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(Updated) Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector to be anime!
July 22, 2010, 8:44 pm
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Updated HQ scans.



New SRW OG anime TV series announced in the latest issue of Dengeki Hobby Magazine. OG The Inspector is coming out this Fall 2010.

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The robot has ridiculously sized cleavage. T___T

Comment by PROFITandLOSS

so this is going to based on SRW OG 2 huh

Comment by SHEHABXZA

Character design is just plain terrible for the most part. LOOK AT WHAT THEY DID TO BULLET’S HAIR! Spikes are gone.

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by Sei

Cleavage is the cleft between a woman’s breasts. Those are torpedo tits.

Comment by Milkman Dan

seemed a little better in visual compared to the first season. which studio did it again?

Comment by hiroy_raind

kusuha looks fine :p

Comment by Banjo

kantot… its going to be fun.. in cant w3ait kantot

Comment by Deputa

Great! I hope the quality’s gonna be much better than Divine Wars

Comment by amuro0093

Not rumour but “Real”
This time my steel spirit is going to powerfully!^^
Thank You!^^

Comment by Uncle~fruitty~

This probably won’t be as good as I’m expecting but as a fan I can only be happy

Comment by Rockmanshii

can’t really expect much from the anime

Comment by Yami

The less CG in it the better

Comment by chi

What’s with Axel’s face? It’s freaking huge for the minuscule features on it. Angelg’s chest design is just freaky, sure they were always oversized and exaggerated but they look like they can undock and be swordbreakers here.

Comment by MavZero

Excellen looks ok :p

Comment by MaxHD2490

Damn,liked the character design of Divine Wars a LOT more,it was more the original design,this looks like shit,but we will have to wait I guess…=/

Comment by Itamaki

woa!!! awesome!!!!

Comment by zmil

where’s ryusei,,R1

Comment by zmil

Excellen looks awesome (at least in the anime picture; her artwork picture looks weird), Kusuha and Lamia look ok, Kyosuke and Bullet don’t look like themselves and Axel looks more like Shu. O_O

Anyway, I didn’t watch Divine Wars beacuse so many people said it was awful. Hopefully, this will turn out better.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Does that mean SRW Z2 also confirm?

Comment by Shinichameleon

Seeing who’s the supervisor (the one who made Gravion, for Christ’s sake), the collapsing designs of faces and mechas……Suddenly DW is better in these parts.

Comment by BrianGeneral

Yay! New SRW anime at last! And it’s coming out this year too! We don’t have to wait till 2011 after all! I’m so happy! This made my day! The character design seems okay, but I don’t know why they made Axel look so different to his original design. I wonder what Ryusei and the others would look like now, but I guess that they will pretty much look the same. Although the character design has gotten worse, at least the mecha seems to be animated in 2D again, and look much better than their 3D counterparts! I guess that they learned their lesson then! Man, at least the quality has improved a lot! I mean, look at the screenshots, they look so much brighter and smoother compared to Divine Wars!

Also, it’s awesome to see the voice actors returned, but that’s to be expected! And I can finally hear Nobutoshi Canna as Axel through anime! Nobutoshi Canna as Axel Almer FTW!

Anyway, lol at the pointy breasts of the Angelg! Why did they do that? Also, I’m wondering why Excellen’s nipples stick out in the screenshot with her in the cockpit? She doesn’t seem to have them in her character art in the screenshot below, so is it supposed to be an ecchi shot? I’m not really happy that they did that, because it makes her look like a slut, and I don’t want to see her like one, because I don’t think she is one. Seriously, I don’t think ecchi should be in Super Robot Taisen anime at all. Okay, maybe just a little bit, but I don’t agree with Excellen’s nipples sticking out. She’s too good for that.

Also, JAM Project returns! But that’s a given! I can’t wait to hear their new song and watch the opening! I can imagine it already, with high quality, bright and smooth animation! This year will truly be great, with this anime, ACE R and possible announcement of a PS3 SRW, which I think will be OG3, with all this OG stuff going on, in TGS 2010! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

1. I would like to thank whichever company decided on the near-suicidal task of making a second SRWOG anime because it is inevitable than there will be more bitching than praising. I’m probably… one of the bitchin’.

