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Gundam ACE magazine (July)
May 24, 2009, 2:31 am
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Full Armor Unicorn Gundam




Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Anime Version)


RGM-96X Jesta Cannon, RGM-96X Jesta



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Holy shit! Full Armor Unicorn Gundam!

Comment by F97 X-1


Comment by Anonymous

Full Armor Unicorn Gundam? Oh my!

Don’t tell me they are going to use Inudtrial 7, to drop it onto Earth or the Moon.

Comment by Shadowlord_X

Dozle? Makes sense I guess, but what is with the weird get-up? That is differently not a standard issue Zeon space suit but I guess it makes sense he would wear a different type. But it’s so gaudy, it just does not suit the man who was a soldier through and through.

Comment by Bolinoak

Unicorn Gundam FA, Banshee look nice.

Comment by The Red Comet

I don’t quite get it, i think FA Unicorn is more of a Full Armed than Full Armor

Comment by Rekkou

hope that they make kit just for the optional weapons just like the macross frontier line-up being the super parts can be bought separately

Comment by zengar

Gundam the Origin has most old 0079 designs revamped and some plots changed for the manga, don’t be surprised that the REAL Casval Daikun is dead and Char Aznable is HIMSELF all these time.

You should understand the Japaneses’ level of Ingrishu command, they can’t tell the differences between ARMS and ARMOR

The last time this FA Unicorn and Jesta Cannon were featured on the issue before the finale and it’s good that they release the design sheet. It’s not surprise to see so many MSs from the first Neo-Zeon warfare even ZZ is nearly a decade older from Unicorn. Now why won’t they put in other MSs like Nero, Z-plus, Re-Barzam, Xekus and Zodiac from Gundam Sentinel?

As for the animation, I sincerely hope it won’t be a big letdown as the Unicorn looks like some traced artwork than an animated character. Sunrise should seriously consider invest in 3D CG animation and combine it with 2D like how Gonzo did with Blue6. Really, anime is for FAGS WHO DON’T READ

Comment by codename:v

^that’s including you. Really, Toh Seng Kai is an embarrassment for Malaysia

Comment by Anonymous

Seriously, I only manage to read just 3 1/2 page of the last chapter of gundam unicorn novel….

“Really, anime is for FAGS WHO DON’T READ.”

What, you expect us to read the whole 10-20page of pure kanji’s, katakana/hiragana ?? Please ! That’s why they put on the anime, to simplfy it, so that we could understand more better, not just saying to others that they don’t read or so on.

Since you like to use that word so much, you should change ur name with the “fags dont read”.

Comment by sbhboi

Argh, I’m taking a Japanese course in university anyway, where I will go to Japan on the third year 🙂

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

But yeah, I only know a little written and spoken Japanese, but it won’t get me through much. Oh, and awesome pictures!:D

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Codename:v is only saying that anime is for fags that don’t read because he’s currently obsessed with the novels. Once he gets obsessed with something else, he’s gonna say that novels are for fags, too. He’s so predictable.

Comment by Milkman Dan

Let’s SRW decide which is troll and deserves the IP Ban

Comment by Anonymous

Toh Kai Seng..wakakak
Complains alot about SRW,anime and such but he does his own artworks based on SRW robots especially OG stuff ==


Comment by Buwl

[…] Srw hotnews ha messo on line ieri notte delle scansioni tratte dal nuovo numero di Gundam Ace che sono state molto gradite – abbiamo seguito in diretta i commenti – dai suoi utenti e da quelli di Ngee Khiongh… Abbiamo aspettato di completare le nostre note prima di immettere le immagini prima di mostrarle sul blog ( sull forum,nella discussione dedicata ad Unicorn Anime c’erano già). […]

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Toh Seng Kai!? what’s the meaning of that?

Comment by Anonymous

CV: why you talked about “Gundam the Origin” manga? is it feels you so superior and knew anything after read that? I already read 18 volume of that Origins

Comment by Anonymous

He was responding to someone who had commented on Dozle’s Uniform being unorthodox, then sort of branched off into his own tangent about how The Origin changed a number of things.

Comment by J-Lead

Ohh Please!!
Whats This ?
Full Armor Unicorn Gundam = Full Armor ZZ Gundam
Cant they come up with somthing new !

Comment by The Spoiler

“don’t be surprised that the REAL Casval Daikun is dead and Char Aznable is HIMSELF all these time.”

Oh you’re smart. And superior because you assume NO ONE else reads into anything. Well read it again. Casval and Char, two friends. Casval has blue eyes, Char has brown eyes. Other than that, they’re identical. They switch places, the plane blows up, the original Char dies, and Casval goes to the Academy using the name Char, and wearing sunglasses all the time because he wouldn’t match the REAL Char’s ID.

The Char Aznable we know has blue eyes. The Char Aznable we know is Casval Deikun. ~_~

Comment by Anonymous

[…] From Gundam Ace Magazine July 2009. […]

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