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Full scans Model Graphix magazine November 2009
September 26, 2009, 1:33 am
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PG 00 Raiser 1/60 – November, 26,250 yen



Kotobukiya – SRW OG Granzon (non-scale) – January 2010, 6,090 yen

Kotobukiya – C03-Helios ????Ver. 1/72 – February 2010

Kotobukiya – Cougar 1st Type 1/35 – January 2010, 3,675 yen

Kotobukiya – Aestivalis Custom Izumi – January 2010, 2,100 yen


SHCM-Pro Unicorn Gundam


HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Destroy Mode) – November, 1,890 yen
HGUC Unicorn Gundam (Unicorn Mode) – November, 1,575 yen
HGUC Kshatriya – October, 4,725 yen


MG Astray Blue Frame Second Revise – October, 5,040 yen
Gundam Astray Mirage Frame 1/100 – October, 2,625 yen
Regen Duel Gundam 1/100 – October, 2,625 yen
Nix Providence Gundam 1/100 – October, 2,625 yen


MG Puru’s Qubeley Mk. II – November, 4,200 yen
MG Guntank – September, 5,040 yen
HGUC RX-79G Gundam The Ground War Set – September, 2,310 yen
HGUC FA RX-78-7 Gundam 7th unit – September, 1,575 yen


HG Seravee Gundam GNHW/B – October, 1,890 yen
HG 00 Raiser with GN Sword III – October, 2,100 yen
HG 0 Gundam – September, 1,260 yen
1/100 Cherudim, Arios and Seravee Designer’s Color Ver.


Hasegawa Macross Plus YF-19 1/48 – September, 4,830 yen


Macross F 1/72 VF-27 Lucifer (Brera’s Unit) – November, 5,775 yen
Macross F 1/72 YF-25 Prophecy Valkyrie – 6,025 yen


Model Graphix 11月 (November) 2009

Download (Megaupload, file size 46Mb)


Mirror links upload by kain the supreme:

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Granzon, HGUC Ground War set, Hasegawa YF-19… not a bad issue at all!

Comment by F97 X-1

I’m excited about the PG 00 Raiser….the HGUC Ground War Set is also very cool IMO, it’s nice to get a full display setup in one kit.

Comment by Shugo

PG 00 is the must get PG this year. HGUC Ground War is a nice one, but I don’t think I would do a good job painting those little figures.

Comment by G.G.

Wait wait, did the model graphix purposely misplaced Blue frame’s shoulder?

Comment by Anonymous

What is the point of PG 00 when there is a supposedly ‘upgraded’ version for the movie. Sorry, when it comes to PGs I prefer either the ‘final’ unit (Zeta/Wing Zero Custom)or the ‘basic’ unit (RX-78, Mk.2). WASTE OF MONEY, wait for the MG 00 Quanta, or better yet make the MG Nightingale already! Bandai is really milking the cow with the 00 franchise, how many freaking versions of 00 need to come out already?

Comment by SuperGPIMP

Thanks as every month for the scans SRWHot News, and here the mirrors:

Comment by kain the supreme

I really dig the extra details and decals on the 00 figures.

Comment by InjuredPelican

00 gundam looks so plain without the 0 raiser

Comment by 00 hater

@SuperGPIMP: actually there are some people who buy kit because they like the normal design and dislike the upgraded version.
ex#1: me.. I like Freedom but not too fond about Strike Freedom, hence I prefer to buy MG Freedom than the Strike Freedom.
ex#2: me again.. I prefer Exia than 00 gundam.. So I will buy MG Exia knowing that after this MG 00 raiser will released..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Thanks again, Mr SRW! Godsend for those w/o Kinokuniya access!

Comment by Dman

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