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July 13, 2010, 12:29 am
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– New Super Robot Wars for PS3 will be unveiling at TGS 2010

– New Super Robot Wars OG anime is coming in 2011 (20th anniversary)


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Fuck yeah!!!

Comment by Folka

really???too bad it’s for PS3…T-T and hope the anime (if they’re really exist)better…

btw what’s with the cat?LOL

Comment by costriker


Comment by katsumotto

Would the srw anime have various series in it, or just the mecha and settings made for srw? seeing gundam mixed with a bunch of other franchises in animation could be pretty cool.

Comment by InjuredPelican


Comment by Edo-kun

– New Super Robot Wars OG anime is coming in 2011 (20th anniversary)

OG stands for Original Generations, so its a original mecha franchise, no other series

Comment by katsumotto

when is this TGS thing

Comment by Banjo


YES !!

It finally has come to pass, SRW for PS3.

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

“really???too bad it’s for PS3”

Yeah, too bad for you.


Comment by gvgexvs

wahts the meening of TGS


Comment by كركع

TGS = Tokyo Game Show

And about fuckin’ time there’s an SRW for PS3.

Comment by AirMaster


Comment by كركع



Comment by كركع


Comment by lxs


Comment by katsumotto

FCK YEAH!!! they better do the anime right this time.

Comment by Red


Comment by كركع


Comment by katsumotto



Comment by كركع

unless they put the LARGEST EVER roster this time, with all gundans and a LOT of other series and LOTS of routes, with new route system features(like chance to keep some units from a previous route you have choosen before)

Comment by katsumotto

Another anime with crappy animation and focused on the most lacking main character in the OG series? No thanks.

Also katsumotto: There is one already, in the form of a questionnaire which you can only answer using the code that comes included in the game. As such your post reflects perfectly the relevance of the “power of outside users”.

Comment by Anonymous

really???, whats the link for it?, i will save it so when i buy this game i will sure fill it!!! =DD
please onegai shimasu!=D

Comment by katsumotto

Boy I’m hoping for a few of the handheld series to be in this game,like Tekkaman or FMP.GGG is always amazing,but would love it if they include GGG WITH the other yuusha series like Might Gaine.
Then Gundam 00(with the Avalanche and seven sword) instead of SEED,or at least SEED Astray instead of Original SEED.There are more but most importantly are these if I remember my List of wanted series.
If it is Z2 then I hope that they bring E7 and Aquarion back,which were massive destruction.
And if it is a new OG,than fuck please include Touma and Selena and the F crew or the other Masoukishin chars.And damn upgrade the shitty Cybuster!

Comment by Itamaki

Oh and as for the new anime,I hope it’s OG2 alone or together with OG2.5,but then the have to make it a LOT better than last time,with at least 50+ episodes and good pacing.

Comment by Itamaki

The link is provided in the paper form that comes with the game, which you can answer by filling it and sending it by snail mail, or just use the link and code and answer online.

Itamaki: And the only upgrade Cybuster needs is to make it faithful to his setting/status, and I don’t see this happening since OG team showed little to no love to the LoE characters until now.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by كركع

plz not OG3

Comment by Banjo


Comment by كركع

i seee uhmmmm, then i hope it comes faster so i can fill it 😀
as for the series, im hoping for a LoE originals too, ryuusei crew(with ingram pleeease), alteisen pilot is nice too(didnt like that bullet droped his ruckebein for a super robot though)

OH NO, PLEASE, BE A CANONICAL SERIES =(, NOT OG ONLY, and no scramble commander series pleeease nooo

Comment by katsumotto

sorry for double posting, but for mazinger, i hope for mazinkaiser OVA(the best OST BGM EVER)

Comment by katsumotto

mazinkaiser is monster maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Comment by كركع

if this is indeed coming to the ps3 it will definitely be the first game i’ll ever import for the ps3

Comment by chi

best news SRW has offered in the last few months 😛

Comment by Ereos

nee nee nee, mazinkaiser OVA ROCKSSS, too bad ive only seen it with gba and NDS, they need a next gen version so the bgm will be HAX!

Comment by katsumotto


Comment by katsumotto

like waht i say this robot is a monster

Comment by كركع

اخيرا خبر عن سوبر روبوت على السوني 3 ها ؟ انا باجر رايح الرحاب وانا مغمض عيني بشتري هذا الجهاز المدهش لا تقولي ماهي المسلسلات التي ستظهر, في بداية السنة كنت اتشرط مسلسلات معينة اما الان وبعد ان اصبحت متعطش حتى لو تقولي فرنكوشي يطلع راح اشتري اي !

Comment by سزوكي

@Anonymous: You’re right and as you said it just doesn’t happen,sadly.He would definitely pawn if he had his weapon upgrades and the speed and power that the Elemental Lord of the Wind actually SHOULD have,but meh. :/

Comment by Itamaki

WTH???!!!! SRW on PS3??!! its about time!!!!
one suprise me is another SRW anime. I WANT SETSUKO!!!!!!

Comment by setsuna15

Sweet!!! SRW for PS3!!!

