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November 18, 2009, 3:30 pm
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Gundam Vs. Gundam NEXT PLUS (PSP)

*Kshatriya is confirmed to be playable!

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Sweet, Kshatriya and Providence. Would it be too much to hope for Sinanju? *crosses fingers*

Comment by yukigono

Great! Providence is gonna make a debut once more. But i wonder…why isn’t Sinanju in the game though.
At least Kshatriya is one of my favorites. ^_^
One more thing…I hope that Wa Dom will appear more than one in a battle as it is Mass producing unit.

Comment by Shinn

so, my intuition was right.. don’t worry guys, if my intuition still right, sinanju will be there along with delta plus/rezel..

and I had a feeling that they will still have a lot of MS..
is that Aspalas MK III? and look at providence dragoon.. more beams.. great.. and Kshatriya funnel will be awesome to use too..

Comment by MaftyNavue

Sinjaju isn’t in it because Full Frontal isn’t as central to Unicorn’s story as Marida is. Alternatively it’s because the first episode of the OVA isn’t out yet and it focuses more on Kshatriya.

Comment by Rayearth

But it’s still cool to have so much playable mobile weapons in it.
Gundam vs Gundam NEXT Arcade has 58 Playable Mobile Suits
Gundam vs Gundam NEXT PLUS has added with 8 playable mobile weapons. And 4 new mobile armor to NEXT PLUS.

Comment by Shinn

The best thing I did in my life was buying a PSP, I will never regret it.

Comment by Nt01

Oh!! veramente una buona idea!!

Comment by Debris

I didn’t expect the Providence. I guess SEED was one of the only series still missing a villian suit, even though I think Shinn counts, of course depending on if Kira is in that episode or not…
The only reason I can think the Shinanju isn’t in yet is because its too similiar to the Sazabi, but thern they did put the Wing Zero Custom in when the game already had the regular Wing Zero. I imagine they must play fairly similiar to eachother.

Comment by InjuredPelican

HELL YEAH!!! Providence made it… been waiting for this… ^^ I hope they retained most of the movesets of Providence from the RvZ series… ^^

@InjuredPelican: 00 season 1 is still missing villians… namely the Thrones.

Comment by JustPassingThru

and the laugh… I hope they retained Rau’s laugh whenever he defeats an enemy unit… >:D

Comment by JustPassingThru

Let me make a few things clear to some.
@Shinn: There WILL be more than 1 WaDom to fight against in battle. There’s a pic that shows 2 on the same map.
@InjuredPelican: Shinn doesnt count as SEED’s villain, he’s DESTINY’s villain. Seed and SDestiny are considered as 2 different series in the game. Also, depending on people’s point of view, Kira from Destiny could easily be seen as a ”villain” 😀
@JustPassingThru: Umm… Reborn Gundam/Cannon? And before someone says he’s not season 1’s villain, notice the character selection in GvsG NP have Exia, Virtue, 00 and Reborn under the same logo : Gundam 00. There’s NO 00 season 1 section and season 2 section, they’re considered part of the SAME series.

And for EVERYONE who thinks and/or hopes that Sinanju or anyone else from Unicorn is gonna be in, unfortunatly, it was revealed early on in a pic of the game that there was but ONE empty space next to Gundam Unicorn for that series. Now we know who that space is for : Kshatriya.
That’s all folks!

Comment by Creuset

[…] Un’importante informazione è arrivata dalle pagine di SRW hotnews: il grande Mobil Armour NZ-666 Kshatriya costruito dall’organizzazione Antigovernativa “Sleeved” e guidato dalla Newtype artificiale Marida Cruz,sarà utilizzabile nel gioco Gundam VS Gundam Next Plus … […]

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Cool! It will get the battle fired up with two Wa-Dom in a battle.
Too bad that Gundam Seed Astray MSV & SEED Destiny Stargazer is not in it.

Comment by Shinn

Umm how the hell is one supposed to dodge Providence’s Dragoons?! Not everyone is Kira Yamato Bandai! But I’m glad some decent suits are made playable in this game.

Comment by F97 X-1

fyi kira didn’t dodge all providence dragoons attack

Comment by 00 hater

@Creuset: You raise a very good point, very well let me rephrase what I said… I wish that they include MORE villains from the 00 series that are from before the 4 year time skip, namely the Thrones… ^^

Hope that’s satisfies you… ^^

Comment by JustPassingThru

awesome!!! cant wait to play 00 Riser & Unicorn

Comment by Zmil

@JustPassingThru: Hope i didnt sound mean :D. I wish there were more 00 units, but i think its confirmed that there are only 4 playable units for that series. A shame too, since its the latest series! The only thing they could add is a boss MA for 00. And on another note, i also hope that they kept Rau’s insane laughter.

Here’s the link that shows the pic of 2 WaDoms for anyone who’s curious
Just a few days away…

Comment by Creuset

i hope dragoons are not easy to evade & dogde it unlike RVZP easy to dodge.

Comment by Destiny42

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