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Newtype Magazine (November)
October 10, 2010, 6:01 pm
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lol, Setsuna seems sad.

Comment by amuro0093

Gosh this makes me want the next Gundam series to have a less-girly pilot for the first time in……..over a decade .__.

Comment by ed

@ed don’t worry unicorn has no pretty-boys XD

Comment by MukaMuPantatKu

ed, I just saw your DA and that is AWFUL. Ahahaha you have zero skill…

Comment by Amuro

Here, let me teach you how to draw and pilot a Gundam..

Comment by Amuro


I think Ed is pretty darn good.
How about you show some of your “great” work before you speak up

Comment by HeatPhoenix

@ed: how is setsuna girly?

Comment by whaaaazaaaa

The 00 guys are not really manly looking,but girly is something different,”maybe” except for Tieria.

Comment by Itamaki

they could have given them facial hair….

Comment by ydawg314

dont worry…from the begining main hero gundam look girly !!

forget about amuro? his face similar to fraw bow, have long eyelash, big eye, except his hair

camila? not even his name like girl but his face too

the only one new style is usso evin, that look like “kappa”

Comment by automatic

Setsuna is trying to beat Kira’s gay face with this gay face….Maybe they should type in the top of this pic (WHY THE LONG FACE?)

Comment by Kaiser_sword

I think some of you really need to grow up. Gay isn’t an insult.

Comment by Amon

Hey Amon, you’re so gay you make Ian McKellen wet.

Comment by RRR


I agree

Comment by MaxHD2490

I wouldn’t say Setsuna is girly at all…I mean for one he didn’t cry like a little bitch compared to the lead stars in Seed/Destiny…Second, there was no scene in the series where all the camera did was a close-up on his face and have his eyes shimmer…once again compared to Seed/Destiny. Don’t get me wrong Seed/Destiny has its good points as well…but it was just the girly male leads that disappointed me(which made Tieria seem acceptably manly compared to Kira, Athrun and Shin)
The double O cast had the same appeal as the Wing series cast, but with a little more emotion and reasonable characteristic.

Comment by Juno-Uno

“Second, there was no scene in the series where all the camera did was a close-up on his face and have his eyes shimmer”
that 00’s director want but usual in gundam, look amuro, his cried with four channel tears..

dont cry does not mean not girly, girly also mean look like girl (face), and man crying something common in japanese culture, source = Cool Japan in NHK TV and many of main gundam hero does cry, from amuro generation till now

…00 a reasonable characteristic??oh yeah…kill your parent and you still act cool? wow setsuna realy hate them, and what about ale/hale that always chase marie’s back all the way with a looser face.. marie..marie..marie..marie
lyle that amazingly remember & care about nyle death soon after anew killed..

and i’m sure lyle was cried when anew killed, because that normal, the problem is 00’s director seem doesn’t like to show emotion like cry, even love in his work

why setsuna never cry because there is no moment for him to crying, he never lost someone, of course he will not crying if kill somebody, because he can kill his parent with cold face… he is not natural characther….

Comment by automatic


“oh yeah…kill your parent and you still act cool?”
Read the news tomorrow. Religion is a powerfil tool. Too powerful, in fact.

He screams alot in the movie though. And yes, I know his face isn’t shown while he screams. I credit his voice actor for the realism.

“…he is not natural characther….”
But it was never in his character to cry. Heero never cried either. Sousuke never cried as well. That’s just their character template.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

yeah setsuna character realy anime, and cannot get the human side in the real world
of course we can only find setsuna’s character on the anime…he is very fairy tale character…

Comment by SIDE


I find it funny how you left out the rest of that sentence…
“The double O cast had the same appeal AS THE WING SERIES CAST, but with a little more emotion and reasonable characteristic.”
As you can see I was comparing it to the psychotic characters in the Wing series in that statement…
But basically your reasoning is what makes a lot of anime plots drawn out and eventually boring. I’d say they did a good job keeping on track with the characters and the story without confusing you with random lower relevance situation. Honestly I would hate watching a series if one of the side characters is just crying about his brother or his parents throughout the entire season when its something that happened years ago. In fact one of the morals in the story is to fight for a better future(aka dont dwell in the past, learn from your mistakes). And I dont see why Lyle would care that deeply about his brother when the show hinted that they weren’t even close to begin with. And of course he’ll remember his bro’s death when he’s facing his killer…DUH!
Overall, I dont watch anime to experience realism….it defeats the purpose, that’s what living in reality and socializing is for.
you should try it sometime… ;P

PS: the cries in SEED/Destiny sounded like someone strangling a cat…

Comment by Juno-Uno

Setsuna was a Middle-Eastern child soldier, something which is still all too fucking common even today. How many times do your turn on the news and hear about suicide bombings? Chances are that about half of them weren’t even in their teens.

