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October 6, 2009, 1:50 pm
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Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (DS)


Here are some info that translated by ikusagami.

– Aledy Nahash, main character, voiced by Tomokazu Seki.
– Neige Hausen, busty heroine, voiced by Nana Mizuki.
– Rasetsu Unit Arkwon: a mech vaguely similar to the Shura units from Compact 3
– Fairy Unit Faecryed: one similar to the Faelion units from OG2
– The world is the one formed by several worlds altogether, from the ending of the 1st game.

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And the fanservice continues…..

Comment by Freedom Gundam

Damnit! If they’re going to do stuff like this why can’t they make a side-scrolling fighter for PSn/XBL?

Comment by Bob

holy jebus whats with all the fanservice in the first scan

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Hopefully will make it to an English Version

The fanservice is getting old for me..maybe i am getting old too

Comment by Redcomet86

fanservice, me like….just don’t give me any bl stuff, ok?

Comment by 00 hater

Mugen Super Faggot Wars has only got more faggy than previous title with this one exceeding with 2 more OG inspired characters based on Folka, Latoouni and Shine. With a combination of homosexual manly fantasy and pedophilia wet dream, this title aims at typical SRW fags who are all heads over heels at even the slightest aniki hot-air. Things has fully take a turn at homosexuality after 19 years of nostalgic showa SR fagdom, you SRW faggots sure are a bunch of embarrassments. Terada, when are you going to fully replace mechas with majitsu girls?

Comment by codename:v

[…] Frontier EXCEED October 6, 2009 at 9:49 am | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment SRW Hotnews has some scans for Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier EXCEED (DS). More mechas, much more […]

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Fuck this type of games. Along with Gakuren these 2 are fails of this year.
Hope NEO can bring back what SRW should be.

Comment by BrianGeneral

Yeah boobies

Comment by dude

Another game made just for codename:v. He’ll buy this one just like he bought the rest. What an hypocrite.

Comment by Anonymous

BTW, why does he still write that garbage in the Website field? Doesn’t he want to promote his DA account anymore, filled with delicious mecha musume art?–3

See? Hypocrite. I guess a dumbass that sees “gay” even when shown women with huge bouncing titties must be seriously confused. Or maybe he’s secretly gay himself.

Comment by Anonymous

Yeah… God, this is awesome! This was something, I waited as much, as OG3 or Z2. Definetely, dreams come true. I hope, this will be as awesome, as original Endless Frontier.

Comment by Rune

I see Folka voiced by Tomokazu Seki, human Weissritter, and Yaldabouth. My expectations are high already.

Comment by Anonymous

to codename:v
I don’t know what talking in faggot stuff but it’s thanks to the sales that make this sequel not just japan’s sales that is

Comment by codename:x

Till this day I was hoping for a sequel that features the shura god related characters to be on it. It has finally come true!

Comment by Anonymous

Any release date?
Also, you don’t see very many, but CV is a Gundam Fanboy, a fanboy, who takes his fandom to a new realm of thinking his fanworks are better than the original content, which is why he’s so “intellectual” and knows how the Giant Mecha genre of anime should be. That or he angrily masterbates while trolling on this site, he seems to be the biggest “faggot” of all of us faggot fanboys if you look at his deviant art page. That’s probably why he doesn’t link it back anymore…
If anyone thinks trolling is fun, just look at CV and be ashamed…

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by codename:v

I don’t care whatever people or C:V says, F–K YEAH! Tomokazu Seki!!

Comment by Nt01

I will definitely stroke my cock to those pictures of anime girls and robot destruction, why by showing that real life japanese chick I can CUM TWICE AS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by gundamfansarellvirgins

Hey, C:V has made sense again.

Comment by Duo Maxwell

(if CV were been banned forever regardless how Important he is, we wouldn’t have to deal with flame wars in every of the topics of this site…)

Comment by codename:x

I just beat the first game a few days ago, so this is great news for me.

Comment by Fayt

This is great and all…but not what I was expecting really.

Comment by Anonymous

wait for English releaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….

Comment by ottoto

Excuse me, but am I the only one that noticed the GENESIS super weapon from Gundam Seed behind the logo?