My short (LOL) wishlist…

Gundam SEED/DESTINY/Stargazer/Astray (Forget you haters, I love CE and would love to see all these things with PS3 quality)
Dairugger XV
Gundam 00 Season 1 and 2
Crossbone Gundam/Skullheart/Steel 7
Gundam Wing (No Endless Waltz for me)
Gundam 0083
G Gundam
Gundam X/Under the Moonlight
Char’s Counterattack/Beltorchika’s Children (So the Amuro and Char fanboys can have something)
Victory Gundam
Sokou no Strain
Gundam ZZ
Dancouga Nova
Gurren Lagann
Rebuild of Evangelion (Mari FTW)
Gun X Sword
Eureka 7
Macross Frontier/Movie
Macross Plus
Macross DYRL
Macross 7

Comment by CyberSynaptic

i like your roster, with the exception they could add code geass =p

Comment by katsumotto

and could add gaogaigar, zeorymer, others i dont remind right now


Comment by katsumotto


Expect DLC, meaning expect your wishlist to be pretty much filled.

Comment by Bob

I seriously hope that the new SRW game is not an OG title. I am not saying this beacuse I hate OG; quite the contrary. However, if the next OG game is made for one of Sony’s platforms, then we are never going to see it localised for non-Japanese markets. And that would be a terrible shame, considering the OG games are the only export-friendly titles. =(

Furthermore, while I am sure people will disagree with me, I think the OG titles in general belong on handhelds. They started their life there and they are the only notable timeline the handheld SRW’s have. People already consider handheld SRW titles to be inferior to their console brethren; let’s not take away the only notable timeline it has. OGS/OGG was only an anniversary thing; the next OG title should be for the 3DS.

Anyway, unfortunately, I don’t have a PS3 myself (although we used to have it), so I won’t be able to play this SRW. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to hearing what shows will be included. After a mostly Super Robot focused NEO, I hope we see some Real Robot goodness.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

@Tom Phoenix

about the localization, i really doubt that, since the two dynasty warriors gundam did hit the US, its most probably that they would localize it, although, i would keep my japanese version because BGM+japanese voice actors are the best

Comment by katsumotto

Super robot Neo = Rabbish!

Comment by Grompox

just one thing i would like to add
the rest of people around the world has chuck norris

we dont need it, we have ZENGAR/SANGER!!!!!! =DDD

Comment by katsumotto


It’s possible that SCEA has changed it’s policy regarding voice acting in localisations for the PS3. However, it is also possible that Dynasty Warriors Gundam was an exception rather than a rule beacuse it is a well-known license and beacuse Sony was hugry for games in the early days of the PS3. Either way, however, it’s not worth the potential risk of SCEA randomly deciding how games should and shouldn’t be localised. If we compare OG1/OG2/EF to OGS/OGG, we clearly see who was the more favourable third party and we have much better chances of seeing OG titles localised under Nintendo than we do under Sony.

Plus, considering that the 3DS is said to be even better than the previous generation of consoles in terms of graphical prowess, we probably wouldn’t lose much by having the OG titles released on handhelds. As long as they stick to the 2D SD style the PS2 handled so well (oh please, Banpresto, don’t use 3D SD models in your 3DS titles; that is one of the reasons NEO didn’t do very well!), I think the games will look spectacular.

Anyway, if this PS3 SRW introduces DLC, it’s going to be interesting to see if it takes hold and how this will affect SRW fans outside Japan (given that online services are region locked and all).

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Why are people getting excited by rumors? Without actual proof from famitsu I won’t believe it

Comment by Aldotsk

@tom phoenix

even so, an OG has nice chances of being localized because the ps3 policy seems to be changed compared to ps2, and since it wouldnt have to face copyright stuff like non-og srw, it could be possible, of course, it has change of not being localized as well


i think superrobotwar wordpress is proof enough

Comment by katsumotto

no the name is SRW PERFECT STAGE MY JAP FRIEND SEND IT TO ME LAST NAME 00 IS THERE AND ZAMBOT who want to add me im rakan from saudi arabi

مع السلامه

Comment by KAISER

^THIS is a doubtful source lol, the game is to be announced during the TGS.., there shouldnt be any series list or game name now lol

Comment by katsumotto

can any one say Z2?

Comment by GaleRenegade


That’s the thing, we don’t know for certain if SCEA changed it’s policy and that is the most frightening aspect of it all. SCEA has just been far too inconsistent in this regard and an OG title is far too important to lose out due to a potentially detrimental policy.

Naturally, there is no guaruantee that a title will be localised just beacuse the third party is favourable. But overall, Nintendo has been far more consistent in this regard and remains a much safer choice. All SRW titles for Nintendo handhelds have so far been localised. While it’s still too early to tell what is going to happen with EXCEED and LoE (usually, localisations are announced several months down the line and these two games have come out in Japan only recently), we have more reason to trust Nintendo than we do Sony.