Comment by Amon

all this from a face pic of setsuna. gj everyone.

just wait when the dvd/bd of the movie comes out. then there will be war…

Comment by oohater

Apparently, everyone was born to blow up themselves with people around him/her. It’s natural thing to do. *rollseyes* – apparently automatic has never lost his parents from terrorists before.

Comment by Aldotsk

What has even happened here lol

I realize it’s the internets but really =w=;;

Comment by ed

if setsuna not cry when kill his parent, its mean he not loved his parent anymore, i’m already say above..yeah because malice of ali al saches..even after he know he is just manipulated by ali, he never look sad, just little bit angry and no regret!

of course, there is no sad scene so why setsuna, heero, cry…amuro cried in first because the scene is full emotion for him, but he never cried again in zeta and so on, or kira case that cried in seed but not anymore in destiny

“The double O cast had the same appeal AS THE WING SERIES CAST, but with a little more emotion and reasonable characteristic.”

so u mean 00 character more reasonable from wing (sorry i not read properly), it is mean character 00 still not reasonable if compare with real world ? absolutely yes…

“Apparently, everyone was born to blow up themselves with people around him/her. It’s natural thing to do. *rollseyes* – apparently automatic has never lost his parents from terrorists before.”

what did you mean? if i lost my parent of courses i will deeply sad, normal it isn’t?

Comment by automatic

no heart, no love, no affection, no emotion… that more lower than animal

ups…he is become UMA/alien/metal body/what ever the name that more more lower than animal

Comment by be@x

nope you wrong, setsuna have love, in movie his falling love with grandma…wk…wk…wkk

what “it” will do? OMG

Don’t become contemptible criminal setsuna!!!

Comment by IAI

Why did everyone’s english degrade all of a sudden? No offense.

aliens=lower than animals? uhhh…maybe in District 9. Or you watched the wrong movie and thought it was Gundam 00.

you said that Setsuna is a bit angry ‘but has no regret’- why would he be angry if he didn’t regret killing his parents. The feeling of regret can be expressed several ways in people.

No love? Why is that a bad thing anyway? Setsuna’s background was made so that he doesn’t cry everytime he thinks of his parents dead or things that happened years ago. Instead he acts on it.
In your comparison to amuro and kira not crying in the sequels…
Are you sure you actually watched Gundam 00? In S1 Setsuna shows little emotion except determination to carry out Aeolia’s plan. When you get to S2, and the 4 year skip- Setsuna is already more than that and has his own ideals, and doesn’t just follow orders. He also shows more emotion.
This is how I would ‘simplify’ the growth of Setsuna over the 2 seasons. Emotionless child due to manipulated childhood–> young adult with own ideals, actual emotion and care for people.

Change in a character doens’t just have to be cry–>no cry. It can be shown other ways as well.

In the end, when you look at Setsuna’s background, its like “no shit sherlock” that he doesn’t cry over such things. He’s been through hardships already in his childhood. Kira and Amuro on the other hand have been living luxury lives with friends, doing ‘things other than killing your parents and participate in a war’, until the series start. Which is why they ‘cry’ and angst over “omg I shot him oh noes”

Also. If you lost your parents, you would be very sad. Yes. How about 3+ years afterwards? Do you think you’ll be crying about it 5 years after?
Setsuna killed his parents definitely more than 3 years ago before teh TV series started. As a result he’s pretty emotionless, but not a crying baby. He’s a much more stronger character than Kira, in my opinion.

Comment by greengreen

i hate uc purists

Comment by VenomGundam

still don’t understand what the fuss is all about that pic is. can’t a male hero go emo at times? or maybe a lot of gundam “fans” think that gundam is just all about huge robots shooting each other’s butts with laser cannons.

btw, i actually find the pic befitting, considering the movie’s story.

Comment by flamerounin

Yes that the reason why setsuna never cry, because there is no sad situation for setsuna to cry, like amuro in zeta and CCA or kira in destiny, right?

btw setsuna lost his parent by his own hand (he killed them), i dont know how to explain setsuna feeling, did he feel sad, regret, have grudge to ali that manipulated him…because setsuna very2 emotionless

for example:
setsuna mad to ali? yes..
but when first trans-am active, he definetily can kill ali, but he let him go!

it is because setsuna emotionless, or dont care anymore about his past, or maybe setsuna doesn’t love their parent from the begining like i said before!