2. Everyone above me has said exactly what I want to say.

3. Hopefully these are early work-in-progress pictures, as they’ve managed to give Angeleg bound feet, and the Weiss Ritter bears more resemblance to the Freedom Gundam than a pimped Gespenst. At least now it looks like AND moves like something with thin armor…

4. On the bright side, Alt Eisen is as perfect as can be. :>

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Cry as much as you want bitches!!

I’m really happy about this… Me and my girlfriend were waiting for this for so long…

Even though Divine Wars didn’t show the entire potential the story of OG1 had… At the end I enjoyed… And the only moment the 3D sucked really bad was when Grungust Type-0 was killing Lions like they were flies…

The final attack on the Valsion, Shu’s “show” at Antartic, Ingram’s betrayal, and so… I really enjoyed those moments, and some others… They surely ommited very important parts of the game… Well, they must had their reasons…

I guess if the subtitle “The Inspector” means they’re not gonna cover the entire game at one 25-ep “season”… That would be good…

Comment by Virgo

… No fanservice in the fights of super robot wars please. Like SERIOUSLY.. Anleg was ruined. Bullet looks weird as well as Axel. Change this please right this moment XP. God… I don’t even want to imagine when Valsione comes in. Seriously… for once, I want to see CV rant for me about fanservice, ecchi, etc since this is the perfect chance for him to do so. I don’t need magnification of boobs, please take that out and give us a real Anleg or rather real Super Robot Wars! Otherwise… I’ll wish for Anleg destruction for Vysaiga and some other things.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Wow. I’ll take back on saying rumor for now. But I’d have to say, at least anime was confirmed. Though I dont think it’s Z2 for the game, but something OG related for PS3.

Comment by Aldotsk

@Sora no Kaze
forget CV Sora no Kaze we haven’t even heard a single crappy word from him (other then insulting him that he’s from mayasia and a gay and doesn’t even know faggot means gay and radically stupid how shady would say) you CV fellowers are nothing but imitations of CV now and shady would rant at you if he’s around that is.

Comment by MaxHD2490

FINALLY NO DAMN RYUUSEI!!!!!!!!!! LAMIAA!!! BANZAI! looking foward to watch kyousuke vs axell, hope the seiyuu are the same as the game!

Comment by LamiaSAMA

They are the same voice actors of course. It says their names right on the scans. I already mentioned that Nobutoshi Canna is returning for Axel, which is hardly surprising. Also, I still want Ryusei there. Sure, he was focused on in Divine Wars, but I think it would be fair to at least focus on both Ryusei and Kyosuke equally. Otherwise it would have to be Ryusei.

Seriously, I don’t understand why Excellen’s nipples are sticking out. It just doesn’t suit Super Robot Taisen. Is this because of Obari?

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

It wouldn’t make sense to focus more on Ryusei than Kyousuke,because OG2 was more focused on Kyousuke in the game,so normally it should be the same in the anime.But naturally I wish for good Ryusei action too. 😀

That Excellens nipples stick out in the one pic doesn’t bother me much,in fact it’s the best picture from the ones above,but it does bother me that they made Angelgs tits like breast rocktes wich could pierce through a mountain and I just can’t understand why they made Brookylns hair so crappy..Kyousuke doesn’t look THAT bad,a bit bishounen but better than Axel and Bullet,the best here are definitely Alteisen and Soulgain,both look amazing.

Comment by Itamaki

we just need srw ps3 confirmation now, I don’t mind whatever series in it or even if it is og3, come on old fart terada announce the damn thing alread

Comment by Banjo

now a PS3 version!!!
lamia and angelg is win!!

