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SRW OG Divine wars Ep 26
October 28, 2007, 1:27 am
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SRW OG Divine wars Ep 26

This episode was’t aired on tv. It’s only on  SRW OG Divine wars DVD Vol.9

I  have some screenshots to show you 

Can you see in the monitor, Rob show new project to Ryoto, It’s Huckebein Mk-III !

Ryusei going to shoping srw og model kit…………….^_^

I think kotobukiya will love this episode


Bunny girl in party

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Wow, why the hell wasn’t this shown?? it looks to be a fun episode.
Any torrent links mate?

Comment by Daizengar

waiting for this release!! 😛

Comment by RJ


Comment by Anonymous

It wasn’t aired to increase the dvd sales, most likely.
Also, it really doesn’t have anything relevant to story so leaving it out doesn’t hurt either.

Comment by Anonymous

The last picture alone is worth more than gold (look at their faces XD )

*faints due to lack of oxygen from intense laughing*

Comment by blackdove

Poor Latooni. I feel so sorry for her having a crush on Ryusei. XD

Comment by Tunod

Wow! It looks funny

Comment by besi_tua

Ojala alguien lo ponga en torrent. Se ve interesante y divertido.

Comment by RyuJinKi

OMG! Where can I get EP26?

Comment by Repent

DVD released

Comment by xytrix

wahh, i’ve only watched up to episode 20.

Comment by kc

wow, that gonna be one interesting episode. I wanna see it! I wanna see it!!!

Comment by adrian

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