Comment by automatic

Damn Setsuna
Just showing his half-smiled face on Newtype cover
and starts the war
Just not in ngeekhiong

What a troublesome warmonger.

Comment by animenyo


read my reply from before please. I know your english isn’t very good, but dude.

my whole response before was totally telling you that Setsuna doesn’t cry because his character had been through hardship as a child and thus doesn’t cry whenever people get killed. He must have countless friends die as a result of KPSA/religion brainwashing.

You come back throw that all out and just tell me again Setsuna doesn’t cry because there is no ‘sad situation’?

I will quote you “why setsuna never cry because there is no moment for him to crying, he never lost someone, of course he will not crying if kill somebody,”

Remember that VERY IMPORTANT EVENT that happened in season 1? *spoiler*
Lockon dies= Setsuna does’t cry. He’s strong. Tieria freaks out/ goes emo.
By your logic, Setsuna doesn’t give a shit about Lockon because he doesn’t cry when Lockon got killed?

For your example on ali- you seem to be a blood-thirsty fellow…..why does it always have to end in revenge and killing?
If Setsuna didn’t care about the parents he killed, why does that one memory of him shooting his mother be so imprinted in his mind? Because it was significant and important.
To a degree, Setsuna doesn’t really care that much about his past. This is because he’s focused on being a Meister for CB. Why is this a bad thing again? It’s his character.

I don’t really get what your point is for saying Setsuna is emotionless.

look bro. re-watch gundam 00.

Comment by greengreen


mind telling me who’s the UC purists here? i hate 00 purists lol.

Comment by oohater


cool story bro.

Comment by kekeke


Don’t even bother with this fella, I kinda see how he’s reading these comments. He obviously only reads a section of your comment and disregards the rest. Quite shallow minded if you ask me hahaha

I’m just gonna end my argument now and go with the mature approach to “agree to disagree” 😉

Comment by Juno-Uno

^^ You sure it’s not “@greengreen”? 😀

Anyway, Setsuna is Gundam, that’s why he doesn’t cry.

Seriously, people can sure make a mountain out of a molehill here.

Comment by guarayakha

True,stupid argumentation about the emotions of an Anime character,is stupid.

Comment by Itamaki

this is exactly why ngeekhiong closed down.

Comment by twilightreap

let ask for some one that already killed their parent!

suzaku from code geass..
Q: are you kill your parent?
S: ghyaaa…(Shock, feel guilty, histeric, conversation can’t continue anymore)

setsuna from 00
Q: are you kill your parent?
A: yes (with cool face) i kill them with my hand..
Q: are you ok?
A: i’m OK, that was happenend long time ago and i am strong
Q: do you still remember about that?
A: just 1 time

yes setsuna realy strong, kill his parent, no problem, lockon die, still ok…tieria die first time, just say “i will revenge your death”

maybe suzaku need learn to setsuna, just forget about your sin and become strong!!

Comment by automatic

^^Did you even get what 2nd season 00 is all about? WTF?

Comment by guarayakha

You are exactly right…Code Geass had shoddy writing.. If Suzaku cared about his parents, why was he only shocked when lelouch reminded him?

In any case, I don’t see you point. Setsuna and Suzaku are different people. Their emotional quotient(EQ) is also different, and thus their reactions are different.
It only shows that Setsuna can contain emotion better than Suzaku. They’re different people, why would you want them to act the same way?

By your logic, everyone in CB must have the same reaction to Lockon’s death-i.e. cry, punch Setsuna for taking Exia to earth and breaking up CB’s gundams. Then, by your logic, everyone would slap each other in the face and tell each other “Setsuna’s not to blame” like Sumeragi did to Tieria.

A simple example are teh two Lockon’s. They both suffered the same fate of their family getting destroyed, but we can obviously see that they have their own personality despite looking the same. Different people they are..Lockon 1.0 didn’t even get over his family and died trying to kill Ali. Lockon 2.0 didn’t even bother about revenge for his sister/parents. Only his bro.

Not only do you have to re-watch Gundam00, you need to rewatch Code Geass.

Comment by greengreen

@automatic *

Comment by greengreen


“maybe suzaku need learn to setsuna,”

Maybe yoou need to learn English.

