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Super Robot Wars L official site grand open
August 30, 2010, 5:26 pm
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me will wait for zeh PV ==,

Comment by Kira Yamato

I’ll never buy L or anything about it no guide books no manga but I’ll download rom and try first stage then to the dustbin of history

Comment by gerald

Why even bother, gerald? I don’t understand you people who are offended by this game’s existence.

Comment by Vent

gerald, guide books are for idiots. Why pay when there’s free faqs/walkthroughs are gamefaqs?

Comment by anonymous


You fail. Like, really really hard.

Comment by iflameu

yeah !!!! another srw too bad it’s not for psp

Comment by banchou


You Fail.

Comment by Shinichameleon

Not offended by it’s existence, but extremely disappointed by it’s announcement. I for one am very, very tried of these rehashed DS games. I’ve never thought of them as milking the series before, but I’m starting to feel that way now.

Maybe if I didn’t find the DS games bland in general I’d be more excited about them recycling them. As it is, there’s really not much reason for me personally to look forward to this.

Not to say it’s going to be terrible, or that nobody else should be excited about it- I’m just really not at all interested in this title.

It doesn’t help that my favorite series haven’t been in a single DS game. Would it really kill them to bring back classic gundam or Dragonar? At least Eva’s in this one, but I think I’ll still pass.

Comment by Ace of the Rebellion

Okay, no one will miss you anyway, good riddance 🙂

I for one can’t wait ^-^

Comment by Nova MK X aka Major Firepower

Ace of the Rebellion
Not every series gonna be in the game. But try out the game first before hating it.

Comment by Kagi

Problem with gamefaqs is that it takes a good length of time for guides to be made if any. It’s a fact to this day, it’s not clear if all of @1’s secrets were uncovered.

And if you didn’t like sprite/engine reuse, play another series as SRW is infamous for it.

Comment by Duran

japanese themselves put their faq guide In detail
by free on thier sites for any game gerald what are you talking about ?

Comment by Tomas

Hope this well be good
the mazinkaiser sprite look different but good

Comment by DevilCrusher

Here’s the PV

Enjoy =D

Comment by Masaru

I don’t mind the reuse of sprites or engines itself per se, I just haven’t been a big fan of the DS games thus far, and this one doesn’t seem to be anything different. Like I said, I’m not saying anybody else should dislike these games or shouldn’t be excited about this one, I’m just not personally.

I’ll just keep holding my breath for Z-2 or OG3 or something. In B4 I’m waiting forever, but that’s okay too.

Comment by Ace of the Rebellion

We’ll wait to the next year and see what will get

Comment by james

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