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August 4, 2010, 9:30 am
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SD Gundam Sangokuden Brave Battle Warriors Shin Mirisha Taisen (DS)

Release date: December 2, 2010

Price: 5,040 yen

Famitsu game review score

Another Century’s Episode : R (PS3) 9, 8, 9, 7 (33/40)

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Okay, now that’s an awesome score. I really can’t wait to play the game!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

i wish cv would come back

Comment by red

don’t brother CV was bad enough to for another website to close down its comment box thanks to him, and a quite radical racist idiot top of it along his artwork in a satire (and insulting way) in his Deviantart page. Not mention he did a good number on me but I don’t get the “HurrDurr” line from him however.

Comment by MaxHD2490

Nonetheless, he was a successful troll.
I was counting on the higher score though.

Comment by NT01

I’m surprised that a lot of people even took cv seriously. He was a positive commenter during the early days of the site. Then the site got more traffic, bringing along a lot of kiss-up idiots… and I could see why the guy would go the trolling route. He might have done it to get more attention or to incite discussion (the few times) or whatever but a lot of people fell for it and all I could is lol.

Comment by GlemtVapen

CV got banned from me.

Comment by superrobotwar

Though, just commenting about him is probably feeding his ego.

Comment by darkslime

But thanks to him, more than half the comments would end up with either him bashing people and the games or other commenters bashing him. It was rather annoying to be honest.

Comment by Judo

Pity they don’t give breakdowns on score: would like to know why one reviewer gave it a 7.

Was he just being a dick, or is everyone else too into the genera, so starved for a mech game, to see any likely and faults?

Comment by Bob

It would be explained on the actual review, granted in probably one fragment of a sentence.

Comment by Tripfag Truong

“Pity they don’t give breakdowns on score: would like to know why one reviewer gave it a 7. ”

he said it could be hard to lock onto enemies sometimes, that was all

Comment by GengarZombolt

Actually he also said that there’s a lack of distinction/difference between mission which could become monotonous.

omgah source:

Comment by Anonymous

In what sense is there a lack of distinction/difference between missions? Such as in bad story? Or just using similar maps? I honestly don’t mind if it’s just similar maps… just mean there might be more story in one area. After all, they went with a whole new word route, so it’s not like it wasn’t expected for me in that sense.

What did the other 3 said.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

thats good news for us to hear but he did leave some mental scars to people like me.

Anyway hope ACE R is going to be fun (other then Sony forgot to put a region lock on PS3 games)

Comment by MaxHD2490

Since it mentions missions and not stages, and that lack of distinction comments comes after he comments on how there’s many aspects to be focused about (kinda hard to translate やりこみ since I’m not proficient in neither Japanese nor English, but from what I understand it’s used to describe “an gameplay element that makes you want to come back and play”, like high scores or time attacks) I’d guess that he’s talking about gameplay.

Comment by Anonymous

great score IMO, definitely getting this one 🙂

Comment by Ryuu

I wish 3DS come out and I can buy one in first launch…. 8D

Comment by realgundam

He’s pretty much saying “There’s no time attacks or high scores to make me want to replay the game”

Comment by Nerem

its a shame CV wasted his artstyle skills to become a troll, and I wise knew the website’s history a bit more as well.

Comment by MaxHD2490

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