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MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM MSV-R: The Return of Johnny Ridden [01]
April 28, 2010, 1:41 am
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Go figure…

Comment by daizengar


Comment by AmuroVidan

Cool,always liked Ridden.

Comment by Greg

So I’ll ask:

Who is this guy?

Comment by Bob

They could have picked a better MSV design for this. If that is Johnny in the FA, it’s ridiculous. The guy piloted a High Mobility type Zaku II built for blitz attacks, why would he switch to an artillery role MS?

Comment by Amon

Who’s this guy?
And what’s MSV-R?

Comment by Agol

Hm… interesting manga. Expect a release of this from us very soon =) (I finished translating it, just have to Photoshop everything)

Comment by Deacon Blues

Don’t worry. From what I understand, that’s not Ridden.

@Deacon Blues
Excellent! Looking forward to it.

Comment by Virgo


“Who’s this guy?”

Char is your Daddy, so Ridden is your Step-Daddy.

Comment by Nameless

He doesn’t seem to be widely known though.

Comment by K'

Just read some info about him, very impressive.

Comment by K'

Doubt the guy in the comic was him; he wouldn’t switch to the Federation that easily.

And Ridden is among the lesser known aces of the OYW just due to the fact he wasn’t in any animes. But He was indeed very skilled, taking down at least 200 men.

Comment by Duran

Well… I have a working idea of what’s going on here. Either he is Johnny Ridden, and he was found drifting in space at the end of the OYW suffering from oxygen deprivation (hence the fact that he doesn’t know he is or isn’t Johnny Ridden). That’s my thought on the matter at least.

Comment by Deacon Blues

so this will take place on year 0089 of u.c hope they translate it

Comment by mamoru=misouji

heh? you mean my favorite ace pilot is amnesia? hope the story is good…

Comment by GundamAria

Ridden is not idealist like Char, he just an ace pilot and also OYW is the far in the past at the comic, so he wouldn’t really mind if he is hired by EF as test pilot.

Comment by akp47

Wouldn’t Ridden piloting the red FA Alex from Katana make more sense?

Comment by red


No, because he isn’t in that manga series. The premise of this manga series is to “report” on the various suits in the MSV line. In the first installment, he’s fighting in a simulator, not actually piloting the units.

Comment by Deacon Blues

Or maybe he just pretended to cooperate in the mean time to wait for the right time… something like Gato from Stardust Memory? (Gp01—> GP 02)?

Comment by JakBoy

Um… once you read this chapter, you’ll see that isn’t the case…

Comment by Deacon Blues

damn since i cant read japanese i can only see the picture,is there any translate? but i can see the main character named said return of johnny ridden but where is he? goes amnesia and name change?

Comment by GundamAria

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