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April 7, 2010, 9:30 am
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Another Century’s Episode R (PS3)

– Released date: Summer 2010

– 70% completed

Series list:
Super Dimension Century Orguss
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
Char’s Counterattack
Crossbone Gundam
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Overman King Gainer
Full Metal Panic!
Code Geass R2
Genesis of Aquarion
Macross Zero
Macross Frontier
Banpresto originals


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Comment by katsumotto

sorry for double post, OMFGGG, CROSSBONE!!!!!

Comment by katsumotto

Seeing Crossbone Gundam means ZZ and CCA will be included as well…but DAMN! Lancelot Conquita?

Comment by don't mind me

Zeta, Crossbone, AND Full Metal Panic!? Awesome!

Comment by thepyro

My nipples explode with delight!

Comment by Bob

i think we should expect a future srw with code geass included, also, it would be nice if they updated the series list with 00 too

Comment by katsumotto

F**K YES! I knew there was going to be another one! I’m stoked about actually piloting Arbalest!

Comment by Nos

It would be great – stupendous – if they there were English subtitles to this game.

Comment by Bob


You know that’s pretty much inevitable. Now if only they could include TTGL as well…

Comment by guarayakha

so getting a ps3 now..

Comment by aker

My god. There are no words.

Comment by Brave Exkaiser

time to un-dust my PS3 out of the closet…

if thats the line up for a REGULAR SRW game, “i would attucally cry and kiss my sister and say i like to have sex right now..” shes adotped…

But, i take this game for now.

God, some good news for like an eternity ago.

Comment by iwantMySRW4Ps3

now i wan’t ps3

Comment by Rex


Comment by Kat

i just know thats not the “complete” roster yet.. more more more

Comment by ralf jones

Woah !! it time to buy ps 3

Comment by GX


I just, died…

Comment by Edo-Kun

Finally something coming for the PS3.

too bad no GUNDAM Wing

Comment by SHEHABXZA

FMPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!! and omg CROSSBONE too O.O hope bontakun is in

Comment by Balgora

Finally some love for the PS3. Though I’m still waiting for the official PS3 SRW.

Comment by glemtvapen

i will die

Comment by rifqi

glad that Japanese games work on US ps3. Hope all the songs are vocal since they did add vocal to ACE3 and rerelease of ACE2.

Comment by 00unicorn

Great another ACE game 😀
I loved the first ones, especially Final XD

But i’m ‘meh’ about the inclusion of Aquarion, that show was just stupid 😦

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

T_T where is my prince ?? i want my black serena back

Comment by FinVortex

wowzers!!!!!!! fullmetal panic!!!lucky I just buy PS3

Comment by wer

No first macross, l-gaim,dunbine bakana I hope from my heart this is fake -_-

Comment by gronpas

I’ll mention bad series :
Super Dimension Century Orguss
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny
Overman King Gainer
Full Metal Panic!
Code Geass
Genesis of Aquarion
Macross Zero
Macross Frontier
it’s bad story ,but as mecha it maybe useful on game.

Comment by sozoki



I’M SO HYPE FOR THIS!!!!!!! YESSS!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by amuro0093

I am dead. There is no way there is a new ACE, right? Yeah. Goddamnit, its perfect….

Comment by Wolfe

This looks glorious!

Comment by F97 X-1

Glad this series come back! I’m doubted that ACE3 was never a Final! Just like SRW will ever be final? Anyway, my most favorite is Macross F, because beside I can pilot my most favour VF25, I’m also fighting under my most favor passionate BGM! Iteza 9pm Don’t be late!

Comment by Kain306

Now this is good news 🙂

Hope to hear about the next SRW soon

Comment by Daizengar

Nice news, but a new SRW will be better 😀

Comment by MazinKaesar

now,if they include nightingale im sold

Comment by kuro hazama


Comment by Seabook

[…] 19:40 This week’s Famitsu magazine SRW Hotnews ehem, update PV bwt remake masoukishin srwhotnews_ogsgloe_pv2hq.flv Gundam, Mazinger, […]

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Zeta hasn’t been in since the first ACE game.

Crossbone is in.

I’m hyped.

Comment by AirMaster

YES! finaly the ps3 well be start

thanks SRW hotnews for this news

Comment by ikki28

Why Aquarion? It’s about as super as it gets for a series that’s mostly based on Real Robots doing insane things.
That said, Code Geass will lend itself to to this and jerking the Albion or Seiten around will definitely be fun if they can pull a third of the shit they do in the final battle. FMP is a weird choice as it’s mostly a more realistic series of RR. Well, so long as they include the ARX-8 and Belial, it will be dandy.

Comment by Amon

Damn, Where is my GP03D? Does the list mention that only Nu gundam from CCA will appear in the game? They going to ignore all CCA mechas and story? I guess that’s because Z gundam story is in the game and Amuro Ray from Zeta series will appear in the game with nu gundam as his final mecha….

Comment by RJ


lol, but yeah that’s cool

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Hey everybody, see above link.
“Another Century’s Episode R”, scheduled for Summer 2010!

Comment by Zarathustra

HOLY CRAP! OH MY GOD! AWESOMENEEEEEEEEES! So THAT’S probably what that Bandai Namco trademark for “ACE” was about! At last, the game is revealed! I can’t wait to play all these series, inlcuding the new ones like Crossbone Gundam and Code Geass!

