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Raphael Gundam’s Backpack !?
September 17, 2010, 12:52 pm
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So, it actually is became another Gundam?

Comment by K'

Is this real?? If it is it actually went beyond what I expected which is pretty awesome! Even if it isn’t a legit design, its still awesome nonetheless

Comment by Juno-Uno

O_o seriously?! Cause it doesn’t look too real to me…

Comment by JustPassingThru

Looks awesome indeed!

Comment by Jynx

Looks like fan art to me. The body doesn’t look like what’s in the backpack to me

Comment by da_guy

Looks pretty legit to me. And if this true then Yanase is a whole new level of a designer, because he knew that many fans will came up with a prediction and thus he tricks everyone to think that it’ll be just another Virtue looking MS while came out with something fully different

Comment by Rekkou

Ike, Gundam Funnel!!!

Comment by Yatsu From Before

still looks like a fan art to me, but this one’s pretty well executed though. can’t keep myself from hoping that this one’s real.

well, we still have a day before our friends in japan confirms if this is indeed the real deal.

btw, i heard some rumors that this one’s going to be called Gabriel.

Comment by flamerounin

love the right arm

Comment by shadowdragokill

btw, where did the head come from??
It’s very different with the raphael’s head or its the backpack or its raphael suited with the armor or another msv???

Comment by m4jin

wow super kantot… Omg that is awesome man… cant wait to have it as a kit… kantot

Comment by Kantutan

if this is real this is pretty sick

Comment by chi


Comment by iron2000

Uh, was I the only one who thought that Raphael’s second mode will have the backpack attaching itself to its whole body? This seems to be so from the image.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

doesn’t seem to correspond with the actual backpack

Comment by FAT ROBOT

Are they by the same artist? The reason it doesn’t match is likely because the lineart is by two different people

Comment by Kaizer Soze

Alright, semi-confirmed, then:
1 Gundam here, 3 modes-
Raph as the 1st, Seravee as 2nd- through
re-combination; Seraphim!Reborn-mix as 3rd
(re-re-combination). Just linking all 3 sets
of spoiler pics there.. (in case u wonder,
the dark gray non-transformable backpack is
for the 2nd mode’s guess). So that means,
Bandai is asking for us to pay 2times again,
only 2100 each (approx.).

Comment by gill at srw

The details on the left hand lead me to believe that this is a very well-crafted fan art. I like the idea, which I’m supposing is that the backpack folds over the Raphael’s body and acts as additional armor. Nevertheless, I STILL sercretly hope that the oversized aspects of each of Celestial Being’s MS mean that we’re in store for the first ever gattai Gundam…

Comment by ArkeotheHedgehog

hey, isn’t there any preview of hg raphael gundam yet? that one’s supposed to be released five days from now, so they should be showing up. maybe we can see the details of the backpack there.

Comment by flamerounin

Well with the above link, I’d say the Backpack suit is a reality not a fan art…..With that being said I’d have to say that this suit has a sudo-twin drive system that is utilized to power an enhanced version of the trial field.

Comment by Shugo

i believe that fan art…. the head seems too small
compare to the preview of the raph gundam kit
(which has a virtue gundam looking head)
if the right arm is like that
shouldnt the left arm be the same
cos the backpack is symmetrical

Comment by Ereos

well this is proven true with an early review of HG Raphael Gundam

Comment by DeadlySyn

Definitely fanart. Check the pictures of the HG Raphael’s backpack in guNjap’s link, this image looks nothing like the backpack.

The image looks more like someone took Seraphim’s designs and added a few bits from the backpack onto it.

Comment by Anonymous

I wish they had drawn a step-by-step transformation like that ‘Virtue Armor’ image that was going around, I have a hard time seeing how this is supposed to even work.

Unless one of the detachable arms on the backpack becomes the right arm of the Gundam, and the other splits up to make the skinny legs and armor for the left arm.

Comment by Anonymous

wish i’m in japan so i can watch the movie later

Comment by XX

You can be in Singapore too, if you want to watch the movie later. 🙂

Comment by iron2000

iron2000, u watching the movie in Singapore too? I’ll be watching it on Saturday.

Comment by bt

How the backpack transforms is as follows (from what I’ve figured out).
1.) Backpack detaches from Main body and GN claws detach from backpack
2.) Skirt armor and GN claw attachment points extend and fold to become legs and waist.
3.) Beam cannons extend to form arms, head raises up, front panel opens up to reveal purple circle thingy.
4.) Torso and arms fold to connect to waist.
5.) GN claws attach to backpack gundam’s arms.