Besides, as I mentioned earlier, I think the OG franchise belongs on handhelds. So I REALLY hope this PS3 SRW turns out to be Z2 or any other non-OG SRW.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

OGs rocked but so much more than OG1&OG2 and not just because of the graphics.The music,voice acts,alot of sexy character sprites and so on.
I would have no problems if it would come out on the 3Ds,but I’m still skeptic about the 3Ds and I don’t really believe that it will have so uber high graphics and maybe not even voice acts.Then it has to be re-released on the PS2/3 or whatever,which would make no sense to begin with,as they could have released it on the consoles from the beginning.I’m certain that Nintento is worlds better than Sony(hate Sony since the Ps1..)and actually gives us hope for a us release,but I never had the full joy of playing srw on the NDS,loved W tough,as playing say @3,OGs or Z.Just my opinion tough so…yeah 😛

Comment by Itamaki

FUCK YEEEEEEAH! New OG anime AND PS3 game! Probably the anime will be OG2, which will be awesome, because Axel Almer, my second favourite character will be there! Or maybe it will be a tie in to the PS3 game, if that will be an OG one, that takes place before the game, so it serves as the prelude! So much potential! I won’t mind what the OG anime and PS3 game turns out to be, as long as they will be awesome! And I definately should be seeing my number one favourite character Ryusei in the anime again! I’m so happy! This made my day! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Rumor guys. Don’t get to excited.

Comment by amuro0093


You are retarded for saying that. Just stfu

Comment by Aldotsk

I will be waiting for this.

About damn time.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

if dont trust superrobot wordpress why even bother coming here, jeez

Comment by katsumotto

add gurren lagann an i’ll be buying a ps3 first thing 2 morrow

Comment by warning

@Katsumotto, Mr Superrobotwar even says this is a rumor, that means this isn’t confirmed yet. Most people only believe news, if there’s Famitsu scan or a video.
On the other hand, this is just a RUMOR. So I’d say don’t get to excited. Even though all of us want a PS3 SRW 😀

Comment by amuro0093

yes thats the point, he has the rights to think its a rumor, i prefer to believe it will come, even though its just a rumor now

Comment by katsumotto


Hope it not have the new 3D style we saw on XBox360, … and they will keep the SD forms …

Now, the list of anime is actually quite important!!!


Comment by Axello


You are preety much comparing technological aspects between the two, which the consoles will naturally have a greater advantage. Even still, the OG games were some of the best SRW titles for the GBA in every regard. Also, they were more difficult than OGs (and also had better versions of Messenger from the Void/Woman a Cool Spy 😡 ).

In any case, the 3DS is at GameCube level at worst and near Wii level at best. Considering the GameCube was the most advanced console of it’s generation, that alone already puts the 3DS ahead of the PS2 in terms of graphical capabilities. As a result, any 3DS SRW game is going to be on par, if not better, than OGs/@3/Z.

Plus, have you forgotten the PSP remakes of Advance and MX? Those preety much included everything it’s console brethren had. Considering the 3DS is more powerful than the PSP, I think it is safe to say that any 3DS SRW game will include those things as well. The graphics, the music, voice acting, sexy sprites….the whole shebang.

Overall, having an OG title on 3DS wouldn’t be much of a downgrade from it’s console brethren. Handheld technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the days of the Game Boy Advance. So I have reason to believe you will enjoy future handheld SRW’s compared to any previous instalments.

Also, as I said before, I really think OG games belong on handheld systems. The consoles already get most of the main timelines. They had the Classic timeline, the Compact timeline was combined into Impact, it had the Alpha timeline and now it has the Z timeline. Considering how underapretiated handheld SRW’s tend to be, I think it would be nice if they kept the one timeline tha originates from them. And if that makes it (a lot) more likely that we will see a localisation of it, so much the better. But that is just my opinion….so yeah. 😛

Also, I said this before on the Genesis IRC channel and I will say it again…I am calling it right now. Banpresto is going to remake Destiny on the 3DS just for the privlige of calling it Super Robot Taisen 3D. XD

Comment by Tom Phoenix

If the new SRW game contain titles which is under gainax and bigwest, forget about seeing it overseas and being localise.

Comment by gits_sac

i think most of us doesnt expect to see it overseas =D, most want it japanese, in my opinion, is the best(japanese voices, original bgms) allelujah japanese version, god bless importing option =D

Comment by katsumotto

I really don’t think we have great chances of ever getting another OG game localized; regardless of what console it is on.
Bamco just doesn’t seem to like other companies handling their games; and I don’t think there is really any chance they themselves will bring it over.

Comment by Rygel

ياناس الجزء الجديد اسمه SRW perfect stage والي حاب يشوف السكان يضيفني على الايميل

Comment by KAISER

perfect stage is total fake -.-, the pictures were from ggen wars, the z2 pictures were interesting, but it seems they were fake too, just saw it on gamefaqs

Comment by katsumotto

Nothing is confirmed. Read the header. You guys are talking as though everything has been revealed.


Comment by Anonymous

FK YEAAAAAAAH~! PS3 FTW at long last! =D

My wishlist:

Gurren Lagann
Shin Getter
Lord of Elementals (ffs give me Discutter: ranbu no tachi)
Might Gaine (+any other Brave Saga series including Baan Gaan as like a secret unit or something)
Gravion / Zwei
Eldoran Series
Blade Liger

Gundam/Z/ZZ/CCA(+Nightengale/Hi-Nu)/V/W(+katoki)/EW/F91/00/Seed(no GSD)/Seed Astray
Code Geass
Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid / Fumoffu
Tekkaman Blade

Originals to (re)appear:
Cobray Gordon (+SRX team for DiSRX)
Rand + Gun Leon to come back this time a permanent upgrade to GaoGunLeon 😀
Psybuster/Cybuster getting an upgrade would be FRIGGIN SICK TOO.

