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[MJTV] Gundam 00: A wakening of the Trailblazer special video
August 2, 2010, 7:24 pm
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looks like funnels from quebly than fangs

Comment by Ereos

Yeah, that, and …GNs4 on R2!
Bandai’s pulling a milking on the 00 yet again!

Comment by gill at srw

o.O three pair of eyes on Gundam Harute? Well thats new.

Comment by MaxHD2490

From 2ch:


Comment by Solidvanz

amazing as always

Comment by Jynx

which means?

Comment by Ereos

Ribbons’s return !!! Ooooh °_°!!!!

Comment by guest

Setsuna: Why are you bastards here?!
Luoise: Don’t come!
Sumeragi: Everyone, this is CB’s, no, our last mission!
random: The suit that will end all this fight
Ian: This is the Gundam Setsuna wished for, the 00 Quan[T]
Sumeragi: This is for him. Those who are strong in thought will attack
Sestuna: Why have you come here! Answer me!
Tieria: We can’t let Setsuna die!
Katie: Don’t die!
Graham: GO, young boy! Live to cut the way to the future!
Sestuna: TRANS AM!

-7 days to the end of humanity-

Tieria,Feldt,Lyle: Setsuna!

-Setsuna silhhuoette-


Comment by greengreen

btw second half of the PV, the song sucks.

Looking forward xD

Comment by greengreen

look like CB only 2 Gundam use Original GN Drive and other 2 is Fake GN Drive
Allejuha Gundam just like Arhcer Gundam CB so cheap use the Gundam that been beaten than Upgrade to other Gundam =-=

Comment by timesyndicate

When the film was first announced the tagline was “Humanities Childhood Ends,” or something similar which lead to alot of speculation as too whether this would be the first Gundam series too feature aliens. Then the trailers started to come and we all assumed it might be just another Earth Forces vs Celestrial Being with a greater emphasis on Innovators but now I can’t help but think that perhaps we may be getting the Alien story we expected? All the characters that seemed to still be set up opposing each other seem to be together fighting these weird ‘funnels.’ I think they look most like Alpha Aizeru’s tbh.

Comment by Eonchao

timesyndicate : Uh, that’s how technology works. Companies produce technological demonstrators to test technology and then apply them to new products. That’s why things like vertical take off and landing or VTOL are also being used for different machines than the one who first used it.
Besides, why wouldn’t CB use a machine that was proved to work efficiently in its role?

Comment by Amon

Harute Gundam doesn’t use a fake GN drive, look closer, when it accelerates, definitely see green there.

Comment by DarkCode

Anyone have a direct download of this vid btw?

Comment by the13thArcana

Allelujah always has the cool rides.

Comment by iflameu

@Drakcode I didn’t see Harute Gundam have Real GN Drive

Comment by timesyndicate


Aliens? It make more sense to have just the “Man Vs Innovator” theme going, which also supports that tagline.

Comment by guarayakha

Well when I first saw the Alpha Aizeru ‘inspired’ suit I pretty much assumed it was a CCA re-adaption.

Lets see if Setsuna can get as bad-ass as Akito did in Prince of Darkness xD

Comment by greengreen

Also I hope the directors don’t make the aliens (if it is about aliens) too bland…

Comment by greengreen

now i remember where i first encountered the “the childhood of humanity ends” phrase. it’s from a novel by Arthur C. Clarke. the story is basically the first encounter aliens. hmm. it seems i know where the movie is going.

Comment by flamerounin

Wow, this movie is going to be awesome! I really hope they pull the alien thing off!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

what’s with the “alien” thing going on here in the past they say there will be “gattai” then 00-code geass crossover and now alien? i don’t think so, people assume what the story would be as if they are the ones who wrote it. right now, just enjoy the trailers and wait until september.

Comment by XX

Changhe- Uverwold by Toyworld

Comment by Debris

Aliens quite possibly confirmed.

Post 6019, althought the cipher for translating the gibberish isn’t as posted in that post and is in fact 2314 (the year the film is set in) and translates it to:


Gibberish comes from a special card in the first press release of Back Horn’s new song release (song from the new trailer).

Comment by Eonchao


Also the space odyssey series and Jupiter. It’s pretty clear where the story is headed from the get go anyway. Hard to believe Aeolia could just invent GN drives and all those crazy techs out of no where

Comment by da_guy


True, so the origins of Celestial Being technology will probably be revealed in the movie, and it probably has something to do with the possible aliens.


Hmm, sounds like Transformers to me. But to be realistic, it’s obviously describing the possible aliens. So it looks like we have some idea about them. I can’t wait to find out more information on them and their role in this film! But that will probably be them facing against humanity, but let’s see!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

i was also wandering about that. if you look back at the story, it seems that Aeolia already knew about those aliens (or whatever), that’s why the “plan” has been already set 200 years before the start of the series.

man, i hope they really could pull the story off and not make it into a sci fi b movie. the plot seems very good.

btw, how long does it take for films in japan to be released in video?

Comment by flamerounin

So, it might turn out that all this time, 00 was about aliens all along, who are going to be humanity’s biggest threat. So the first two seasons were probably not the main conflicts all along, but instead processes to unite humanity instead of opposing one another, so that they can be ready to fight against the oncoming aliens who are going to show up in the movie. I guess that was Aeolia’s plan.

Also, if the aliens are going to be real, then that’s probably the thing that they are trying for the first time in 00, which will be awesome. Not only that, it will make 00 more different to other Gundam series. It will actually make me look at Gundam 00 in a different way, which is good, since a battle against the aliens will set the series apart from the other ones, and make it more unique.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Now I really can’t wait to watch the movie!

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Seeing how they plan is to prepare the human face for the “dialogue” and the reference to Clarke. It’s more likely that it would be some sort of enlightenment for mankind through interactions with the aliens. At least that would make a better story than just some big bad alien invasion. Good chance also of Setsuna pulling an Amuro and dies/MIA in the end.

Comment by da_guy

setsuna being MIA, now that would be interesting. dang! we have to wait at least five months more to get to watch this one.

Comment by flamerounin

The fuck is with all this “Gundam 00” and “Alien” bullshit? Its going to suck so much if its crossing over with Aliens… seriously =\.

Comment by gvgexvs

Hey, fresh ideas with Gundam are always welcome.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

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