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Mobile Suit Gundam EXTREME VS. (arcade)
April 24, 2010, 12:14 pm
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at least they have to include the FF:

gundam seed stargazer
gundam sentinel
gundam 00 the movie

and i wish they include hi-nu gundam

Comment by setsuna15

So with Infinite Justice, Dragon Gundam, Heavyarms Custom and Luna’s ZAKU Warrior being playable, does this mean that they removed the support system or will they have a variable support system in which you select what MS to support you?

Finally Graham is in this game… I wish same goes for the others like Ali Al, the Trinity, Pieries, Sergei and the innovators. XD The Regnant seems to be here but grayed out in image 3.

Image 1, is that the Shinanju? The others are surely Astray Red Frame, Kshatyria(sp?), and Crossbone X-1.

Kinda nice and weird at the same time they included SEED Astray and not include Stargazer, despite Stargazer having an anime. I hope that this isn’t final and also that they include Sentinel, Hi-Nu the 00 Movie.

Comment by JustPassingThru

I failed to notice earlier that it’s not just the Cherudim out there but the Cherudim GNHW/R… O_O

Comment by JustPassingThru

Looks more like Char’s Gelgoog to me.

Awesome roster so far. I’m sure they will add units like Sinanju and 00 Quanta later on.

Where the hell is Gold Sumo though…

Comment by Nos

oh no The popular IC Card Systerm.

I’m already wasting alot on Border Break, now they want me to spend more with this X(

Comment by mlmonster

I hope it will be ported to PSP!!

Comment by zmil

^Nah, PS3 all the way!! haha

Comment by amuro0093

wow.. Heavyarms custom..
LaGowe.. so they decided to include all of the grunts too??

woah awesome..
hmm Stark Jegan? ReZEL? I hope they included too..
and all of the big MA too…

Comment by MaftyNavue

Crossbone and Red Astray caught my eye!!!

Comment by Ereos

Oh yeah, now that you mentioned it… XD

I wonder, if the PS3 version would have DLC of suits? XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

where is Graham?? can’t see him?

Comment by atlans89

Wait? No Epyon and Tallgeese anymore? Look like the dump a lot from older version…

Comment by atlans89

i clearly see Epyon on the main picture, and i doubt they would put two suits from the same pilot and serie on the same picture that is supposed to show the main cast, i will look forward to see this on ps3 ^^

Comment by Katsumotto

God gundam is doing a shining finger?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

“So with Infinite Justice, Dragon Gundam, Heavyarms Custom and Luna’s ZAKU Warrior being playable, does this mean that they removed the support system or will they have a variable support system in which you select what MS to support you?”
Luna’s Zaku ? I always thought it was Meer’s ?

Comment by NT

On the 2nd thought, that thing on its back, probably Luna’s.

Comment by NT

I hope that Strike freedom will be better than in G vs G next plus.

Comment by guest

The game looks awesome! I’m looking forward to it!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

why do they still make arcades many Governments like us doesn’t care about this kind of Entertainment the only thing they Imports is Undoubtedly foods the Maximum is DEATH TRAIN or movement cars arcade was good at The seventies and eighties but now people like you and me can import they must stop releasing this Devices.

Comment by Akira nagamoma


Next to Virsago CB, bottom right.

Comment by guarayakha

wooo they added susanoo! & IJ i’m looking forward 2 this game

Comment by X42S

Why does anyone want the Stargazer to be playable? Haven’t you guys learned from OMNI vs ZAFT II? It was a horrible unit and you should feel horrible for wanting it in this game.

Comment by AirMaster


Luna piloted a Red Zaku Gunner early on (rather funny considering she’s known for her bad aim with guns but considered pretty good in melee) Meer’s Zaku was sickeningly pink

Comment by Duran

I would at least like Strike Noir to be there as a Stargazer unit. It doesn’t have to be Stargazer itself.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

@Akira Nagamona, are you stupid? We don’t care about your country.Our market is Japan. Why should we stop our arcade production

Comment by bandainamco


Where are you seeing Epyon? The only red/magenta/pink MS I see in this pic are IJ, LaGOWE, Sazabi, Virsago CB, Char’s Gelgoog and Luna’s Gunner ZAKU Warrior. Oh right, and Red Frame too.

Comment by KyriosArios

@AirMaster Dude in OMNI vs ZAFTII they do have one of the best gundams in that game and it’s called Strike Noir Gundam he’s like the best I beat anyone who challenged me to match.I even beat my brother he uses Destiny Gundam.

Comment by Soulgain

I honestly don’t see how you guys are so optimistic about it being on the PS3. Do you guys hate the PSP that much? I would like to see it on either system, but I would bank on the PSP since the 2 previous titles are on there. I remember when Next Plus was speculated to be on the PS3, and look where it wound up.

Comment by Kenpei

^For your information, the arcade board used for this game is model 357, which basically a PS3 in arcade form, unlike the prequel which use the PS2 standard.
So if they wanted to save time and money, the best way is just to port to PS3.

Comment by amuro0093

Because Stargazer is most likely going to be revamped into something better. They’re not going to just copy-paste Stargazer’s entire data into the game and leave it there. People are going to complain if they did that. Also, Stargazer wasn’t horrible. It all depends on the user and the opponent he is facing.

There are a lot of good reasons why this should come to the PS3 and not PSP.

1. Better bloody graphics. Check Gundam Musou 2 on both the PS3 and PS2 and notice the bloody difference on quality.
2. Blu-ray has a heck lot more storage space than typical DVDs and it definitely has more to MB/GB compared PSPs storage device, meaning more bloody suits, more bloody music and more bloody features. (one feature I kinda wish they add is SD battles… XD turns your mechs into their SD forms… why? for bloody fun).
3. PS3 does not lag if we decided to play this game on multiplayer.
4. PS3 is just whole lot better than PSP in terms of everything except portability. PSP is a handheld one so fast paced games like these should be left to more powerful computers.
5. PS2/3 controller design feels better to grip in your hands rather than PSPs. Honestly, PSP made my hands ache after an hour or two of non-stop next dashing in GvGN+

Comment by JustPassingThru

if this will come to ps3 I’d like to mention one thing from any series there are only 2 ms Possible to play this is terada talk not me he said that for acer πŸ˜›

Comment by gronpas



Comment by KAISER

The only people who are peeved at the notion of this being on PS3 is you don’t have enough money to own a PS3 or is a PSP fanboy, if that’s is even possible from the same company ha. I have a PSP, would rather have it on PS3. Graphics of the arcade, and the use of Dualshock 3 control, yeah this is a gimme.

Comment by R


oh i see…, i was mistaken, its really virsago after all =(, my bad =p

Comment by Katsumotto

Where the fuck is my Xi!?!?!?!?!?

Comment by shady123

well if its going to be released on the ps3 i hope they make a psp version too because some people like me dont have a ps3 haha πŸ™‚

Comment by kingofhearts95

@shady123 Ditto.

If they’re porting this to PS3/PSP (that’s a big if) they need to add infrastructure multiplayer. Out of my friends only two or three of them actually own a PSP and none of them play on it regularly. The only time I’ve been able to play with friends is on road trips. 😦

Comment by dChaN

[…] […]

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Anybody else prefer the original Justice Gundam to the Infinite Justice? A Justice and Freedom team would be a lot cooler, especially given Inifinte Justice barely had any screen time, not to mention most of said screentime being copypasta. I’d also like to see Altron from the series.

Comment by InjuredPelican

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