Comment by vincema

“yes thats the point, he has the rights to think its a rumor, i prefer to believe it will come, even though its just a rumor now”

Then don’t bring up the whole superrobotwar wordpress blog. It says “RUMOR”, which means it’s got different opinion from you. It’s like saying “Oh god rumor for Tales of Graces is coming out internationally.”

The NBGI already said there is no plans of new Tales series because the studio is ALREADY having bankruptcy. Also this discussion about new Tales for PS3 rumor has been going on since June 10th. It’s false, and it’s fake. Which means those websites up there are just “oh it might happen.” opinion blog posts. If it’s not out in famitsu – then it’s not real. Get it right.

Comment by Aldotsk

wth is your problem, no one said anything about graces o.O

Comment by katsumotto

Finally? Thank the SRW gods.
I’m thinking Macross Frontier and 00 might be in. Maybe even Gurren-Lagann and Code Geass. Banpresto should totally overhaul the system. The “strategy” in the past games are beginning to get old.

And keep SRW in Japan. Localization and licenses just gives people a lot of headaches. Plus publishers will most likely bastardize it (except Atlus, hail Atlus) to satiate SCEA’s stupid policies .

SRWOG on the other hand…

Comment by GlemtVapen

I can nnow imagine they gonna put in Gundam 00 in the enxt sRW taisen game :S
it be overpowered :S
wonder if they introduce a new system into it?

Comment by Ereos

You guys are totally overacting!!! sheesh calm down people, they are just rumors.

Also, for the people who started posting their own lists as if Banpresto will answer their hopes and prayers, seriously guys … STOP DOING SO!! we don’t fucking care about your damn list nor banpresto will read it anyways. So keep your fantasies to yourselves please. You guys give SRW fans a bad name, be ashamed.

ok now returning to the matter at hand, it’s nice to hear that banpresto’s next SRW title is heading to PS3, and I hope that it will meet everyone’s expectations. But we need to wait for TGS to catch a glimpse of the game’s elements, features and also the Series roster.

Lastly, I want to apologize if I offended anyone. But you guys were out of control.

Have a good day ^_^

Comment by Daigelmir

time to make a wish list!

gaiking legend of daiku maryu
shin jeeg
shin mazinger **
danguard ace **
dancougar nova **
god mars
big o
giant robot
gun x sword
jushin liger
dagwon **
gekiganger 3 **

gundams (W/X/G/SD/OO **)
l gaim ( time for l gaim theme )
votoms **
guyver **
zone of the enders (games) **

or just anything but OG!

Comment by Banjo

Hasn’t there been rumors of a PS3 Super Robot Wars circulating already? How is this new?

Comment by Kenpei

you PS3 fanboys have the worst spelling.

Can someone translate the blogs so we can better understand the rumors. I have a feeling everyone is getting worked up over nothing. SRW for PS3 has been a rumor circulating for a long time.

I’d laugh my ass off if it comes out for Xbox360

Comment by AnonymousPost

I’d normally be excited, but seeing all the PS3 fanboys masturbate in here is sickening.

Comment by AnonymousPost

Here my wishlist:

Code Geass R2
Full Metal Panic! (All season)
Tekkaman Blade
Gravion Zwei
Gundam 00
Gundam Seed Destiny
Crossbone Gundam
Ryu Knight
Macross Frontier
Martian Successor Nadesico (All Season)
Sakura Taisen (First Season)

Comment by Shinichameleon

QUOTE: …laugh my ass off if it comes out for Xbox360.


What ARE the odds? I mean, seriously, the Xbox and most good Japanese games are almost mutually exclusive. It’s not like SRW has a good record with it either…

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

I doubt it’d come out for 360. Wii is the hottest selling system in Japan, and SRW still flunks on it. Producing for the 360 would be worth the time required to have a meeting about it, let alone doing something about it.

Sadly, I find myself agreeing with some of the less enthusiastic: everyone’s too overexcited, especially since there’s nothing to get excited about. We know nothing, except that a major mecha designer *refused* to work on an SRW anime, which have been underwhelming time and again. Maybe something will appear at the Tokyo Game Show, but that’s not news. Oh my, a Japanese company may be announcing something at a major Japanese gaming expo? What a shocker!

And why post desired cast lists? They’re all absurd! Most boil down to “I want every other Gundam series ever made, plus some other stuff for flavour!”. 20+ series is crazy. Though it’s nice to see that it’s impossible for Banpresto to not include something that they want.

Not that people (or is it “person”?) complaining about “PS3 fanboys” is any less silly. Wii and 360 endeavours have fallen short of desired sales figures, so they aren’t going to try again any time soon.

Comment by SP

yes finaly a srw for ps3
pleas don’t telle me ” is just remour ”
and i wold not a og 3
i wold a srw zz pleasssss

thank’s srw hotnews for this news

Comment by ikki28

well, since they could be working on this project for a loooong time, i wouldnt be surprised if it were a srw with looots of entries and a complex route system(the rumours that they are working at this ps3 title, from akurasu, superrobotwordpress and gamefaqs dated long ago already)

Comment by katsumotto

@Tom Phoenix:
Ok,you’re right I forgot about the PSP remakes..damn >_<
Well in this case you have a point,I take back what I said earlier,but even than I would love to see the OG cast mechs in HD sprites. x3
Other than that,as I said I won't have any problems with a 3DS OG game,as I have all handhelds and consoles.

