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Famitsu next week !
August 18, 2010, 11:19 am
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The latest popular strategy RPG unveil!!

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Disgaea 4 on PS3

Comment by Rayearth

could this be…
By the way, Japan called SRW a simulation RPG?

Comment by amuro0093

The latest popular strategy RPG unveil!!

OH YEAH BRING ON MR SRWORDPRESS, what is it what is it please tell us =((((((((, omfg im going to die

Comment by katsumottojp

Could this be FF tactics..??

Comment by kunlam86

If all the rumors and other signs are in order? This should be SRW OG3 for PS3. Can’t WAIT if that is indeed true.

Comment by TreIII

“Favorite simulation RPG” is too vague.
It can be anything.

Comment by GlemtVapen

Aw man, i hope its SRW, i can’t stand the wait any longer X_x

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Not even that. “Popular”. There’s been limited rumours of Disgaea 4, and I’m not sure about a new SRW being released immediately after ACE:R… but there’s not many other popular Strategy RPGs… Nobunaga’s Ambition, maybe? Eh, who knows. Let’s just wait. I’ll be getting ACE:R in one or two days, anyway.

Comment by SP

They released a Nobunaga game a few months ago.

Comment by Datie



…I guess that narrows it down a lot.

Comment by SP

I dunno if it’ll be disgaea 4, they said at their press event there wouldnt be anything on it until TGS

Comment by GengarZombolt

srw for sure, hope not OG3

Comment by Banjo

There are dozens of SRPG in Japan,it doesn’t even have to be that popular in the states or in the european countries.The most popular is by far Disgaea,so I don’t really think that it is a new SRW,and as SP said it wouldn’t make that much sense to release a SRW immediately after ACE:R.

Comment by Itamaki

It is not a problem which one will it be, but on what console, if there is another NDS SRW game, then pretty much screw it.

Comment by NT01

“There are dozens of SRPG in Japan”

there’s literally only about a dozen SRPG series that could be described as popular in japan

SRW = most likely
Fire Emblem = possibility
FF Tactics = not gonna happen
Front Mission = not gonna happen
Disgaea = not until TGS apparantly?
Valkyria Chronicles = psp game not even out in the west and it pretty much killed the franchise
Ogre Battle/Tactics Ogre = Just announced a PSP game a few weeks ago

Growlanser, Arc The Lad, Langrisser and Shining Force are all dead and there was already one of the bastard-shining games announced recently too

cant think of anything else it could be, but if you guys know any I missed go ahead

Comment by anon

You’re right these are the most popular we know of,but who says that there isn’t more in Japan?Who knows,but in a lot of cases magazines or internet sites say that something popular is coming soon,just to hype the readers and in the end it is some mediocre game most of us never heard of.Just saying don’t think much into it.I mean if I’m wrong we all win 😛

Comment by Itamaki

No, that’s pretty much it. SRW is the only major SRPG that doesn’t get released state-side. After all, if it’s a good game, then it’s rare for it not to come out in English, if only to milk a little more money.

Comment by SP

actually I posted this on another forum and a friend pointed out a fire emblem was released just recently too, so that’s the next most likely option out I guess?

Comment by anon

wait, thats all fanmitsu says?, no way =(

Comment by katsumotto

Famitsu is being mysterious as always. I guess that they know what the game is while we don’t. Here’s hoping that the game will be SRW on PS3 or 3DS. If it’s going to be for PS3, then I’m hoping that it will be OG3. That’s right, unlike some of you guys, I want the next SRW to be OG3 on PS3 that continues the story, instead of a spin-off or a regular SRW. Those can come later.

If OG3 will be on 3DS, then I hope that it will look good and exciting, and since the 3DS is apparently more powerful than the PSP, I can count on that. I can’t wait to find out what the game will be! 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Ok if the listed ones are all then SRW indeed has a far greater chance,in this case ignore my previous posts.As for Fire Emblem,the last one was the second remake for the NDS so it is still possible to be a new Fire Emblem game.
And I personally want OG3 more than a normal SRW too,don’t ask me why I don’t know myself..still a normal one would be great too if they use the right cast.

