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Black Unicorn ?
September 29, 2008, 3:22 am
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Mobile Suit Gundam UC 0096/Sect.6 – Black Unicorn ?

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Wow that looks Epic. I want

Comment by LordHighWin

The V-fin better in that way than when it open in destroy mode. I feel weird to see gundam with so much branch V-fin.

Comment by Epsilon_013

I think it gives it a menacing look

Comment by LordHighWin

Is this a new model in the works? Possibly after Sinanju? If so that would be awesome

Comment by beamknight87

looks awesome

Comment by otaku dan

In the previous Aug 08 issue of Gundam Ace, a second Unicorn unit was spoken of by 2 shady figures-Anaheim’s CEO (Banarji’s Aunt) and some mad scientist who runs a now-defunct Augusta Newtype research lab in Kilimanjaro, Africa. Based on the battle datas gathered from Banarji’s Unicorn, the “Dark Horse” might even surpasses the Sinanju’s and I wonder if the pilot would be of Banarji’s grampa-Siam Vist… What more, there would another new unit currently known as the “Banshee” which would be used by Marida Kruz, who is currently held captive in the Augusta lab.

A lot of things are revisited from the past like the Augusta Newtype research lab which was once a factory producing cyber-newtypes by the Titans back in 0087 and it’s pretty obvious that Anaheim is the one pulling the strings behind all these “box” incidents.

Comment by codename:v

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looks only different on the v and color ithink.

Comment by majin

This looks more like a scratchbuild/mod than an actual prototype of an upcoming model kit. Besides, I can’t remember the MG ver Ka line having more than two MS’s in a single series get into production although Sinanju DID break the one ver Ka per series unit count.

Comment by Mark

That was really unavoidable. Katoki designed the Unicorn MS’ and wouldn’t allow someone else to run along with some of his best designs in years. He’s meticulously thorough with his production methods. Besides, did we want a Sinanju NOT produced by its own designer? Ver Ka is simply a label that means Katoki was directly involved in the production of the model in question and the GFF series has more than a handful of those.
That said, I’m not really caring much for an evil Unicorn. Sick of recoloured Gunpla already.

Comment by Amon

“Is this a new model in the works? Possibly after Sinanju? If so that would be awesome”

Pretty inevitable isn’t it? They’d get to reuse almost all of the Unicorn MG parts. Bandai could never resist something like that.

Comment by Anonymous

(Pretty inevitable isn’t it? They’d get to reuse almost all of the Unicorn MG parts. Bandai could never resist something like that.)

That’s right, no one can resists all that conveniences which save time and expenses. All they have to do is change the horn and the colour, simple eh?

Comment by codename:v

any more pictures???

Comment by CurryToa


Posted some customised pics, take a note. hope if got MG version, must be this good… 🙂

Comment by gits_sac

Those pictures were taken from a yahoo auction seller. I don’t know the final price, but I remember that the price was somewhere around $500 when there was still a day left. Final price probably was even more. Still it looked pretty sweet.

Comment by shady123

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At least the head parts still a little bit different. Not like Zeta ver.2.0 with Zeta Ver2.0 (amuro custom), or Other MG’s label with “Finish Ver” 🙂

Comment by Epsilon_013

Let’s not forget the MG RX-78-2 which keep coming back

Comment by codename:v

That’s right. But The RX-78-2 has different internal skeleton one ver from another, except: Gundam OYW ver, OYW tv aninamation ver, OYW Movie ver, and OYW G3 color model kit. Because of that upgrade ver a few years later, i vacuum from MG and focus with HGUC which never be ver.2, atleast.

Comment by Epsilon_013

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