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Gumdam 00 movie line arts
April 7, 2010, 6:12 pm
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Updated more scans from Newtype and Animedia magazine.


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Raphael looks quite awesome

Comment by Rayearth

Lockons unit looks much bulkier around the legs than i thought it would be. Looks good, but i dont like the containers/bits? that it has. Makes it look like one of those linebarrel things.

Comment by ZR0

Not very big on Raphael to be honest. The purple chest and apparently pink tinted armour is just freaky. Zabanya could stand to be a bit bulkier like its original design too.

Comment by Amon

Pink and Purple: Only Works on Grunt Units only..but not this… ><

Comment by don't mind me

The quantum’s image looks distorted… Not too crazy about what I see on it at this point. I like shoulder mounted funnel swords though. I actually think Rapheal looks pretty cool. Its colors remind me of the Quebeley.

Comment by InjuredPelican

kinda ugly imo, all of them

Comment by amuro0093


Comment by Mendagu

Does any one think they look like hyped-up versions of the Season one gundams?
OO Qan[t] looks like Exia
the green one looks like Dynames
the purple one looks like Nadleeh and
the orange one looks like Kyrios

Comment by qcwargreymon

wow, these designs look like shit that a kid would draw. technical wise they’re tight (line art and color) but damn, who the hell brainstormed these concepts?

Comment by ant1ph0n

Well Celestial Being is broke, meaning Ian doesn’t get paid enough to design the Gundams to look cool. He probably gave Mileina a crayon and some paper then told her to go nuts.

Comment by Rayearth

00 Qan[T]
A Gundam for the use of an Innovator developed for Setsuna. In that machine, it is said that as much as a system that influences the world is installed […WHAT. EDIT: Oh silly me, Trans-am Burst already did that]. Other than inheriting the 00’s TDS, it uses a big shield that is equipped with remote control weapons at the left shoulder.

Gundam Zabanya

The personal machine of Lockon that inherited the sniping/shooting type. Because of CB’s financial difficulties, they designed functional enhancements to an existing frame as the base. Firing GN Micro-missiles installed in several places, a total of 10 weapon racks is installed, and its whole body is transformed into armory.

Gundam Harute

Allelujah’s machine that has excellent mobility. Like Zabanya, it follows an existing frame. However, it is equipped at the back with a huge stabilizer, and the speed is further improved. For its armaments, it uses two rifles that have bayonets. As a high speed battle type, rapid fire ability is made important.

Raphael Gundam

The new Gundam that Tieria drives. You can guess that from the slim silhouette to the leg shape, that it comes from the line of the Gadessa series. Also, the enormous unit that has beam armaments fires a conspicuous color. Again, because this is Tieria’s machine, you can imagine that it is also installed with special abilities such as the Trial System.

credit: mike_s_6 @ animesuki

Comment by Solidvanz

Ah, awesome information on the Gundams! They look awesome too!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

WOW!!!…. so many expert mecha designer have spoken….

Comment by renka0017

I agree with what ant1ph0n said.

And particularly…the design for 00 Quanta doesn’t look much appealing.

Comment by M


yeah, i think they should apply for a career at bandai/sunrise bcoz from the way they speak, it looks like they’ve been designing mechas for years now and i’m very sure that they’ll do a much better job than those who draw like kids. hope that one day we’ll be looking at their designs and say “now that’s how a gundam should look like”

Comment by XX

@ant1ph0n +1

Comment by realgundam

I only liked the red one

Comment by Banjo

I think Raphael is carrying it’s extra armour around on it’s shoulders. The actual Gundam looks quite cool without the huge back-pack. We’ll have to wait to see what it looks like in ‘Full-Armour Mode’.

OO Qan[t] looks OK, but like OO, I’ll wait around for the MG version.

It looks like Zabanya’s weapons racks can close in front of it like a shield of sorts. In battle it would probably look like it was carrying around a waist-high portable wall.

Like Raphael, I think Harute looks quite good without it’s back-pack. I hope the back-pack isn’t just a ‘stabiliser’ and includes some other function – extra weapons, perhaps.