Comment by Itamaki

As much as OG3 would be great, i have my hopes set on Z2 for some more Asakim and Ganleon goodness.

Comment by GaleRenegade

what makes you think a OG3 would not have gunleon and asakim?

Comment by katsumotto

@ katsumotto

neither of their characters have really been expanded on enough. Besides, OGG already hinted that OG3 is going to have both the @3 storyline as well as the MX storyline, and to be honest, as much as i love Z, I dont think i could handle Kaiser Ephes, AI1 AND Ji(The) Adell all in one game. My head would probably expload from the awesomeness of it all…… 😦

Comment by GaleRenegade


Well, personally, i would enjoy Z2 more than OG3, but only if they include the new pop one series(OO, code geass, Xbone(not new although but whatever), maybe lagann…) and new originals as well, of course, gunleon, asakim and virgola returning too

Comment by katsumotto


OG3 should definitely be on the 3DS. The series started it’s life on the handhelds…it is there where it should also continue. Besides, handhelds have almost cought up with consoles technologically, so there is very little downsides to having it on the 3DS.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

@Tom Phoenix

Handhelds almost cought up with consoles? Have you actualy seen the specs or have you actualy seen the differnece? Surely not. It would be a great shame to have a SRW on a handheld. Another good game wasted.

Comment by Ash


The PSP titles, such as A/MX Portable, were already fairly similar to their PS2 console brethren, including voice acting, music, character sprites, 3D animations etc. The 3DS, however, is actually more powerful than the GameCube…which in turn was more powerful than the PS2. That means that any title on the 3DS has the potential to look and sound just as good, if not better, than @3/OGs/Z. That is what I meant by “almost cought up”…the 3DS can be placed smack dab between the previous and this generation of consoles. Whether you care to admit to or not, handhelds have come a long way since the original Game Boy’s lime green monochrome display.

But it’s not only the technology that has improved, but also the attitude from developers. Handhelds are no longer a mere dumping ground for side-projects and shovelware. Even in this generation of handhelds, they have seen their fair share of high-quality exclusive titles. Overall, handhelds have become a prominent market and both their potential and demand for quality has significantly increased. They are no longer the laughing stock of the “primary” PC/console market, but important platforms in their own right.

So no, it would NOT be a great shame to have an SRW on a handheld. Infact, it’s both sad and ironic that you say something like that. If it weren’t for the SRW titles that were released on the Game Boy Advance, the OG timeline might very well have not come to existance.

Nowadays, handhelds have become a force to be reckoned with. As such, it is only fitting that they have a major timeline of their own. And there is no better timeline to have on them than the one that was developed for handhelds in the first place…..the OG timeline.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

But still, you can’t look over the possibility of OG3 being on PS3. The games got remade on PS2, and then OGG came out on the same console. So it won’t be any surprise if OG3 will be for PS3. Just because the series started on a handheld, it doesn’t mean it has to go back to it.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Likewise, just beacuse they made a remake on a console, it doesn’t mean that the next main entry in the series has to be on a console as well.

And I am not overlooking the possibility of OG3 being on the PS3. On the contrary, I am worried that will turn out to be the case. Hence why I hope the PS3 title will turn out to be Z2 or something completely new.

Comment by Tom Phoenix

Hummm G Generation.. XD

Comment by realgundam

True,couldn’t it be a new Gundam G Generation game?

Comment by Itamaki

That’s a possibility but PS3’s SRW is way long overdue now arghhhh.

Comment by LM

They are both kind of due, really.

Comment by SP

Hmm, then let’s see which of those two it turns out to be, if it will be one of them. If it’s G Generation, then I hope that the sprites and system will be new, especially if it’s going to be on PS3. Not to mention giving the already made original characters, e.g. Mark Gilder, as well as new ones, back stories, assigning them official units (Mark getting Phoenix Gundam is a given) and involving them in a combined story from all or most of the featured series, including original plots and events.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

but you know they ever made a game that uses the full power of the machine… just more and more load time…. just add on more detailed drawings and fps without actually improving the core game… so………..
I enjoyed LOtE a lot more than OG for example and it was a 14 yrold game remaded just with better graphic.. what does that say about today’s srw games….

Comment by realgundam

people are stupid

Comment by david michel

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