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New kit reviews: HGAW Gundam X
April 16, 2010, 12:40 pm
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Glorious. Looks like its all round got good poseability and the proportions are great too.

Comment by F97 X-1

I gotta admit this kit looks beautiful even as a straight build. I hope a Divider version isn’t far off.

Comment by AceWhatever

@AceWhatever: the X-Divider version may still be at a 50-50 status, as an entry in Ngee Khiong has images taken from Futaba Image board showing the HGAW Gundam X is compatible with the X-Divider armaments (backpack + shield + beam rifle) from both the old 1/144 X-Divider and the parts from the GFF Gundam X. Link here:

Comment by valkyriepilot

I can’t access the Futaba boards from where I am. Did they explicitly state that the old Divider backpack just clipped onto the HG kit or did they have to do some modifications first?

Either way, Bandai’s too damn random with the Gunpla releases for me to care about what’s inevitable or not. MG Musha MK.II didn’t need to take this long to come out, so I’ll just go with the flow and see what happens.

Comment by AceWhatever

i hope they release HGAW 1/144 virsago CB and ashtaron HC soon

Comment by setsuna15

HG of the year or HG of the year? Hopefully the sales are decent enough for Bandai to release more AW kits relatively fast. If they’re going to make more I’m betting the next will either be the XD or XX followed by the Airmaster and Leopard or Ashtaron and Virsago. Either way, I think the fans will be the winners this year. With the 00 movie and 2nd Unicorn OVA we’ll have a ton of new stuff yet to see. Who knows, maybe a MG XX or X near the end of the year too.

Comment by Amon

There is a mistake in this kit. The butt of the rifle is different in buster mode from shield mode. The shield mode’s tapered shape is the correct one.

Comment by da_guy

I’d hold off title for “HG of the year” with ZZ coming out soon. I’m leaning towards ZZ though, way too many features like full transformation. New HGs are a real treat; great proportions and affordable price.

Comment by 123

fro55 here
this kit has many gimmick in it
here we GO
i am glad for this kit
buy this kit

Comment by fro55

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