Now the questions are, is the story a sequel to the second and third one (I know the first one was standalone)? I only completed the second one and am in the middle of the third one. And what do you guys think “R” means?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

I wonder what the Banpresto originals are gonna be this time? As well as new ones, I want Tak, Marina, Barrel and Fei to return with new mecha! Maybe Tak and Marina can return with new Gunarks that can combine and Barrel and Fei can return with a new ExBlau that can split apart to two units! I know that’s wishful thinking, but I want those characters to return, especially Tak!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

“And what do you guys think “R” means?”

My bet is “Revival” as in a return of the series. They did have ACE3 as the “Final” right?

Comment by guarayakha

hmm I didn’t play the first ACE, is it action rpg ? 😛

Comment by Banjo

cool destiny!!

Comment by 89


in the list i only see 3 RR, evere else are Sh1t or SR… SR IN OUR A.C.E.

Super Dimension Century Orguss D:
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam <- 1 rr
Char’s Counterattack <- 2 RR
Crossbone Gundam <- this is fuking orgasmic
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny <- if is this is RR im the queen of england
Overman King Gainer <- aw our rastafari mech
Full Metal Panic! <- D: comic sh1t
Genesis of Aquarion<- D:
Macross Frontier <- Yhea… of curse… "RR"
Banpresto originals <- Shure RR like in SRT

Comment by Magnus Lynari

I’m not impressed by 2.. hope they do better to justify the cost

Comment by realgundam

@Magnus Lynari

If Banpresto says its an RR, it’s an RR. You should calm the fuck down and wait for an offcial word.

That said Code Geass R2 = Can use Shinkirou. It’s time to beat the Strike Freedom at its own game!

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Boy Magnus too much shit is too much,just shut up and die or at least cry elsewhere…
I’m really happy to see that they included Crossbone and FMP,this will kick ass.

Comment by itamaki

أخيييييييييييييراً جزء سوبر روبوت على البلاستيشن3

Comment by Touma Kanou

NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT IN PS3!!!!!!!!!!!!!. anywayz , i hope lancelot albion, guren seiten and shinkirou are unlockable!!!!

Comment by setsuna15

Sword of fury!!

Comment by K'

clearly magnus doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about

fucking troll

Comment by chi

To those of you complaining about the Super Robots: You guys DO know that ACE 3 had SRs up the wazoo, right? Eureka Seven, Shin Getter Robo, King Gainer, and even G Gundam were all in on the fun and the game was still great.

I am a bit disappointed that Macross 7 is being skipped over in favor of Zero and Frontier, but admittedly, it’d be kind of weird to make Basara’s nonlethal sound attacks work in a game like this. I’m also hoping that the radar and minimap are improved this time around, especially since in past games it was absolutely worthless for navigating in space.

Comment by Morito-kun

[…] Episode R April 7, 2010 at 8:50 pm | In namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment Also, SRW Hotnews has pics of Another Century’s Episode R, a new entry on the series, now moving to Playstation 3. […]

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shin asuka again the king of the real robots go for it DESTINY !!!!

the story looks like a side story from srw Z. I hoped shin mazinger is there.

Comment by akeara

What’s this? Another troll?

Comment by K'

Thanks for the feedback and happy blogging.

Comment by Avcılar Bilgisayar Teknikservis

Guess i’ll have to get my hands on a PS3.
hope The Guren Mk-II is in it.

Comment by Kusanagi

aweasom game

there is destiny gundam i love it

i hope destiny gundam can use its beam saber and skill by it instead the heavy bad anti-ship sword 😦

it is good skill for good model

how about your opinion?

Comment by mohd

@ mohd

my opinion is the anti-ship sword makes destiny closer to a super robot, thats why i love him.

why destiny is closer to be a super robot ???

a hot blooded pailot with over skill rage (seed)

the wings of light (mazin power, god gundam hyper mode)

anti-ship sword (kaizer blade, shining finger sword)

destiny finger (shining finger, god finger)

destiny boomarang (getter robo)

destiny mega canon (getter beem, breast fire)

phase shift armor ( good armer as mazingers z alloy ) note mazingers’ armor is more powerful.

srw z opening shin was at the fron lines

srw scrambel commander the second shin faces heero and kira alone.

Comment by akeara

Augmented Reality seems to be a game changer, indeed. I wonder if some day people will be able to point their mobile device towards just about anyone or anything anywhere, and it will recognize that person or thing and provide any desired information about it.

Comment by cubefield

an A.C.E. on ps3 cool but for a new SRW why some guys talk about ps3 the ps2 is still on the race in 2D graphics and the owners too =)japan:ps2>ps3

Comment by chikenhead

can’t hardly wait…

Comment by Seki


thanks for your good comment

as i see that 🙂

Comment by mohd

Now THIS is what I have been waiting for. Lancelot Albion FTW!
Also, the fag below saying Destiny is close to a super robot….Just shut up..Please.

Comment by Shu Shirkawa

Sorry for double posting but I wish I could edit this


Comment by Shu Shirkawa

well, actually, i did not see albion lancelot yet, but i hope they include him and shinkirou, and maybe some knights mecha like knight of one and rolo’s, dont care much for karens albion version but if its an extra, it would be welcome ;D, i really hope they include alot of mechas…., oh i expect so much of this game =(

Comment by Katsumotto

no shin getter robo ????? very dissapointed

Comment by HAYATO

Anyone complaining that Aquarion is to Super Robot for ACE, I have this to say, and Shin Getta WASN’T?

Comment by Gospel

What.. NO… wing gundam ,NO Eureka Seven …..

Comment by Cross

I Can say this is good debate on robot, keep the thing. .

Comment by CubeField

No Gundam Wing what a utter crappy game.

Comment by Joseph

I want PS3 for my birthday 🙂

Comment by Doctor games

Where is Gundam? 😦

Comment by Tank games

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