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Gundam Unicorn Anime Trailer (Cam)
August 21, 2009, 6:30 pm
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Gundam Unicorn PV (better quality)

First PV from Gundam Big Expo.


More HQ pics check out at An American Salaryman in Tokyo.

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Wow, you got to that fast 😉
That’s my clip, check out my blog for more pictures from the expo.

Comment by Rob

HOLY SHIIIIIT! Shame the guy recording couldn’t capture a more clear video. BUT I see the MS designs looking promising. This might shape up to be good!

Comment by F97 X-1

Yeah, I would have liked to 😉 but they had guys there telling picture not to take pictures in the afternoon when I went back to take video.

Comment by Rob

Oh never mind then its understandable but you did your best.

ROLL ON Spring 2010!

Comment by F97 X-1

6 Episode OVA with 50 minutes each means around 12 episode for series, as its OVA the quality is guaranteed (as shown in the PV) unlike series, but the problem is the content, the worst possibility is that instead of skipping some parts they’ll alter the stories from mid part till the end

Comment by Rekkou

Can anyone find Tomino’s Ring of Gundam Trailer!?

It will be a CG Film with Animated Characters!

Comment by Zarathustra

Looks fantastic, I’m glad they are sticking to 2D animation, it looks so much better than igloo’s horrifyingly overacted 3D models.

Thanks for the video!

Comment by DarkCode

The Ring of Gundam sucked.
It was CG, but it’s 4 minutes, and has something to do about finding the beatiful memory which has all the memories of humankind. And linking up with the Amuro and Tomino ring and stuff.
It was a WTF moment. The kids behind me even asked there dad what the heck was going on, where he was like, I dunno, but it was pretty.

The CG mobile suit is yet another stylized Gundam who fights for about 15 seconds a gyan looking mobile suit and that’s it.

Comment by Rob

@Rekkou – Harutoshi Fukui already mentioned in an interview that he’s pretty satisfied with how faithful the anime is to his work (compared to the movie adaptations of his other novels). Plus apparently they are trying to include all the details from the novels in there, so I wouldn’t be too concerned about the content.

Comment by venganee

thanks for the confirmtion, i’m kinda pessimist as it’s a 10 books compiled into 300 hours anime, though i don’t really get the story so it probably won’t matter to me

Comment by Rekkou

Ok I found report on Ring of Gundam:

Far future after the One Year War
Earth’s environment destroyed
The Ring Colony (diameter 6 km) floating between Earth & Moon
エイジィ, Earth Federation Force Pilot, infiltrates Ring Colony and finds the “Memory” device.

A holographic girl come out from the device.
エイジィ said “In order to save mankind, I need the Legacy of Amuro which recorded all memory of human being.”

Girl said “Legacy of Amuro only appears when she links with Beauty.” then disappear

エイジィ goes to a factory and find a replica (armor design improved) of RX-78 Gundam
When he boot-up the Gundam,
heroine ユリア, an agent and an enemy of Earth Federation,
raid the cockpit and fight with エイジィ, saying
“You come from Earth to awake Legacy of Amuro. But ‘Beauty of Memory’ must not awake!!”

Then enemy (Colony MS forces) come and attack エイジィ
He drives Gundam and escape to outer space.
ユリア said “It happens again…”
There エイジィ find that, in the middle of Ring Colony is a huge meteor — looks like the ancient Axis that Amuro & Char’s Psycho-Field pushed back in the year U.C.0093.

A girl called “Beauty” (probably Newtype), in cold sleep capsule, is buried at the meteor

ユリア says “Linking the “Memory” device with “Beauty” can awake ‘Legacy of Amuro’, and this may be her duty.”

Gundam grasp the cold sleep capsule and joins a friendly spaceship.
“Beauty”, her body in cold sleep, appears in spiritual form or holography and speak to them,
“If human being don’t forget KINDNESS, they can live their lifes. You don’t need ‘Legacy of Amuro’ at all.”

And New Story Begins…

Comment by Zarathustra

Rob, according to what’s shown at the expo is just a short preview of the full movie, so perhaps that explains why its so confusing?

Comment by venganee

[…] Il trailer di Gundam Unicorn ( formato Bootleg ) è online grazie a SRW hotnews […]

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Comment by venganee

For DVD and BlRay? OVA series….

That means not air on TV or what?

Comment by ottoto

Ring of Gundam may be a movie? Awesome! Is it canon? Because it certainly seems so. But I wonder which year it exactly takes place in. It might even take place after Victory Gundam, and that’s the farest in the UC timeline so far. If it does, then this will be the farest.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Looks as good as the previous UC novel TV commercial, I’d rather take this with a pinch of salt as I still have yet to see the whole OVA to decide whether is it good or bad.

Even the Ring sucks, at least show it too. From what the synopsis, it seems to be like a continuation from the old “Green Divers” stimulation ride at the now defunct Gundam themepark. Doesn’t make senses either, hell ya I don’t understand Bandai at all…

Comment by codename:v

@KamenRiderShinzo – movie isn’t the right word, at least not what they said… The term the article used is more like “video” or “motion picture”… Keep in mind that they said that the release date and format for the full “Ring of Gundam” is undetermined, so we have another case of Gundam Unicorn there, it seems.

Comment by venganee

who this sinaju the red mech ?
tomino he crazy boy !
char aznable and zeon is hell !

Comment by acetil colina acth

Regarding ring, there is no indication that it is going to be a longer format. It was billed as simply a new piece directed by tomino for G30. Simply you watch, finish , credits roll and that’s it. If there was a continuation I would expect that it would be an igloo style release though.

To be honest it wouldn’t have been to hard to cam it, but unlike a trailer, the thought of the legal ramifications of camming a short film made me pause. 😉

Comment by Rob


Green Divers wasn’t a simulation ride. You’re confusing that for “Gundam the Ride”. Green Divers was a 15 minute IMAX movie about two people stuck on a spaceship that drifted too close to a battle and they have to somehow ride it to Earth.

Comment by Anonymous

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I see, thanks.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

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