And what's with everyone,were not blind and stupid,we can see that it is still a rumor,but I can think what I want about it..sheesh.

Comment by Itamaki

@SP It was an animation director who refused to work on an SRW anime because of a certain multi-talented mech designer was on board.

Comment by Anonymous

Sometimes pleasant surprises do turn up when we don’t expect or demand too much.

Comment by Tsukushi

Whoops. I read the article, but remembered it the other way around.

Comment by SP

Its about dame TIme.

Comment by SRWFANb0y

@ Tsukushi :
lol yeah, so true. I remember when they announce ACE R on famitsu. I was like FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU*KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK YEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH
Because I didn’t expect it at all!

Comment by amuro0093

Wished the next SRW OG anime has no unbearable battle scenes, since the previous one is pretty terrible with its poor execution on the 3D animation.

Comment by Yami

oh ya I forgot code geass! it should make it to this 😀

Comment by Banjo


Comment by KAISER

Shut the fuk up KAISER, its not PERFECT STAGE. Jesus Christ.

Comment by gvgexvs

KAISER nobody cares about your Arab talks about PERFECT STAGE. Go back to your country.

Comment by Anon

ولو حتى لو افترضنا ان اسمه بيرفكت ستيج يظل مجرد احتمال الى ان الشركة تعلن عنه بشكل رسمي راح اقرر اشتري الجهاز اول ما اعرف الشخصيات التي ستظر باللعبةوجان زين لو يكون اغلبهم من السبعينات والثمانينات وواحد فقط من الالفينات

Comment by Maichel

Famitsu today :
特集 feature
Terada with SRW NEO lol
寺田がスパロボがうんちゃら言ってる スパロボはNEO風にしようかどうしようかとか言ってる。
sorry my poor jap

3D confirm ? lol ?

Comment by a

just make sure SRX Team & ATX Team are there..

Comment by Sei

I’ve seen few websites from mr Superrobotwars that gave in this forum. It’s just a rumor (for now), like few users said. Besides, according to ANN, Satoshi Kubo created or worked on another anume adaptations of SRW OG. For 2 social japanese websites, if you look further more websites carefully, you will find a website radio chinese websites and some Japanese forum rumors about SRW project for PS3. In other words:

1. Except from Japanese official blog, official websites official gaming news (Famitsu, Dengeki, gpara, and etc), TGS 2010 (some footages) and from Terada, once again, it’s still a rumor

2. I do not know well for the movement game news, but right now until Fall 2010 BANDAI NAMCO Games is still working on few gaming projects (2 of them are “Big3 Gun Shooting [Time Crisis Razing Storm],” and “God Eater Burst”).

Sorry for my manner words. Alright, for another topic, I’ve sent an e-mail to you Mr Superrobotwars regarding ACE:R PV2 release date (from official website and official news (famitsu)). I hope you get it. ^–^

Comment by judo0054

FINALLY! It’s gonna be the longest months to wait though…

Comment by Naz

Famitsu this week

– Super Robot Taisen series producer Takanobu Terada says
they’re wondering if they should make the 3DS Tales game like Super Robot Taisen Neo

no ps3 & 3D – -‘

Comment by A...

And what does this have to do with the PS3 one?
BTW, source!

Comment by Folka

“you PS3 fanboys have the worst spelling.

Can someone translate the blogs so we can better understand the rumors. I have a feeling everyone is getting worked up over nothing. SRW for PS3 has been a rumor circulating for a long time.

I’d laugh my ass off if it comes out for Xbox360”

Funny because, we’re all excited for it but you seem to be butthurt that it DIDN’T SAY its rumored coming to the Xbox360. Don’t start a flame war here, nobody cares, its 2010, console war is old.

Comment by gvgexvs

was wondering, if the OG anime wont be OG2, but the midle part of Lord of Elemental, mio becoming the pilot of zamzeed, the fight agaisnt fiel-lord and karx

Comment by D4rKov4

I’m glad there making up for the disspointment of ACE 3: the final. Btw, 2D for the win! 3D still needs work. 2D in HD where the pixels are super smooth and similar Z like graphics mechanic and OGs graphic usage will be absolute win.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

“特集 feature
Terada with SRW NEO lol
寺田がスパロボがうんちゃら言ってる スパロボはNEO風にしようかどうしようかとか言ってる。
sorry my poor jap

3D confirm ? lol ?”

3DS Nintendo’s 3D.

Comment by Aldotsk


You are aware that any localisation would probably have those as well, right? I mean,
Endless Frontier preety much preserved all of those. There weren’t even any dubbed
voices to speak of!

Considering that, I completely disagree with your statement that people would perfer
an imported copy. If given a choice between a translated and untranslated version, I
definitely think most non-Japanese players would opt for the translated one. Just
having the menus and names translated makes it much less of a pain to play these games.


You know, I find it ironic how everyone mentions how Namco Bandai refuses other
companies localising their games, yet there was no such issue with the Endless
Frontier. While a Atlus USA admin did say that Namco Bandai tends to be very
protective of the SRW franchise, EF preety much proved that this isn’t as
insurmountable of an obstacle as most people seem to believe.

