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Gundam Mosou 3 TGS PV
September 18, 2010, 12:57 pm
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I get the feeling that what’s been revealed so far is all we’re getting AU wise and that sucks. No Seravee Gundam but the Zaku Tank surely will be included.

Comment by Kaizer Soze

The improvement in graphics, the cell shading, actually makes this worse – its what I’d love to see in an actual Gundam game.

This is what I want to see in a Gundam game:

Not just the literal walking through idiot crowds of enemies who get knocked down, then get up, from attacks.

Comment by Bob


what are you on about? 0_o

Comment by greengreen

Not just the literal walking through idiot crowds of enemies who get knocked down, then get up, from attacks.
Expecting ACE like gameplay in a musou game gonna make u feel like an idiot.

Comment by amuro0093


Comment by timesyndicate

Man, this game is looking so awesome.

Comment by françois

It’s just that everything with either Dynasty Warriors or Gundam slapped on it (in this case both) apparently sells well regardless of what type of game it is.
I’ve been playing DWG2 a bit lately even though initially I discarded it as trash, and found that it’s better to treat it as a strategy game rather than an action game.
Since at the harder levels the emphasis becomes more on saving your allies and time management going from field to field.
So at that point grinding up those countless amounts of grunts becomes little more than a mind numbing chore as a means to advance the game, which is really what you’re doing 99% of the time..

Comment by Zeron


The game IS a chore. IMO, I’m only playing it for the trophies right about now

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Awesome PV! The game looks really awesome! I love all of those moves of the units shown! I really loved the part when the Gundam did Last Shooting! How it blew all those units that were around it away! And Unicorn Gundam looked really awesome to use, with its devastating Destroy Mode attacks, especially the one in the air! It really gave me a sense that the enemies were being blown away! And the graphics are heavenly! They are a huge improvement over the previous games! I’m really looking forward to the game!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Just saying I like the art sytle, hate that gameplay is so limited. That instead of giving you 100+ zombie-like enemies to fight, would rather see 4-10 competent ones.

Comment by Bob

Mecha Damashi:

Gundam Musou 3 Hands-on Impressions

Comment by Debris

you dare make another worthless cannon fodder slaying game Namco Bandai?!You must die!!!**thuderclap**

well,it’s ‘gundam musou’ anyway…

Comment by grungust

Gundam Musou is made by KOEI, you idiot.

Comment by Amon


Lol were like:

“The improvement in graphics, the cell shading, actually makes this worse – its what I’d love to see in an actual Gundam game.”

Which is totally confusing lol

Anyways if they make another gundam senki-like game with improved AI then that probably what you’re after

Comment by greengreen

Well seeing that it’s been made by Koei Tecmo you’d imagine that they’d get some of the Team Ninja guys to work on it to make it a better hack n’ slash game.

Comment by Machenix


Wold still like to see a title seriously covering all of the universes. Not something that’s mostly if not wholly fan-service.

Besides, Senki-type games are more like side-mission titles in the 0079 timeline.

Comment by Bob


Comment by ArkeotheHedgehog

Sorry about that last post, guys. I accidentally hit enter.

What I was going to say was, I’m with HeatPhoenix. These Gundam Musou games ARE necessarily a chore. Truly, I have both of the previous two games (why, I have no idea other than they are the only domestically available Gundam games). If this game gets a release in the States, I’ll sell the previous two games, delete the save file and start all over. I wish they had a feature that let you transfer the stats from a unit in one game to the same unit in another – it would really cut back on the nauseating amounts of level grinding you have to do.

Comment by ArkeotheHedgehog

@Bob, ArkeotheHedgehog, Zeron

Whine, whine, whine. Just because the games aren’t your cup of tea doesn’t make them bad. They don’t exist to be deep or super challenging. They exist to be a fun little time waster for the player who wants to blow off some steam.

Go back to Senki or ACE 2 if mindless fun is too much of a chore for you.

Comment by Morito-kun

No Crossbone? Urgh. And why the hell is Astray Red Frame not yet in this? It uses a bloody KATANA for heaven’s sake, it was meant for this series!

Comment by ENDg4MER

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