Comment by Ereos

Yahooooooo Srw Anime ^ ^

Comment by Asakim Dowin

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@MaxHD2490 Wow… I just got called a fellow CV-er… Good sir, I’ve done my fair share of pwning his fail logic. I’m just saying that this is ridiculous for Anleg. Although Excellen doesn’t bother me that much, but if it goes with the Anleg direction… Oh god I’m sorry to say that this is going through with the Ecchi/fanservice direction that it doesn’t need. Bunny suits are hilarious and all and I certainly don’t mind the theatrics… but this is too much. Honestly.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

I agree.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

And I guess I’ll let go of the nipples sticking out of Excellen thing. It’s supposed to be ecchi after all. Doesn’t mean she’s a slut. However, the Angelg thing is still ridiculous. All this is probably Masami Obari’s fault. Damn you Obari! Not that I hate you though! 😛

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

If this about Inspector then Mekiboss and Zezeenan will appear good job!

Comment by capsom

Please, better then divine wars!!!
Please, better then divine wars!!!
Please, better then divine wars!!!
Please, better then divine wars!!!

No fillers eps, good robot fights with heavy impact, no overpowers and heavy caution with lots of charaters in the story. In this one, focus in the ATX team and relatives.

SRX team, school relatives and other with special participation only. Will be awesome if them give theirs own series.

Comment by Paulo Shishio

aside from the redonkulous Obari titties this looks really good

Comment by GengarZombolt

[…] July 22, 2010 at 7:48 pm | Posted in animation, namco bandai, videogames | Leave a Comment A new SRW tv anime announced, Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector. Obvisouly following the events from Original Generation 2, but […]

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This ain’t gonna be pretty.

Comment by David

yeah!as a fan of SRW OG I can only be happy about this…and hope this is better than Divine Wars…the character design is fine for me…

about the robot…i like the way weissritter looks now, the alteisen also not bad but WTF with the Angelg???

NB:I wonder if Huckebeins will be in this anime?Damn!I want those Huckebeins!

Comment by costriker

You probably don’t have to worry about the Huckebeins,we will probably see all the mechs in this,at least if it goes to the end of OG2.The Huckebeins at least should prove no problem.But I would want to know if they do the original OG2 or the OG2 from the PS2 remake,in this case the Excellence units must be in the anime too.

Comment by Itamaki

Also, I’m wondering if the anime will be in the same continuity as Divine Wars. In other words, a sequel to it, so that there may be references and flashbacks to some scenes from Divine Wars. What makes me think that it’s possible is that the style of the subtitle is like the Divine Wars one.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

:/ will we at least see Vaisaga?

Comment by lolol

I hope it will be set in the same continuity as Divine Wars, and that it will be based on the PS2 version of OG2, so that we can see the new units. I can’t wait to see Axel Almer in action with his Soulgain, using Mai Suzaku and Code Kirin, as well as other moves! I want him to scream those names with hot-bloodedness! It really suits him and Nobutoshi Canna!

I also can’t wait to see Wildwurger and Wildfalken in action! I especially can’t wait to see them use Twin Bird Strike!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Have a feeling this is going to be shitty.

So far none of the SRW anime were decent to watch. Character design looks terrible. I don’t know if it’s better or for worse for the mecha animation to be 2d rather than 3d like in DW anime.

The anime makes OG looks super lame. I love the games, but the anime adaptations just plain suck.

Comment by shady123

I think this one will be good. It will be produced by Ashi Productions, which made other anime such as Dancougar, where the mecha was designed by Masami Obari. So the company has a good track record, so this anime should be good, especially with Masami Obari working with Ashi Productions.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Which Dancougar? Old or new XP. Oh well… if they have a good track record… I may have some hopes… Wish there weren’t any rocket breast on Anleg.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Both Dancougars.Obari worked on both and the production was Ashi Productions in both animes.Don’t know what this will tell you,but at least for me they made a downgrade with the new Dancougar,they definitely don’t have a bad track,but they have some crappy animes in the list,which make this here a 50/50 thing,it can be awesome and we will all die happy,or it will be brutaly bad,in which case we would all kill the production,but thats normal in this day and age 😛

Comment by Itamaki

Why not Sunrise? Or Gainax? Or Bones?