Comment by Anonymous

To be honest I come here to not only gain some info on this shit-But to read what Codename CV says…he’s a lol cow for me……

Thanks Codename CV

Comment by JudgeMasterCharAznable

Main character is voiced by the one and only Tomokazu Seki! Glad they’re making this but.. dammit Bandai stop teasing us and make OG3 already or at least a PSP SRW.

Comment by F97 X-1

The main character is the Shura King of Hearts.

Needless to say, it’s going to be great.

Comment by Hiro

Not this shit again, where’s my PS3 game?

Comment by Someone

“Not this shit again, where’s my PS3 game?”

Considering the costs of making a PS3 game compared to the potential return, probably not for a long long time.

Comment by Vent

ps3 game ??????????
we are waiting for it ?
why they will releas this shit it seem like hentai game i hate this type of game
where the orginal game when it came ??

Comment by Anonymous

lol, well i’m just going to ignore this game as i’ve done with the first Mugen game, and Gakuen, just hoping they make a ps3/ps2 game with 00, and unicorn. they got to stop messin with this retarded stuff, and hire someone who can do 3D or something. and the thing about boobies and titties, remember this is all cartoon… there are REAL boobs out there, i think y’all need to get off that chair and go outside once in a while

Comment by Anonymouse

I like both, real boobs and cartoon boobs are reaaaally amazing jajajajajaja

Comment by Nessi Z

Anonymouse, can u please teach me your ways of meeting real women, i dont want to be a virgin for the rest of my life like the entire gunpla community. And no, I don’t mean banging ugly ass geek chicks aka heffers, i am not that desperate. wait, your a virgin too, YOUR HAND DOESNT COUNT!!!!!!!!

Comment by gundamfansareallvirgins

Okay. It’s confirmed: CV is talking to himself.

Comment by mag4

I see nothing to titilate my inner-Lolicon, just big-breasted elf chick.

Comment by Shinzo

Codename V is my brother and we are both Faggot and we like to do the 69 position all the time.


Comment by codename:x


majitsu? really?

Comment by wings of words

To codename:v and codename:x

stop using other people’s names any idea the owner of this site can actually see your admin from everyone else’s.

Comment by codename:zero

Let us gather around and suck the succulent titties of man boobs of fellow otaku virgins, and let us stroke our micropenises to the sweet aroma of Kira Fagato and take in his pussy juices, and let us scream in orgasmic pleasure the delight of being peed upon as we worship the entire Seed and 00 franchise. SEED AND 00 ARE THE BEST EVAH1111!!!!


Thats CV alright (the comment above) trying to start a trolling on us

Comment by codename:zero

CRY MOAR codename:v

Comment by Yami

What we got here is a severe case of ‘not enough breast size’ with these anime designs. I hate 00, but I would prefer the designs of the handsome, cute Gundam meisters, or more even more preferably, the character designs of Seed Destiny. I am going to talk to the game creators to listen to my ideas, hopefully they’ll listen

Comment by EXkurogane

to codename:v

You never get anything at all with trolling CV. you get is NOTHING!!

Comment by codename:zero

“not enough breast size” ?? wth? they look excessively too much to me..

Comment by 00 hater

[…] this week’s issue of Famitsu, Banpresto announced the upcoming sequel to Endless Frontier that was released on the DS last year. Unlike other Super […]

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i have been at Go Nagai meeting in jordan half an hour ago. he will countinue shin mazinger. The animation is under counstrction it will be released through the next two years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by akeara

Why ???????
Why Make Games like this ????
and Why not make SRW Games for the PS3 or PS2 or even a PSP game
Why ???????

Comment by DevilCrusher

Why ???????
Why Make Games like this ????
and Why not make SRW Games for the PS3 or PS2 or even a PSP game
Why ???????
these Game ……………….Why

Comment by DevilCrusher

hell yeah! i was hoping for a sequel! and no im not gonna buy it just for the fan service. i like the 1st game cause of the good storyline, fun battle system, and funny dialogue. well anyway i cant wait for more info about the game

Comment by Gio

Im surprised that they actually make a second game.
I mean the first one probably wasnt that bad on its own but as a SRW title it really was just horrendous.
Stop using the SRW-name for such total off-spin crap already.
That or make me a dating-sim.

