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May 12, 2010, 9:21 am
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Updated clear scans.

Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Masou Kishin The Lord of Elemental (NDS)

 Another Century’s Episode R (PS3)

Mecha lists:

Super Dimension Century Orguss

– Orguss (Kei)

– Orguss II (Orson)

– Naikik (Athena)

Mobile Suit Z Gundam

– Z Gundam (Kamiyu)

– Hyaku Shiki (Quattro)

– Dijeh (Amuro)

Mobile Suit Gundam Char’s Counter Attack

– Nu Gundam (Amuro)

Crossbone Gundam

– Crossbone Gundam X1 (Kinkaid)

– Crossbone Gundam X3 (Tobia)

Gundam Seed Destiny

– Destiny Gundam (Shin)

– Strike Freedom Gundam (Kira)

– Infinite Justice Gundam (Athrun)

Full Metal Panic!

– ARX-7 Arbalest (Sousuke)

– M9 (Melissa)

– M9 (Kurtz)

– Bonta-Kun

Overman King Gainer

– King Gainer (Gainer)

– Dominator (Cynthia)

Code Geass R2

– Lancelot Conquista (Suzaku)

– Lancelot Albion (Suzaku)

– Guren Aerial-Type (Karen)

– Guren Seiten 8 Elements (Karen)

– Shinkirou (Zero)

– Akatsuki Command Model C.C. Custom (C.C.)


– Solar Aquarion (Apollo)

– Aquarion Mars (Sirius)

– Aquarion Luna (Silvia)

Macross Zero

– VF-0A (Shin)

Macross Frontier

– VF-25F (Alto)

– VF-25F Super Pack (Alto)

– VF-25F Armored Pack (Alto)

– VF-25S (Ozma)

– VF-25S Super Pack (Ozma)

– VF-25S Armored Pack (Ozma)

– VF-25G (Michael)

– VF-25G Sniper Pack (Michael)

– RFV-25 (Luca)

– RFV-25 Super Pack (Luca)

– Queadlun Rea (Klan)

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Yes moar Info!

Comment by judge master char aznable

Cool. Kurz and Melissa’s M9s and Bonta-kun confirmed. The Hyaku-Shiki looks awesome too. I’m kind of dissappointed that Roy’s VF-0S isn’t in it though.

Comment by Pesmerga

there’s bontakun =d weird how X2 isn’t listed

Comment by Balgora

isnt bunta kun the BEAR??

Comment by judge master char aznable

X2 is likely a boss only, like Yazan

Comment by Rayearth

didn’t expect Dijeh, Bonta-kun, and Quaedluun-Rea to be in this.

Comment by hiroy_raind

More Bonta-kun action for us I guess… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru

Makes no sense to just make the bad guys Boss only in this, considering everything was playable in ACE3, even the alpha…

Comment by ed

The inclusion of Bonta-kun automatically transform this game from win into EPIC WIN.

Comment by guarayakha

>>isnt bunta kun the BEAR??

Yes, sir, it is. It is a 6 foot tall plush bear of absolute annihilation.

Comment by SP

From the above, total unit count is 39, if this is the confirm mecha list, then I believed no matter how beautiful the graphics are, the gameplay/fun will be greatly reduced from previous series. Unless, map is larger, more enemy units variations, more missons. ACE got total 109, while ACE 3 got 107 units (plus variations).

Comment by gits_sac

typo. I meant ACE2 109 units.

Comment by gits_sac

I want to see gameplay

Comment by guest

I want to see a *Release Date*, but no one seems to want to help me out with that.

Comment by SP

Ah, shucks. I wanted a Re-GZ ;x

Comment by mlmonster

I want Re-GZ too but you still got Dijeh which is more than forgivable.

Comment by LM

I want to see a *Release Date*, but no one seems to want to help me out with that.

yes like me i want to know when it release

Comment by mohd


They include guren seiten and shinkirou

but still, NO PS3!!!!!

Comment by setsuna15

Why fucking Dijeh DIJEH COME ON

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Dijeh,who the hell wants a grunt ms like Dijeh?

Comment by Greg

all the good units from code geass in this I am getting this game for sure 😛

Comment by Banjo

Dijeh is a better choice than the Gundam Mk 2.

Comment by Rayearth

but who wants a frekkin grunt unit Dijeh
i’ve never herd of The Super Dimension Century Orguss

Comment by Ereos

Wait! i thought they said only 3 per unit series but i can see Klan, C.C, Bonta-Kun in this list. Which mean the information about per 1-3 unit is fake!. D:

Comment by Shinichameleon

That really tell people that you never play SRWZ which is really sad.

Comment by LM

Dijeh is lame. It’s like a Gelgoog with butterfly wings attached to it. BUTTERFLY WINGS!

Comment by jerry

The point is amuro used it in Z gundam. It’s either that or a Rick Dias.

Comment by da_guy

@ da guy: theere is an MSV of a Z gundam used exculisvely by Amuro, if anything the dijeh’s psot should have been taken by the MKII,Psycho Gundam, or even the Messela.

Comment by Greg

It’s like da_guy said it’s either Dijeh or Rick Dias I bet Dijeh will be more fun to use and I don’t see MSV going to happen though but I would like to use Dijeh SE-R if it happen, such a mysterious MS.

Comment by LM

Why not just MkII, is it THAT bad? I mean its better than frikkin Dijeh COME ON

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Amuro had Nu in ACE 1,2, and 3. They even gave him the armor pack in three. I think they should use Hi-Nu instead.

Comment by 00unicorn

fu*k yea!, Bonta-Kun
he’s gonna get stepped on.

Comment by Da-Virginizer

@jerry well turn A has butterfly wings

Comment by wa

F-wk Yeah! Bonta will go PEdo on our Mecha!!

Comment by Gunstray

now im sure the story line is related to srw z

and the last stage would be Char’s Counter

Attack mostly. in srw z Amoro took Nu gundam as

a robot. Char’s Counter Attack was not encloaded

as animation in srw z.

and we can see that we have destiny gundam z

gundam strike freedom infenit Justice are at

thier lateset models. no freedom no savior no

gundam mk2 no impulse !!!!!!!!!!


Comment by akeara

you’re wrong in many ways….

Comment by amuro0093

@ amuro0093

its only a theory !!!!!

im not expecting answers.

Comment by akeara

ha ha ok, my bad

Comment by amuro0093

stalking your mom?

Comment by go get me some soda punk

fuck you all, i cant stand that stupid bear what you all stupid FUCK YOU ALL!!!

Comment by go get me some soda punk

i have a feeling that code geass will included on SRW game soon like gainer and eureka before

Comment by setsuna15

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