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Extreme Gundam Revealed
August 30, 2010, 11:18 pm
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strike + impulse + seed ???

Comment by paperbot

looks cool!~

Comment by 000

That’s Gundam Ugly for you 🙂

Comment by daizengar

Hmm, according to the source, Extreme Gundam is revealed as OG character in Gundam Extreme VS (GEVS). In addition, This arcade game will provide battle speed HD as for impression and show version. Not bad, NBGI.

Comment by judo0054

ugly shit

Comment by chi

hmm… v-fin and scope at the back of the head? two face?

Comment by XX

The only thing “extreme” about this Gundam is how underwhelming its design looks. I have to admit, it’s not bad, but there’s vast room for improvement.

Comment by Gundam Sol

Okawara’s sketch make it look extremely ugly. I like the simplified 3D version though.

Comment by Nos

It’s shoulder armor pieces look
like napkins box!!

Comment by gill at srw

hmm seems like the head can change to monoeye…

Comment by soulgain7

the extreme gundam should be green on the right and black on the left and shiny in the middle. and be a detective.

Comment by mastertmg

It’s not Kamen Rider Double. Although if it did look like him, then it probably should be called Cyclone Joker Extreme Gundam lol!

Anyway, this Gundam actually looks cool to me. I don’t know why people say it’s ugly. And I’m really curious as to what the back of its head does. I hope the Gundam has some cool gimmick, perhaps change modes, such as monoeye mode.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

Isit just me or does the head look like some horrid attempt of a knockoff of gundam x

if you want a gundam named extreme give that to nubby spam strike freedom
it looks too much like impulse

Comment by Ereos

Yeah, ugly as sin Gundam.

Comment by Bob

I kinda like it

Comment by HeatPhoenix

an original gundam? wtf? pufff this is just shit! in that case make an editor not some unit who doesn’t belong to any series.

Comment by X

is you at 3d rendering the back head look like hyaku shiki if the antenna is up

Comment by rrw

so much for the backpack switch theory. But whats the feature on its arms that got my attention to it. (beam saber arms or arm mounter beam cannons?)

Comment by MaxHD2490

I kinda like it. It might actually look alright as a HG although I think when they start to add detail on for a potential MG version it might suck.

Comment by Eon Chao

I dont hate the design, although i do think it just looks a tad too dull to be called the Extreme Gundam.

Comment by GaleRenegade

Oh yeah that has to be an Ookawara.

Comment by Kaioshin Sama

This year is truly a year for UGLINESS, first the Beginning Gundam, now the Extreme Gundam. If UGLY isn’t the accurate word, RETARD should fits in better. Even the 00Quanta’s GN sword IV is just as stupid as this Okawara Senile crap

Comment by tomino

And years later, everyone will just start accepting designs like this as normal… Anyways, it’s not to shabby, I want to see what weapons and concepts it has behind it at least.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

the design sketch makes it look unappealing, but the 3d render definitely looks waaay better. Though the V fin looks a bit too large. But I’m digging the, what I assume, secondary face behind its head. The design seems like it derived from the seed line so I’m guessing it’ll be accompanied by some sort of extra features or accessories.

Comment by Juno-Uno

This is an… Extreeeeeeeeme
Extreeeeeme Gundam.

…not funny.

Comment by Anonymous

No head vulcans? Are we going to have to buy vulcan attachments with an IC card?

Comment by Captain Sol

i think its cool if this gundam have shield and sword
and in-game when you are going to use finishing move
you hear sound
Extreme maximmum drive :D:D:D:D
(sry for my bad english)

Comment by shadowdragokill

Are you making a Kamen Rider Double reference just because it has “Extreme” in its name? Lol, I actually get reminded of the show because of the Gundam’s name. Finished the last episode yesterday. Seriously, I get this feeling that this unit is more powerful than we think. I mean, it’s the original character’s Gundam after all. It won’t make sense if it’s weak.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

yes it is
when i saw the name i always remember when W extreme 1st debut
ryube yell extreme with epicness

Comment by shadowdragokill

Guys you do realize this thing is customizable, right? As in it’s a base frame and you put stuff on it yourself in the game?

“This year is truly a year for UGLINESS, first the Beginning Gundam, now the Extreme Gundam. If UGLY isn’t the accurate word, RETARD should fits in better. Even the 00Quanta’s GN sword IV is just as stupid as this Okawara Senile crap”


Comment by Vent

It’s quite generic,it isn’t great but i don’t see any reason to call it ugly, but people who call it ugly probably call everything ugly anyway

Comment by Rekkou

Its like how people grew to hate exia back then, but after a while, people started to accept exia. Just give it time to sink in aye.

Comment by Elozth


We need a permanent way to shut him up.

Admittedly, the 3D render is far superior to the lineart.

Comment by iflameu

The 3D version has managed to convince me that the Extreme Gundam is actually kinda cool… though what is so “extreme” about it still eludes me. :/

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

Can’t really say anything before seeing it in action

Comment by Yami

I agree 100% with Juno-Uno. Other than the gigantic V-fin, the render looks pretty decent. It’s almost Gundam MKII-like in its simplicity.

Comment by KyriosArios

i guess another “unicorn” gundam in G seed version… why they dun include decent mechas from AOG or G Generations instead

Comment by RJ


another “unicorn” gundam in G seed form would impossible since Unicorn Gundam was designed by Hajime Katoki, second in order to have features like unicorn it had be less gundam like before “turning on” to gundam mode or its power form, and last it would difficult to animated in Gundam Seed animation standeds since the Unicorn Gundam’s anime is a OVA (thats alot of work for that series than a normal TV anime).

Comment by MaxHD2490

ROFL at the name… XD

Comment by JustPassingThru27

as usual, okawara’s work look strong & brave..good, i like it

i love okawara still put part from legendary RX 78 with it backpack and beam saber

Comment by strong bacoon

It looks solid-rock,UC gundam?

Comment by grungust

It’s customizable?! Nice.
But this game is for Arcade.. right?

Comment by HeatPhoenix

Yes… For now.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo


Yeah, I can remember Ryubee yelling “Extreme” too. Same for Wakana lol.

Comment by KamenRiderShinzo

From kyarahoby
Extreme gundam will be the boss character in the game against CPU

how strong is it as boss character?

Comment by Rumba

Ugly! (RX-79(G) + Strike + Impluse) / crap = Extreme Fail Gundam

Comment by paulo Shishio

EXTREMEly Ugly Gundam

Comment by shady123

the Head just like Stargazer and the hip just look like Duel the shoulder just lik O Gundam the arm just like Gundam Wing Zero Custom body just like Strike the foot just like double X
and the leg half stike and half impluses

Comment by timesyndicate

i can believe this !! you get a new gundam variation and instead of atleast not pay attention at he’s dizain , you all do is complain !!
it’s way better looking than retarted cuncannon and guntank!!!

Comment by refined77

Oh Please !!
Whats so extreme about this ?

Comment by TheSpoiler

this is disappointing, even for an avid gundam design defender like me.

If it’s meant to fit the “Gundam SEED” spirit, it doesnt.

Comment by Josh

If you think that Seed based design is ugly then I say take a second look and reconsider which one is truly the ugly design:

Comment by Juno-Uno

We just have to wait and see what this thing can do.

Comment by Mobiuszero

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