Comment by Anon-E

“… but when first trans-am active, he definetily can kill ali, but he let him go!”

This one I blame the directors. I still don’t know why. But maybe Setsuna was high on Tran-Am and Ali flew off fast enough.

“… it is because setsuna emotionless, or dont care anymore about his past, or maybe setsuna doesn’t love their parent from the begining like i said before!”

I should hang a “I R AMERIKA” sign and four slabs of pork on you and drop you off at Pakistan’s mountains for this one. Didn’t you watch 00 S1, Ali brought his holy book with him and hoodwinked not just Setsuna, but a platoon’s worth of children to fight for some holy war of his that’s got nothing to do with being holy!

Please DO READ the arguments before you troll, so that at least, the rest of us won’t look like idiots for seeminly trying to reply to a message bot.

Comment by iflameu


I was under the impression that Setsuna didn’t kill Ali because he realized that would make him no different than Ali. But then again, it’s been a while since I last watch 00. It’s probably Marina and her terrible song to blame :p

Comment by guarayakha

The only thing i dont like about setsuna is
His reasoning kinda failed… better has his mouth shut
Seems he got mess up idea about Gundam.

BTW, guys
Anime character is only made by people.
So of course there will be tons of flaw.

Comment by animenyo

… Wow. I come back in half a days time, and this?

Chill, guys. Chill. This is an anime, some stretch of reality is expected. No need to get all huffy and puffy over it.

@ guarayakha:

The song was S2’s mercy, yes, but as for S1, I don’t remember Setsuna giving any indication other than stopping and watching Ali fly off. Probably exhausted from sudden Trans-Am?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

i never hope they act same like u said, that your conclusion…setsuna and suzaku really difference, suzaku never forgot his sin, traumatic, for killed his beloved father….what about setsuna? setsuna can hold emotion about his sin that killed his parent because he is strong (if like this, he is no difference with cold blooded killer), enough feel regret with just 1 dream, and all sin was gone!!

“By your logic, everyone in CB must have the same reaction to Lockon’s death-i.e. cry, punch Setsuna for taking Exia to earth and breaking up CB’s gundams. Then, by your logic, everyone would slap each other in the face and tell each other “Setsuna’s not to blame” like Sumeragi did to Tieria.”

that your logic, i never say that!

correction for u;
“If Suzaku cared about his parents, why was he only shocked when lelouch reminded him? ”

not only lelouch, with mao? when touched by CC?..please watch again

Comment by automatic


Do you want Setsuna to tell everybody he killed his parents, and somehow atone for his sins, 5+ years after he did it? What do you want Setsuna to do about killing his parents many years before teh show starts? You want him to cry everytime he thinks of his mum and dad? Is that what you want? Seeing as Setsuna’s ‘sin’ is still not atoned for.
You want Setsuna to show some kind of sadness/emotion because he killed his parents when he was a little boy?

Please tell me. If you don’t want Setsuna to be holding in his feeling about his dead parents/dead friends, how do you want him to express it in such a way it is relevant in the show.

Cry for S1, then not cry for S2 to show you he’s a big boy now? Is that what you want?

If that is not your logic, then why did you compare reactions between Suzaku and Setsuna and point out a ‘bad’ and a ‘right’ way of representing a character? Tell me in your response why you would compare Suzaku’s reaction and Setsuna’s reaction then?

For your last point, lets just say Suzaku gets a shocked reaction everytime ANYONE reminds him of his parents. e.g. Lelouch, Mao, CC, anyone.
But no-one even reminds Setsuna about him killing his parents (no-one knows about it), yet you want some response from him?


Comment by greengreen


You seem to forget that Setsuna’s mindset at the time he killed his parents, was that he really did think it was the right thing to do.
He’s angry at Ali for brainwashing him this way. He’s shocked when he sees Ali again during armed intervention.
He shows that he is a different person than when he was in KPSA, saying “There is no God in this world”
Setsuna has no intention of atoning for his ‘sins’. All is in the past. He won’t cry when he thinks of it. His EQ is higher than yours. He takes on the name “Setsuna F Seiei” and rarely uses his real name “Soran”.

If Ali didn’t show up, Setsuna wouldn’t of even shown the audience any anger. There would be no target for his anger with no Ali. Setsuna has gotten over it. People get over things. ’tis life.