Regardless of that, however, a localisation is much more likely to appear if there is
a favourable third party participating (like Nintendo). For that reason, I would much
rather see the next OG title on a Nintendo platform rather than a Sony one. I
certainly don’t want to see another OGS/OGG happening…

Also, why is Namco Bandai abbreviated as “Bamco”? It makes no sense to put the second
part of the title first. It should be something like “Namdai” or just “Namco” instead.
Or NBG for “Namco Bandai Games”?


Glad to hear that you wouldn’t mind seeing it on the 3DS. While I understand why you
may like seeing them on the big screen, I think the smaller resolution is a very
worthwhile sacrifice if it means that we are more likely to see a localisation for the
non-Japanese markets.

There have been so few localisations as it is. The community and popularity of these
games will never grow if localisation is denied to the only timeline that is
favourable for such endavours. As such, we must support any measures possible that
increase the chances of seeing more non-Japanese ports of SRW games.


Unless Namco Bandai makes an SRW game that has a cast exlusive to one or two US
distributors at most , we are likely never going to see an official translation of a
non-OG game. They even tried making a translation for the Dreamcast version of Alpha,
but it was quickly shutdown.

Overall, OG is our only option of seeing these games outside Japan.


The reason why the SRW games on those systems failed weren’t the systems themselves
(although I suppose the lackluster sales of the Xbox 360 did contribute to the failure
of XO)…but the art direction. Most people hate the 3D SD style which Banpresto/Namco
Bandai tried to use in those games. Consenquently, the sales of these games weren’t
very hot either.

Overall, it seems that Namco Bandai is still experimenting with this style, but it
clearly isn’t working out.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Ugh…sorry for the bad organisation of my post. Copied the text from Notepad and it didn’t work out too well. -_-

Comment by Tom Phoenix

I wonder how SRW can do ther better than SRW OG Gaiden or Z. I think these two serie do their best animation now. How can PS3 make a better thing? Still 2D anime? Increase resulation? more animation?

Comment by nheuoi

@Tom Phoenix

endless frontier is Original Generations, if they localize any non-original generation, they would remove all original soundtracks because each of them have copyright issues, maybe they would preserve voice actiong, but, what soundtracks wouldnt, and thats one of the most important stuff on a srw T_T

Comment by Katsumotto


I was talking about OG. -_- I already said that we will most likely never see a non-OG game outside Japan, unless Namco Bandai makes a special SRW game with a cast limited from one or two US distributors at best.

Anyway, OG games don’t face that problem. As such, everything should be done to make it possible for them to be localised.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

@Tom Phoenix

Oh i see, if its OG title, then let the localizations come :D, i dont care, even so i doutbtly will wait for a localization since my first expectative is that it wont be releasing, but i would probably buy another copy when it comes

My only worry is for non-OG localization you see, because they would do like they did with dynasty warriors gundam, and that did suck =(

Comment by katsumotto

I can only imagine the rage that will erupt here when it turns out the rumors are false.

Comment by Menthus

ولو حتى لو افترضنا ان اسمه بيرفكت ستيج يظل مجرد احتمال الى ان الشركة تعلن عنه بشكل رسمي راح اقرر اشتري الجهاز اول ما اعرف الشخصيات التي ستظر باللعبةوجان زين لو يكون اغلبهم من السبعينات والثمانينات وواحد فقط من الالفينا

مو احتمال ياابو الشباب عندي صوره سكان من صاحبي الياباني موجود gundam 00 بس للسف مافي SRX لو مني مصدق اديني ايملك ياعسل

Comment by KAISER


Comment by KAISER


shut the fuck up im the compital kaiser im super robot orginal fan and u bullshit japanes fucked u ass remmber amircans cant do like japnese asshole mrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ANDERSOONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

Comment by KAISER

1st day order on PS3!

Comment by realgundam



Here some characters that i recommend to appear as guest star to the new and/or the next SRW game and they are:


Thank you For your Time

Comment by TransformersFreak

No, I hate Transformer bwahahahahaha


meh….., transformers sux

Comment by katsumotto


Transformers don’t qualify as mecha, so there is no point in including them in a mecha crossover game. While I am sure someone will try to point out the fact that SRW included Virtual-On, which aren’t mecha in a traditional sense, they are at least remotely piloted (although that makes you wonder why Tetsujin-28-go was never in a SRW game). Transformers, however, are entirely sentient robots and thus don’t qualify even the slightest bit.

But even if that didn’t matter, the popularity of Transformers is almost entirely exclusive to North America. As such, including them in a game franchise dedicated to celebrating mecha shows from Japan and supporting their continued popularity and development would be rather nonsensical.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

@katsumotto & SRW CREATORS

i not sure as if you are racist or hypocrite to Transformers even if both of you are living in Japan or America because those two are responsible for creating Transformers in the first place and love them since then except from michael bay’s current designs.

@Tom Phoenix
That is True about what you said about them but did you also notice that Zoids are from Takara that happened to appear in SRW K in NDS how you explain about that?

Also about GaoGaiGars’ and Machine Robos: Revenge of Cronos’ robots they also sentient robot aswell and also simliar to Transformers with their transforming, combining into one and stuff if you have watched and known these series or not?

All am I trying to say is give Transformers a chance to appear on once even in PS3, Xbox360, Wii or NDS and if you all hate them then never do them again but if you like them try them again in the future game of SRW like you did to Virtual-On series which is awesome. Am I really asking way too much to make this happen or not?