Comment by amuro0093

wait a min I think I forgot one character in the OG2 story, Woden ymir and his thrudgelmir if he shows up in this srw anime. also Ouka Nagisa and her Rapiecage.

Comment by MaxHD2490

*picks up a torch and pitchfork* They better not fuck this up than XP.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

boob/nipple look like papaya =___=’

Comment by WTF

WTF is with Angelg? O.O

Comment by don't mind me

What did they do to angelg?!!!! T_T
if they release a gunpla hope it’s normal

Comment by anon

Excellen’s nipples are bursting out of her pilot suit

Comment by Pota

What’s axel mecha name? It look like Jyakigun soooo much for me

And is this the anime version of OG 2?

Comment by Agol

You mean the Jyaki-GUN-Oh?It is the original version of the Arkgain,I assume you know it as you know the Jyaki-GUN-Oh,It’s name is the Soulgain.
And yes this is the animation of SRWOG2,but we yet don’t know if it is the GBA or the PS2 version.

Comment by Itamaki

Axel looks like he got a bad nose job. In fact, what’s up with all the faces? They look horrible.

Comment by Amon

are we going to have the shura gods in this? 😀

Comment by zato

Axel’s mech is called Soulgain

Comment by MaxHD2490

correct me if i am wrong! ist the character designer for this new anime is Kimura Takahiro? (Gaogaigar, Godannar, Gun X Sword, Code Geass) looking at these designs i sense his art style. so if its really him then i assure you guys its gonna be epic.

Comment by FinVortex


You are wrong.

Comment by aaaaaaa

Wow these designs look horrible.
Both Kyosuke and Excellen lost the edgyness in their faces which made them unique.
Now they look just generic as hell.
And whats with the ecchi doing piloting?
Are we going the mugen route now?
Just no,please just no.
Soulgain is horribly proportioned and who the hell is its pilot even supposed to be?That cant seriously be Axel.
About NOTHING is right here,hell how could they fuck up the face so bad?
Lets hope they rock in the story and fight department because they clearly failed the the design-stage.

Comment by Raz

if you are that sure do you have the name of the char design artist?

Comment by FinVortex

As much as I like Masami Obari, his works are sort of a hit-n-miss in my opinion. Hopefully his directing skills should of improved by now although he should just stick to mecha designs and opening animations. I’m suprised that Sunrise hasn’t hired Obari to design a Gundam yet.

Comment by Ordian

The Character Design is from Masami Obari(Dancougar,Gravion etc.),the Mech Design is from various people like Kazutaka Miyatake, Hajime Katoki, Mika Akitaka, Kazue Saitou, Masahiro Yamane, Tsukasa Kotobuki, Masami Obari and probably more.So It says on ANN.

Comment by Itamaki

Actually, I think the best character design are the SRW OVA ones, much better than divine wars’s 3d model.
However, I really looking fordward to this season since OG2 is the first SRW game I played since I got my GBA SP. Love the story and the mechs especially Dygenguard and the RHB combination!

Comment by LEon 3h

yeah,but what about the einst?and the shadow mirror?and the Team TD?

Comment by afdhal

Kusuha was been cutest of all!!! yay!!!

Comment by ar0045

great T_T ,,, XD

Finally, I’ll see axel almar ^^
I hope to avoid the mistakes of the previous section.
Although the desing in the previous section was more than wonderful , Although the design of lower quality here before, but not bad

I am waiting for ……

Comment by arw og fan

Wonder if the Compatible Kaiser and Shorouga will be making a cameo in
this, since Obari is directing this , that will be good.

Comment by GP03

Excellen’s erect nipples!

Comment by motaku96

for some reason i cant see any of the pictures

Comment by Viperpray

nice nipples man!

Comment by Nipples

…whats up with excellen’s chest?

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

damn! I want axel’s face look more cool! Whats with the nose??? =/ i liked axel and his soulgain a lot.

Comment by EG-X, Soulgain

wow angelg’s boobs tat large? If they would bounce i bet the perverts will wooooooo…………

Comment by Unknown

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