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[PS3] Another Century’s Episode:R Intro/Tutorial/Prologue
August 18, 2010, 1:55 pm
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nice music.

I don’t think they’ve ever done any OST’s for the previous ACE’s?

Comment by greengreen

Opening anime FTW

Comment by amuro0093

Actually they did release OSTs before. I have the OSTs for ACE3.

Comment by 00unicorn

Yeah, ACE has awesome music. It’s probably the same composer for this game, which is good, since the music sounds like it’s in the same style as the ones in the previous games. Anyway, I’m not going to watch the video, I’d rather keep it a surprise for when I play the game.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

man so wanna play this…..
but knowing bandai they wont release it in english

Comment by Ereos

Actually, it’s America who is the reason it won’t get released in English. The costs are too high, and the fanbase volume not as high as desired.

Comment by SP

ahah my bad ….
dont understand japanese which is the bad point unless someone releases the entire script in translation i may play it as i read it but that no fun

Comment by Ereos

Yeah, I understand. You’ve got to be a really big fan to try and play these games without being able to read or speak Japanese.

Comment by SP

i done that to a few games play em without understanding em but it getting to a point i do want to know what actually going on
(like the SRW taisen game :S)

Comment by Ereos

But still, give this game a try if you can. 😀

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

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