Thank you

Comment by TransformersFreak


Zoids = Made in Japan.
GaoGaiGar = Made in Japan.
Machine Robo = Made in Japan.
Transformers = Made in Amelika. We Japanese don’t like Amelikan product.

You have the dumbest argument logic in here. Are you retarded or just have actual mental disorder in your brain? Why would you ever bring up Zoids and Virtual-ON, Machine Robo and GaoGaiGar? They are completely different from Transformers. They are made in a different country. Seriously. Just shut up and don’t talk. Your argument sucks, and you just made an argument that is at the level of an elementary school fan boy.

And Kaiser, shut up. No one understands your dumb Arabic talks and you are a bad Super Robot Wars fan boy. You are not even Japanese so why are you even being a weaboo saying “Japanese fuck your ass Americans”. You can’t even spell Compatible Kaiser (As well as Compatci Kaiser).

We don’t care about your E-Mail either. Stop talking.

Comment by Aldotsk

sorry compital kaiser asshole chek the website plzzzzzzzz fucker

Comment by KAISER


How do I explain Zoids? Zoids are piloted. Infact, other than the fact that they are shaped as animals and are mostly not bipedal, they aren’t really that different from your regular mecha.

Also, last time I checked, both GaoGaiGar and Machine Robo have piloted robots as well. Genesic GaoGaiGar in particular makes you VERY much aware of it’s pilot thanks to him screaming like a complete lunatic…. -_-

Overall, Transformers are not piloted, therefore do not qualify as mecha. Furthermore, even if they were eligible for inclusion, Transformers have zero presence in Japan where all of the non-OG games are released. Therefore there is no actual demand to seeing them in an SRW game.

You seem to fail to grasp the role SRW has in the overall entertainment industry in Japan. It is meant to promote existing mecha shows and support the development of new ones. That is the reason why Namco Bandai obtained Banpresto’s game division; it complements their anime and toy divisions. With Transformers, the only ones who would benefit from their inclusion in SRW would be Hasbro and Takara Tomy, the owners of the IP. Namco Bandai would gain nothing. For that reason, they are better off including one of their own shows instead of Transformers.


You know, there are plenty of completely legitimate ways to prove your point. You don’t have to resort to insulting his intelligence and telling him to shut up… -_-

Comment by Tom Phoenix

I am sorry, TransformersFreak, but this fan video is about as closest as we will ever see Transformers in SRW:

Comment by Tom Phoenix

@Tom Phoenix
Must be piloted? Virtual On.
No presence? It actually has some presence, after all, there’s a good 100 G1 Episodes produced and released in Japan that have only recently been dubbed for English audiences: Headmasters, Super-God Masterforce, Victory, Beast Wars II, Transformers: Car Robots (aka Robots In Disguise, and, yes, it was originally Japanese), the “Unicron Trilogy” of Armada, Energon and Cybertron, released in both Japan and America more or less at the same time. I don’t know how popular it all is, though. Not that unpopular anime have been denied spots in Super Robot Wars before, though.

Comment by SP

@Tom Phoenix

What you say that is completely true about Transformers again. But what i actually meant about Zoids are also from TAKARA the same company toy products as Transformers and not wasn’t talking about the pilots for zoids at all but the brand if you know what am i talking about?

Also for GaoGaiGar and Machine Robo ROC (Revenge of Cronos just only look at the OTHER ROBOTS NOT THE HUMAN PILOTS like in GaoGaiGar E.G. ice+fire, Wind+Lighting, Light+Dark, Mike the music robot and Maril the hammer robot. sorry for not typing in their real full name for all of them because its complicated me to type it thats all.

For Machine Robo ROC same reason as GaoGaiGar LOOK AT THE OTHER ROBOTS NOT HUMAN PILOTS e.g Blue Jet, Rod Drill, Triple Changer Jim and also Zeta-like gundam who died painfully by the enemy in one of the episodes who ever watches that.

I just saying that once again please add Transformers and please don’t go too far just to insult me for wanting that to happen in which is the creators of SRW will never put it in anyway unless by a very random chance which is 1/1000000+ fans.

i would like to thank “Comment by SP July 16, 2010 @ 3:14 pm” for pointing out about the histories of Transformers thank you very much and for anyone who says really bad and hateful things transformers for NO REASON AT ALL then i would think that if you are an racist or hypocrite even to live Japan who created it first in the first place and you all shall be ashamed to yourselves who lives in Japan.

But anyone has the reason for disliking Transformers then i welcome your comments at anytime Thank You

Comment by TransformersFreak


Waw, I explained this in the VERY FIRST post I made about this issue in anticipation that someone would mention Virtual-On and you still didn’t pay attention. -_-

Virtual-On robots [i]are[/i] piloted, albeit not in a traditional sense. They are remote controlled using brainwaves and the pilots control them as if they were moving their own bodies. Either way, they still require input from a human(oid) pilot, so they can be somewhat considered mecha.

Transformers [i]do not[/i] require any external output whatsoever to function. Therefore, they do not qualify as mecha in any way.

I admit that perhaps I underestimated how popular Transformers were in Japan. Nevertheless, it seems like a relatively obscure franchise in Japan compared to North America. Combined with the fact that they do not really qualify as mecha and the chances of seeing them in SRW are…well, very low, if not nil.


