, Acguys are win.

Comment by Anonymous

Always a fun argument; I can only express my opinion if it matches yours.

If there is no one with a critical eye, then all that remains are the yes-men.

Comment by anonymous

If all the people who are criticizing just to criticize, especially in the harsh and incredibly rude manner that CV does, you end up just fling shit where it doesn’t need to be flung.

Another problem is people who like to separate themselves from the pack and considering their own opinion as something closer to truth, and anyone else who sings praise are just “yes men”

Comment by DarkCode

Certainly true. People are free to like the game; I’m not going to lose any sleep over it if they happen to get their money’s worth from it. My problem is with the attitude of settling for the same old.

CV would go away if people just ignored him, though.

Comment by anonymous

Even if this subject goes off topic, that gives no right to CV and to any of you fags to criticize 00.

Im not part of any fanbase either. 00 had the most to offer to the Gundam franchise. I mean come on?, Trans-Am Kicks everyone’s ass!

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Well, there is something to be enjoyed about the same old, I’d argue. Though, I definitely see what you mean. I’d say quality is a higher issue to me. To be honest, getting a new UC story, with new mobile suits that fit in with the universe is pretty damn cool to me.

I don’t think he’d go away if people ignored him, he’s obsessed to a religious degree. It’s actually kind of sad.

Also, I have my complaints with Gundam franchises as well, don’t you worry. I act accordingly with my wallet. Like Gundam Seed: Destiny, I really think it as a terrible show. I’d argued this before with people who weren’t willing to think that flashbacks were being used to save money, but were used to effectively advance the plot. If you want people who are lying to themselves for the sake of a franchise, I’d point there. Flashbacks can be used effectively in a series, and is sometimes necessary for a budget to work out, but too much in Seed and Destiny’s case. I actually plan on timing the flashbacks and see if it makes up half the series in both of them. You know flashbacks are too much when you see a certain flashback more than five times in a 10 episode span.

Comment by DarkCode

Ps 3 Slim + Gundam senki

Comment by Debris

I actually laughed when he was claiming Acguys squatting down is called “gay”. His troll insults are getting worse.

Comment by Aldotsk

Do anyone know where I can pre-order it in Toronto other than P-mail? I tried but they wont ship over seas… curses!!!

Comment by realgundam

people who criticize Gundam 00 and other Gundam series are a bunch of noobs who don’t know anything about it 🙂

Comment by Setsuna

>>>Fake Setsuna

yeah… noobs such as yourself. using someone elses name.

Comment by Setsuna

Let’s just ignore him anyway. At least he won’t get the pleasure of seeing us angry. And there’s probably no point in arguing with him.

Comment by JVision5

Looking good 🙂

Comment by Gundam Wing

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