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Soul Of Chogokin SRW
March 19, 2008, 9:44 pm
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Here is Soul Of Chogokin line up from TAMASHII NATIONS 2008

GX-38 Irongear

GX-39 Baikanfu

GX-40 God Mars

GX-41 Raideen

GX-42 Shin Jeeg

GX-43 Daimos

GX-44 Tetsujin No.28 

GX-4X (Unknow?) From SRW!


I got rumored that it’s SRX SOC! or maybe Grungust SOC.

And we will see it in this month’s Dengeki Hobby mag.

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Dengeki online

Akiba Hobby

GA Graphic


へたれClimax F

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Well, if they can come up with GODMARS and Daimos, I’m sure they can also come up with the SRX or Grungust. I believe it will be the SRX, since there’s already a full-action Grungust by StudioHalfeye.

Comment by codename:v

OMG a normal post by CV

Comment by anon

Well, there is also a full-action Gunbuster by Studio HalfEye but this didn’t stop Bandai.
Let’s wish for Cybuster, DGG or Ryukooh/Koryuoh.

Comment by Maximilian

SRX would be really awesome. I’m also hoping for DGG as well.

Comment by shady123

Seriously, I wouldn’t want paper tigers like Psybuster to be Chogokinised. What has Psybuster got? A stupid sword, transformation into cheap Psybird mode and a baka pilot-Masaki Ando, that’s not enough gimmicks for a chogokin.
DGG, basically grampamechs on viagra and new hip looks who do SengokuMusou and KamenRider stints on SRW games, other than that nothing else. With only 3 minutes of heat, it will quickly down back to boredom again.
Ryukooh/Koryuoh, one of the most ridiculous combining techniques I’ve ever seen. Even Dancougar is better than that, this gear would end up looking like the HUNCHBACK OF SRW since both got big HUMPS on their back. My hump, my hump, my UGLY hunchback HUMP…

Whatever it is, SRX is WHAT I REALLY WANT since the last time Banpresto was too STUCK-UP to sell it to GAIJINS when it was produced by VOLKS. I STRONGLY VOTE FOR SRX!

Comment by codename:v

Any of the Grungusts would be fine with me, as would the Chokujin, but what I really want it to be is my fave Banpresto Original, Vysaga. That would be so badass, and it would be a lot easier to get than if VOLKS made it.

Comment by CyberSynaptic

lol SRX sucks

Comment by Anonymous

Being that this will be a soul of Chogokin, and probably a one off, it’s going to be a mech with significance to the SRW franchise.

Cybaster is likely, being the first original unit to have appeared. We might see an R1 or SRX, the starts of Alpha, we might see a Gespenst, the most widely spread OG mech- Probably it’ll be a Huckebein, as those are the best known OG mechs. Alteisen is very popular, despite peoples wangst about the Impact characters being too prolific. (Simple fact, popular characters are used often). I’d be pretty okay with any of those, I love all of the OG Mechs.

Comment by neolordmaxwell

SRX is not a dream for SOC anymore 😛 hope they also do a R-Gun for the complete collection!

Comment by RJ

when will released GX-44 Tetsujin No.28 ?

Comment by Tetsujin

where is danguard ace and mekanda robot?

Comment by noel marcial

i want to buy 3 daimos soc, one to play as a truck,one to play as a robot , and one to put on display for my friends to see and make them drool all over hihihihi

Comment by noel marcial

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