Ok, I understand what you mean. Still, Namco Bandai is usually very reluctant about including franchises from competitor companies, especially beacuse it also entails licensing issues. And even when they do, they generally perfer to include the newer franchises.

Also, even if GaoGaiGar and Machine Robo include large sentient non-piltoed robots, that matters little in terms of SRW. If you actually look at the units included as protagonists in SRW, you will notice that they are all mecha with pilots.

One more thing I would like to clarify. Would I necessarilly [i]mind[/i] seeing Transformers in SRW? No, not really. Infact, it would be hilarious if Banprestro produced a instrumental version of “Dare to be stupid”. XD But the fact that Transformers don’t really qualify as mecha and aren’t really all that popular in Japan makes it [i]very[/i] unlikely that we will ever see them included.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

anyway, have you guys see the new rumours?
Z2 and Tales Of Gundam LOLLLLL(really excited if it is true)

Comment by katsumotto

You know what? They could also give us a PS2 version (becouse Ps2 is still a popular system in japan). For series i would like to see Code Geass, Macross Frontier, Full Metal Panic (we don’t have any new anime but there were still light novels, it would be interesting to see ARX-8 Laevatein) and Gundam 00, I would hope for Break Blade and Gundam Unicorn but the 2 year rule still counts i guess.

Comment by RaveX

@Tom Phoenix
Virtual-On mecha are piloted? But… that’s not how it seemed to work in SRWK… What K seemed to say was that they were all AIs.

Comment by SP

135 comments of pointless comments and arguments (mine included). xb

Comment by Rebirth


As far as I know, in @3, when approached by other pilots, the Virtuaroids explained that they were being remote-controlled by pilots from another dimension or plane. And as far as I know, their storyline is exactly the same in K.

Also, if I recall correctly from K, the Daiku-Maryuu crew merely SPECULATED that the Virtuaroids might be run by AI when they first encountered Hatter, beacuse he was being so secretive.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

PS3 SRW needs the following 22 series to be in:

Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Superdimensional Cavalry Southern Cross
Gunparade March!
Machine Robo Rescue
Danguard Ace
Baan Gaan
Gigantic Formula
Gundam ZZ (Terada is IGNORING THIS series a LOT)
Samurai Pizza Cats (For 4th wall breaking)

Z Gundam
Char’s Counterattack
Turn-A Gundam
Gravion Zwei
Mazinger Z
Great Mazinger
Getter Robo G
King Gainer


Comment by don't mind me

^ you just skipped:

Code Geass as debut
Gurren Lagann
victory gundam
X gundam
Eureka Seven
Mazinkaiser(the best of mazins)
and probably some others i dont remember now XD
anyway, this title has been on our minds for a long time, i hope they put alot a good series in it

Comment by katsumotto

Okay change my transformers subject for now and i see that alot of people have some pretty good idea with what to add to SRW like Gundam 00 S1+S2, macross frontier and etc.

But i would also like to see again the series of

Tekkaman Blade S1+S2
Armored Fleet Dairugger XV (in english Voltron 15)
Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger (in English Power Rangers) the First Megazord

Comment by TransformersFreak


Terada said Gurren Lagann is TOO CONFUSING to be included in any SRW Games, probably due to the plotline and how will you fight a galaxy sized mecha with your usual units except for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. JEEZ! Cut it out.

Comment by don't mind me

@dont mind me

yes but theres too many fans of lagann out there, definitly not a ‘cut it out’ question ^^.


ohhhh zeorymer is so cool, definitly would like to see it on decent graphics(only saw him in gba graphics too bad), also did enjoy tekkaman blade, but i dont know about first megazord since its tokusatsu, even though bandai is really excited about power rangers right now, i think it wouldnt be included into a srw game, but i think you could expect a decent power rangers game from bandai soon.

Comment by katsumotto


So, I take it that you didn’t like MX’s potrayal of Zeorymer?

Having said that, I would love to see Zeorymer in another SRW game.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

i didnt play MX too much, just started it, didnt like that much, i even forgot that zeorymer was in that, thanks for remind me XD

but would like to see zeorymer again anyway

Comment by katsumotto

a little offtopic, but, has anyone pre-ordered another century R?, i was thinking on preord it on playasia for the preorder bonus(amuro zeta), but i dont know if it is possible to receive that bonus X_X, does anyone know?

Comment by katsumotto

I plan to, but I haven’t yet. In my logic, if you can’t get the Zeta pre-order bonus from Play-asia, then you won’t be able to get it from Yesasia, either.

@don’t mind me
Actually, no. It’s not that it’s confusing, it’s that Gurren Lagann is owned by Konami, Bandai-Namco’s rival, and so they won’t be able to get the license all that easily, if at all. It’s not really worth the trouble. IIRC, Terada said he would have liked the chance to play around with it. After all, you can do all sorts of crazy stuff by saying “Spiral Energy did it”. After all, these are the guys that created Mazinkaiser by saying “It was the Getter!”.

Comment by SP

This is why I got the PS3 over the other consoles!!!!

PS3 is the mecha gamers console ever since the day of PS1 and PS2!

Cant wait for ACE R too. and MS Gundam Senki 0081 is already $44 CAD only!


Comment by boss borot

WoW Nice..

Comment by Patkung

It could happen guys…

Comment by Karasuki

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