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Super Robot Wars OG The Inspector stage 07
November 13, 2010, 3:31 am
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[ReinWeiss] Super Robot Wars OG – The Inspector – 07

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Oh yeah! This episode looks awesome! And I can’t wait to see Gilliam in action with what I think is the Gespenst RV! Am I right? In any case, this episode will be awesome! I can’t wait to watch it! And of course, I’m looking forward to seeing Ryusei in action!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

There is no armor I cannot kick…

Comment by Cyers

Awesome Gespenst KICK!

Comment by Yami

Dude, finally next episode I’m going to now if the one guy from the inspectors is a guy or a girl..and damn this episode looks sick with all the on foot action!

Comment by Itamaki

Yup, looks like the inspectors will finally make an appareance next week along with ryune.
But DAMN, that Lattooni panty shot.I gotta watch this in hd now or I’ll get crazy.

Comment by Rockmanshii

Lol, Gespenst Kick, adn the enemy even cannot move because of awesomeness

Comment by Blanbahn

nope, it’s Gespenst Type-R.

and the one doing the Gespenst Kick… was Alt Aisen!? O_o

Comment by hiroy_raind

sorry for the double post.
the one doing the Gespenst Kick had a revolver stake, horn, and Alt Eisen’s leg & color, but had different shoulder and wings.

Original unit!? O_o

Comment by hiroy_raind

no, it’s a gespenst MK II type-S, only customized with a revolving stake on the right arm and in the alt eisen’s colours. kai makes it clear it’s the type-S

Comment by shui_gor

Yeah, that Gespenst has Alteisen’s color scheme, horn, and stake. Was Kyosuke piloting it? What happened to Alt? Still, that custom Gespenst is SWEET.

But anyway, much Gespenst love this episode.

Comment by GlemtVapen

This episode is ‘different’ in a good way. I really like the Gespenst kick

Comment by amuro0093

LOL!! “Shout Now” In the cockpit just before the Genspenst Kick. NOW Everything make sense on SRW final attacks. Pilots are forced to shout the attacks to make them stronger and improve the aim, LOL

Loled also at “no matter what armor you have, I will kick it”

Awesome Genspenst Kick and awesome seiyuu, the man who broke a mic twice shouting “Voltekka!!”

Comment by Gryphus

“the man who broke a mic twice shouting “Voltekka!!””

Is this true? Then it’s awesome!

Comment by amuro0093

Yes, It is.

2 First results, First being a page with comments about the broken mics, and second a youtube video with the famous scene.

BTW, search on youtube OGS Kyosuke Gespenst Kick.

Comment by Gryphus

did he do the same shout as like in OGs?

Comment by shadowdragokill

LOL. The Grungust also had voice activated attacks but I didn’t expect that voice command attacks also had computer assisted timing.

Comment by anonymous

turn on the comments in the stream. everyone was pretty much laughing their ass off when the gespenst kick came, i was totally not expecting it lol

Comment by hteng


Comment by D4rKoV4

madam excellen,you can’t pilot your mecha without wearing pilot suit…what if the strong G force shakes your boobies?what if they shake too much?you’ll lose concentration!

Comment by captain bosch

that’s because the director needs moar fanboys to make this show moar popular,captain bosch.

Comment by i'm captain basch!

Did you guys forget, that Originally Alt Eisen is based on Gespenst MK II type S ? so this is must

be the Alpha-gespenst MK III or gespenst Mk 2.5 type S.
or Alpha-Eisen / Alpha Alt-Eisen, anyone ?

Comment by Blanbahn


actually the Alt was based off the PTX-003 Geaspent MKI Type T(Test). the Type T was delared a defect and it was later used as the main body for the Alteisen. the Type S was a base for the Grungust and the Type R for the Huckebein

Comment by Shishca

@ Shishcha.

Ah my bad, maybe wi misreading it when i see the information, thanks anyway

Comment by Blanbahn

I guess I’m a sicko if I noticed Latooni’s pantsu shot.

Comment by theOtherGuy


i guess you’re not if you’re a fans of loli type character.

Comment by Blanbahn

There are people who don’t like loli?

Comment by Itamaki

maybe. For me i don’t mind seeing panty shot in anime with loli type character, coz it’s already common.

Comment by Blanbahn

And it’s not real, so I don’t mind either. If it was in real life however, then that’s a problem lol.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

First Gespents kick
And now Loli kick with panty shot.

Comment by animenyo


Best part of the episode.

Comment by AirMaster

^I agree! Along with the Gespenst kick! Man, Gilliam is really cool! So is Kyosuke! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

this episode of SRW always awesome and pumping up, i wonder what happen for the next episode…….

Comment by Blanbahn

Episode 8 :

Comment by Vinh9999

“Episode 8 :
Comment by Vinh9999 November 20, 2010 @ 3:10 am ”


Comment by Gryphus

The Valsione appearance is EPIC WIN (Yes, I’m still watching the chapter, more susprises incoming)

Comment by Gryphus

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