Comment by Raz

make me a cock sandwich

Comment by EXkurogane

I hope enemies in this one will be better than ‘sandbag enemy’ from the first. It’s boring (compared with what protagonist can do).

Comment by ubr

“they got to stop messin with this retarded stuff, and hire someone who can do 3D or something.”

SRW Neo is coming out, genius.

Comment by Anonymous

I could tell before even clicking on this post that it was going to be a 50+ Post flame war.

Comment by Anonymous

To Anonymous
funny I notice the flame war part yesterday. Oh did you notice the video that was meant for CV for being a jerkass?

Comment by codename:zero


Comment by EXkurogane

To EXkurogane
we know thats you CV you jakass with that kind of talk

Comment by codename:zero

naw its pretty obvious all the codename vaginas and codename zeroinch penises are one and the same, therefore i say, “go fuck yourseeelllf and suck pen0r,” the blatant reference to code geass is funnyyyy as hellloooooo nurse!

Comment by Anonymous

All of the talk CV cares about is this crap he talks about even CV is behind everyone’s name with crap talk like that now even EXkurogane and Anonymous is obviously codename:v and his impersonator doing the comment Flame Wars. and top of that muslim or not he’s asking for a death sentence if he truly lives in Islamic malaysia

Comment by ReinaMK1

ibeteveryoneiscodenamev……… one is safe

Comment by Anonymous

I don’t see why people are so serious about a game. IT’S ONLY A GAME. So buy it or don’t buy it. If it’s a half-assed hentai game that uses the SRW title, then you’ll buy it if you want a half-assed hentai game. Too bad if you want something that reminds you of the old SRW, you know the company is heading that way whether you like it or not.

Comment by XYZbuster

To XYZbuster
the game looks awesome. But only reason why CV is causing a Flame War it’s because he’s bitching about it with his crap talk!

Comment by ReinaMK1

Why anyone who would want to spend money on a game aimed at the 20 to 30+ plus year old virgin demographic is beyond me…but then again we are all virgins here and big breasts entice and stimulate the cock. Well, penises fancy me alot, why by golly I’m getting so hot I want to stroke ReinaMK1 after submitting him through some S&M, and then maybe recreate 2 girls 1 cup, only it will be 2 guys taking shits in a cup while we french kiss each other with our brown, creamy lips….mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm goooddddd…

Comment by EXkurogane

To EXkurogane

Comment by ReinaMK1

the only thing CV likes to do is impersonate other peoples and talk all he wants

Comment by codename:x

To EXkurogane
FYI CV’s using your Name!

Comment by codename:x

I found your article quite useful and interesting. I have bookmarked the site for later usage. Peter
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Comment by Peter

this may take awhile for mr. superrobotwars hotnews to clean up from. most those comments are not very nice ones and mostly slang words

Comment by ReinaMK1

stfu kingtrollingfagimus

Comment by Anonymous

Kinda surprised they’re making another Endless Frontier. The first game was entertaining (most entertainment I had with the DS). Though, I wonder if there will be any changes gameplay-wise, or is this there way of saying “THIS IS THE SRW OF THE FUTURE… TODAY!”… with the unnecessary caps.

Comment by Nameless

gundamfansareallvirgins, lol trolling sites calling everyone a virgin, grow up please do everyone that favor. ohhh im not desperate blah blah blah. if you have nothing good to say don’t say it.

Comment by Anonymouse

This game seems epic, and I bet it’ll be also *Facepalm* fail.

Comment by Aldotsk

If they do bring it to the US I would like the voices in english.

Comment by Dragonfist

>>If they do bring it to the US I would like the voices in english.

Nah, keep it in Japanese, but hopefully some English subs would be nice.

Anyway, I rather enjoyed the first Endless Frontier. Hopefully, when they release it in the US, EF Exceed would be just as good.

Comment by Falga

I was really hoping for a Namco X Capcom 2; but this works too.

Comment by Raqib12

Look at all the angry azn nerds. Is English even a SECOND language for any of you?

Comment by Angry Engrish

Oh for godsake….stop this nonsense.

I hope they do a PS3/PSN release of older SRWs. Although it may be too optimistic, I hope they also do a new SRW game for the PS3. I mean if Disgaea did it…

Also “Super Faggot Wars”? Dude, don’t give these people ideas…On 2nd thought…

Comment by capt. douche

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