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Terada comment on 3DS
July 14, 2010, 9:13 pm
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Terada is the producer of the Super Robot Wars series. Namco Bandai announced at E3 that the 3DS would be getting a game in the series. In his response to Famitsu, he said that as someone who paid full price at launch for past 3D systems and Virtual Boy, he feels that with 3DS the true contender has arrived. His staff is currently looking at a number of approaches for the 3DS Super Robot Wars games — possibly making something like Super Robot Wars Neo with 3D visuals, or possibly using conventional 2D battles and adding 3D effects and cut-ins, or something completely different.


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I like the second idea the best. Keeping it 2D with 3D effects and cut-ins. That’s the best idea for me.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

This bit of news is partially a blessing and partially a curse. Blessing beacuse they haven’t decided on the art style of the 3DS SRW title, curse beacuse they are considering using the 3D SD models like the ones in NEO.

Please use conventional 2D models with 3D effects and cut-ins, Terada-san! The commercial failure of XO and NEO should have taught you by now that a lot of people hate that kind of art style. There is nothing wrong with experimentation and trying to keep a longtime franchise fresh, but really…you tried this four times already (Alpha for Dreamcast, GC, XO and NEO). I think it’s time you recognise that 3D SD models just aren’t working out. If you REALLY must use 3D models, at least make them non-SD…

Hmmmm, no news if it’s an OG title or not (although it has already been confirmed not to be a port/remake). Oh well, at least we finally got some news regarding the 3DS title. Unfortunately, considering they haven’t decided on an art direction, it’s clear it is still ways off from being released. =(

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Kantot that is great OMG i cant wait for this kantot….

Comment by Deputa

Rumor is new SRW will become to 3DS ?

not Ps3 ?

Comment by A

@A July

The 3DS SRW title is not a rumour. It has been confirmed ever since Nintendo revealed the list of publishers developing games for the 3DS.

The PS3 one, however, is a rumour.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

bleh…, i didnt like srw neo, didnt like gameplay, didnt like roster(only super robots and small roster), i really hope they will make something new and retain the 2d thing.

Comment by Katsumotto


For once, we agree. 😛 While I suppose NEO did include some interesting gameplay innovations, the models were horrid and the roster was rather poor as well.

Let’s hope the commercial failure of NEO has finally taught Namco Bandai a lesson.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

The lesson is that they suck at CG animation, not that there can’t be a decent CG animated action scenes, which is really sad.

Comment by Anonymous

@Tom Phoenix

well, it seems were both 2 srw followers, then its normal we disagree at some topics XD, even so, fans recoice, the most important fact is that, theres a possibility that 3ds gets a new srw, and ps3 too, then lets be happy 😀

Comment by katsumotto

The only bad thing on Neo is that the most anime series is for kids except goshogun g gundam and briger otherwise gameplay is good

Comment by Grompox


i disagree, i dont remember too much, but they stripped some of the 2d features, and dam, whats about that slow paced battles?, it breaks the pace to sky levels

Comment by katsumotto

jushin liger is not kiddy show, if they are making ps3 srw I don’t mind any other bad animation srw for 3ds, I like neo game play but the thing sucked is there is no PP stuff, which made the replay meaningless

Comment by Banjo

Neo had mostly kiddy series in it; basically Terada made a kiddy SRW for a kiddy system.

GC/XO/@DC were basically low ranked side projects for systems Terada didn’t favor.

Comment by Duran

Interesting. With the 3DS the 3d aspect is inevitable but the trick would be how they play it. I suggest full 3d maps with AMAZING cell-shading and 2d HD cut scenes.

Comment by daizengar

I’m not sure about a SRW in a 3DS but better stay quiet on topic. the last thing to hear from here is something unexpected comes up later.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Yeah, a kiddy SRW for a kiddy system that have a kiddy roster that kiddy today never heard of them. The kiddy you referring to is probably older than you…

Comment by LM

but srw NEO was really kiddy =p, they even have a professor during the initial steps on the game…, kiddy game indeed

Comment by katsumotto

To complete the festival Neo need Dancougar Nova 😉

Comment by capsom

Neo was MOSTLY kiddy, though I have no idea what the heck New Getter was doing there. (It’s wasted on such a game)

Most fans consider Neo a slap in the face joke.

But back on topic, if Terada actually favors this system, chances are we’d see something perhaps something more akin to the @ games.

Just because the 3DS has gimicks doesn’t mean they have to be used.

Comment by Duran

I think it going to be something like a predecessor to a portable series instead where it has a power armor series(e.g. Tekkaman Blade, Orgun)

Comment by LM

Mr.Terada, if you read this blog…
WAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAh AHA hah ho.. *wheeze* *heavy breathing* oh I might kill myself like this one day…
So yeah, Mr. Terada? You might want to learn more about 3D game design before you make another marketing blunder.

Comment by Eelnest

Say what you will but Neo has the best tactical gameplay in a SRW game to that, a breath of fresh air.

If they can add space battles which utilize z-axis it would be more awesome.

SRW probably has the most narrowminded fanbase in existence.

Comment by FFS

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