Comment by Shugo

*3.) barrel of beam cannons detach and become hand held cannons similar to GN bazooka from Servee.

Comment by Shugo

more like seraphim with upgrade

Comment by epsilon_013

i wont lose faith on ‘that’ hidden MS form- it works better than this ‘seravee;’ besides, if every single one of the movie MS is a pair up between the protagonist and antagonist design, then a Gaddeath pair up with Seravee will naturally yields a ‘double’ on Seravee’s side.

Comment by gill at srw

ok guys, its have been answered by our fellow ngeekhiong dude^^, thank u for the review for seravee ^^. Check this out to explain bout the secret of teh backpack.

Comment by m4jin

looks like my prediction of Raphael getting an “armor up” version maybe indeed true… XD judging by the HG pics…

Comment by JustPassingThru

upss, sorry miss name of teh gundam. I mean raphael

Comment by m4jin

Ít’s not an armour. For Christ’s sake, it’s got an entire body and a head for a reason.

Comment by Amon

also, it doesn’t look like the hg kit is transformable, but i could be wrong judging by this pic… Look at the feet in panel 18(1)

Comment by JustPassingThru

nah, off course it could be transforming, as tradition tieera gundam always made by 2 ver. 1st always cant transform for the other ms he brought aside his gundam(like seravee back pack on previous 1/144 scale), 2nd only the back pack that can transform and could be an add on unit for the 1 st. So infact Bandai try more to get money from us ^^

Comment by m4jin

oh, well. they might as well let the cat out of the bag. the head looks more like a simplified version of seravee’s though.

one thing’s for sure, we’re going to shell out extra cash for the actual kit of the mystery MS.

Comment by flamerounin

@bt: Actually I’ve already watched the movie.

Non-spoiler thoughts here:

Comment by iron2000

@iron2000: Wow, awesome, u were invited to watch and got freebies. And thanks for the short comments for the movie, definitely raised my anticipation for it tonight.

Comment by bt

REMINDER, there is a head of raphael gundam’s backpack. they said its seravee gundam

Comment by setsuna15

WTF!!! i don’t know what to believe anymore… The only thing that i know is that this MS will be called Gabriel, or Jibri/Jiburi (Gabriel in hebrew), one of God’s angels. The most plausible transformation that i can believe is this:

Comment by lancelotconquista

I find it hilarious that they have this flap at the back just to hide its head from everyone in most views except from the bottom up.

Comment by da_guy

the “interesting” of this new ms is the process of making ppl having wild guess at its true form. imo is very meh after the true form is revealed. gundam virtue was wow for me, then meh for seravee. this one i don’t even want to see.

Comment by oohater

I think this is legit because I checked Raphael’s backpack unit. If you check the crotch part it’s there right above Raphael’s head, then there’s the right arm which has a GN Driver.

Comment by ZarkZeraphyZerker

People here don’t read what others posted before commenting.
To be clear, Raph is a stand-alone, no trasnform.
The heels’ just ‘flight-mode.’
We’ll see what this ‘Seravee/ Gab’ thing will be when scans come out.
Even after the spoiler, much is still needed to be seen. Okee?

Comment by gill at srw

Review Raphael Part two: Hi Res Images

Comment by guNjap

Thanks guNjap! Man, I really love that Raphael Gundam’s backpack is Seravee Gundam!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Or Gabriel Gundam, whatever it’s really called.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


i thought it will too

Comment by Shishca

so it seems that the most probable transformation is indeed the first concept shown way back after all.

Comment by flamerounin

Wow, this guy has 3 GN Drive tau!!

Comment by lancelotconquista

MG 1/100 XXXG-01D Gundam Deathscythe EW

Comment by guNjap

Anyway, fake or not fake ?

Comment by Shura

no matters what secret inside tieria’s gundam
absolutely his gundam will be useless as usual

Comment by yamu

Just watched the movie.

Shocking….just shocking

Comment by mlmonster

Good shock, bad shock, or downright Ugly Shock? No spoilers please 🙂

Comment by guarayakha

Overall I can say its a great movie. Battle scenes were amazing and speedy.

Every appearing MS had their own awesome scenes.

Although I was abit upset with how certain characters were poorly used. There were also some mystery that is never explained.

As a Gundam fan, there is some resistance to certain new elements included in the movie, but it is a great ending for the 00 story.

Comment by mlmonster

what elements are you resisting? most probably the aliens. must admit i’m a bit off with that one, since it’s gundam. but it kinda grew on me later on.

Comment by flamerounin

FAKE !!!!!!!

Comment by Shura


Comment by SUNNY


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