Comment by greengreen

can’t believe some of the people such as automatic don’t pay attention especially the part with Ali brainwashing Setsuna when he was a child (matter of fact gundam 00 not only on going the way with gundam wing but a few FMP parts mixed in as well)

I agree with greengreen with his comment about Setsuna. The last thing which most of us don’t want are in is someone flaming the comments with pointless insults started by trolls such as CV, iflameu, 00hater, any gundam seed fans who think seed is better, and etc.

Comment by MaxHD2490

didn’t i already agree with u, setsuna strong!.

not get trauma after kill his parent, maybe for setsuna that is not big problem (kill parent) that why he can hold his emotion

btw, cold blooded killer never get trauma when kill some one, and still can act cool too……

ps: stop make statement like you know what i think, becouse that wrong!!

Comment by automatic


So accordingly, accusing someone of being “one of those SEED fans” don’t count? You might want to reflect on your own past words before pointing fingers.

Comment by iflameu

@ all of the above

WTH, and here I thought that some teenagers managed to grow up since the times of Seed/Destiny. Guess most of those comments proved me wrong.

Crappy arguments such as these make me vote for disabling the ‘comment’ options since all it serves right now is to fuel some moronic arguments of people that have no decency and call themselves ‘Gundam fans’

Comment by Ash


Funny you should bring up the cold blooded killer argument when almost every Gundam pilot get to kill at least one grunt in every battle. You can’t even understand that Setsuna actually reacted positively (by taking initiative to change the wicked world) as opposed to sitting at the corner crying about his past accomplishing nothing. Isn’t that pretty much what they established in 2nd Season? That he chooses not to dwell on sins he committed(regretted and admitted), but to move forward to eliminate conflicts as some sort of atonement, if any?

Sigh. Feels like talking to a brick wall, you’ll probably return with the same point anyways.

Comment by guarayakha

but not their parent

Comment by automatic

yea, cool story.

10/10 nice troll

Comment by greengreen


the only thing your good at as your name sugguests is flaming comment boxes

Comment by MaxHD2490

All of this from a smiling Setsuna…
Best. Shitstorm. Ever.

Comment by setsuna0520

I’m a Seed fan…and I like Seed/Seed Destiny more than 00–that makes me an idiot now?

Comment by Judge Master Char Aznable

@Judge Master Char Aznable

Please don’t word it like that, you’re only inviting fire.

The 00 movie is over, people. Done. Let’s just sit back and enjoy Unicorn, ok?

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

every time i see that white hair zeon guy i want to smash his teeth with a wooden bat

Comment by Shishca

@ Shishca

why? he looks cool lol (imo)

I mean his facial expression makes him seem like a fag

Comment by greengreen


Maybe because he comes off as overprotective about Full Frontal?

I don’t know, all I watched was the teaser and I got that impression.

Comment by Sgt. NoOb

[…] Newtype Magazine (November) October 10, 2010, 6:01 pm Filed under: Gundam , Magazine , Newtype […]

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Woah… wtf, A picture of Setsuna and everyone is rolling over and raging. Come on people! It’s not as big of a deal as if Char was shown to suddenly go super emo or something absurd where Amuro, Kamille, and Judau do a Char kick together >_>. That’s something to roll over and rage about or die of laughter.

Comment by Sora no Kaze




@Sgt. no0b
very much agreed with you man.

like he said, chill guys, this is just a story.

Comment by flamerounin

nerd rage!!!
this debate feels like narutard fans vs bleach fans lolwut

Comment by srwhotman

loosers just be able comment after party over!

Comment by ASDE_ko

I guess a new World War III will happen, just because of a pic of Setsuna…

Nice one guys!!! keep up the good work!

Setsuna is not emotionless… he even smiled when they found Allelujah when he was lost…

+1000 to that… i loled at that…XD

Comment by lancelotconquista

Just wondering, this war didn’t start because of my first comment right? lol

Comment by amuro0093

hahaha, from Newtype Magazine, to Gundam 00, to Code Geass, and then Gundam UC…

Wow, human minds are really complex when not needed ^^

Comment by lancelotconquista

That’s why Char drop Axis on earth lol

Comment by amuro0093

Yeah sometimes I wish Amuro shouldn’t stopped him..

Comment by Itamaki

Can anyone tell me what the name of the guy who is in the first picture ? I do not know why I see that his face gives the impression of artificially seems like a hypocrite.

Comment by Mumtaz

Oh god please do not start up another war, the first one was already stupid due to one guy being a breakwall and language barriers. We don’t need one that gives the same guy a chance to come out of his hole again.

Comment by Sora no Kaze

Setsuna turned metal after communicating with aliens.

Comment by Aldotsk

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