Comment by Hanzkaz

Calling Harute’s sword-gun a “bayonet” is quite the understatement. Why does every suit need a giant sword nowadays. It’s no longer cool when overused.

Zabanya is now the 00 heavyarms

Comment by da_guy

I only like Harute… Zabanya’s binders (whatever it’s called) is nice but the torso design is an eyesore to me, looks like green bricks attached everywhere.

00q Doesnt look appealing either, and even i hated 00 Raiser i think the 00 Raiser looks better than 00Q. The plain-looking 00Q might get an upgrade bacpack. Tieria’s Gundam: upper torso=Dynames, lower torso and leg=Gaddessa… However I’m keen to know what is the secret of the backpack…

Comment by EXkurogane

Solidvanz provided info that 00Q has a system that can “inluence the world”… =.=\\\ Dun tell me this sounds like something borrowed from Gundam Unicorn’s Laplace Box, from the decription mentioned in ep 1 of the OVA… ==; I dun want to see any overpowered weird ideas again like quantization of 00 Raiser. It pisses me off.

Comment by EXkurogane


There was an image sometime a while back showing how Raphael’s backpack turn into an armor “suit” that Raphael can wear. It more or less turns into a black Virtue.That’s probably it for the “secret”.

Comment by da_guy

I’m not saying their gimmicks won’t be awesome “in action”, but with them in a idle stance they seem quick lackluster. Zabanya looks like a oversized picket fence. Raphael is a whole “wall of gundam”. Harute, I quite like that design, though if it was up to me I would change the design of the face and and legs. As for the 00, it’s ok..I guess. Don’t know why but I seem having trouble remembering the design of the Exia, 00, 00 Qan[T]. If someone showed me the 3 models without the specific weaponry…I would have a tough time saying which one is who. They all look alike to me.

Comment by DT

total “WTF”

what did they do to Zabanya?! I liked the original design better! (waaay back, initial PVs)… the whole body is pretty ugly. I think one “funnels” suit is enough for one movie..(00q)

The only good looking suits are 00q and Raphael…

Harute is too “sharp” for my tastes, and he kinda looks like a power ranger with his eyeglasses…
even tho I’m not really a fan of Wing, the way that Endless Waltz “fairytailed” all the suits was quite good. Instead of using the plot of “CB is poor” to make half-assed suit designs, they shouldn’t opted for “good mecha design” and bend the plot a bit. What was the point of saying CB is poor in the first place?

…at the very least, place Zabanya’s bits so its higher up, like a WING instead of some fence/skirt……

Comment by greengreen

i think raphael’s other form might be a full armor type or like the reborns gundam (two modes plus the data of raphael came fron the technology of innovades and celestial being)

Comment by due

is harute really a two seater gundam??

Comment by due

Great designs. It shows how much work they put into those. Can’t wait to see them in action. As a general rule, every design looks dozens of times better on screen.

Nice idea for Harute. First time I have to say that it’s high-speed concept actually shows in the unit itself.

Zabanya seems like a good mix of both Cherudim and Dynames. Having long range, medium range and bits options.

Raphael, I do really like this design. It’s different from the others, stands out. Huge silhouette with a slim design. Much better then the hockey player that we saw up untill now.

00Q, still waiting for the final upgrade of Quan[T]. Still, out of all the units, it looks composed and integrated. It oazes power and flexibility. Great design, by far the best here.

Comment by Ash

Haven’t you seen the movie trailer?
The Rafael has giant secondary arms, like the Belfegor.

OO(Raiser) is the strongest Gundam, so it wold be disappointment to Quan[T] be weak.

Comment by tyaty1

my favorite is Harute

Comment by guest

I’m hope there will be a master grade of Harute.

Comment by guest

Do you think Mr. Bushido will be an ally this time? I hope!!!

Comment by MazinKaesar

Mr. Bushido will probably play the role of Vegeta, stepping in to save Setsuna because he’s the one destined to defeat the gundam.

Comment by InjuredPelican

[…] estratte dall’ultimo numero di Newtype Magazine e dopo averli immesso in bassa definizione ha recuperato una serie di scansioni dedicate a immagini del film in alta definizione….( 1,5 MB di media) […]

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